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Newsletter. Issue 2005-15. July. 23, 2005
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Toronto Goans Celebrate

Bishop Alex Dias Visits Toronto
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Konkani Tiatr in Toronto
Incredibly Entertaining!! Goemcho Avaz"

By: Pamela Vasandani
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Stupendous is the word that comes to mind!! Never before have Canadian audiences of Goan descent laughed so much. The jam-packed hall, bursting at the seams with a crowd that sang along and totally connected with the stars. "GOEMCHO AVAZ", the Musical Tiatr, produced by Francis D'Costa President of D'Costa Financial Group is definitely the best Konkani show I have seen in Canada so far!! I overheard scores of people saying their jaws ached from so much cackling!! Hilarious, riotous, uproarious comedy was the order of the day!! People were practically rocking off their seats in side-splitting laughter, the sounds resounding off the walls so much, the laughter was bouncing off them.

The inimitable Succorine the ‘Comedy Queen’ extraordinaire, well deserving of her title, was no doubt ‘Queen of the ‘applause meter’ while the Duo of Agustinho and John D’Silva, jockeyed for the same position. Legendary singer Antoinette of “Amchem Noxib” and “Nirmonn” fame brought back a plethora of old memories with her unforgettable voice, while Rosy Alvares pumped up the heartbeats of many males.

Jose Rod, blessed with one of the melodious voices, poured out several numbers with a ‘honey and molasses’ smoothness. His rendition of soulful songs enchanted the audience. All in all, these Goan Stars, who have graced the Canadian stage for the very first time, are a fabulous bunch of crowd pullers, exuding oodles of experience and stage presence which seamlessly flowed off the stage in waves and blanketed the audience. Pravin’s keyboards were vibrating off the stage and the ivories would have played on their own, such was the level of energy and verve rolling off.

He was centre stage – literally – while Pauly’s expertise on the Skins provided resounding backup. Young Ben’s flawless performance was noted by one and all. Now, there’s a young lad to watch out for in the future – Him and his singing violin!

Jr.Nelson and Damacian from U.K. were also much appreciated as were the couple who coordinated the tour – Mr. & Mrs. Simeo Fernandes.

Francis D’Costa, who spoke with heartfelt emotion, while thanking the stars, thanked the audience in a very special way, for supporting Konkani Tiatr and helping D’Costa Financial Group keep the ‘Goan Tradition Alive and Kicking’.

He requested the audience to spread the word and ensure that more Goans come out in strong numbers in support of shows such as these, which are redolent of memories and bring out nostalgic sentiments. Only with the support of Konkani-speaking people, will the word spread, enabling entrepreneurs like Francis D’Costa to sponsor and produce shows of this class and caliber.

All in all, the evening will live forever in people’s memories, rocked with laughter, redolent with Goan flavors and reminiscent of …. ‘Goemcho Avaz’!!

London (Ontario) diocese to undergo massive reorganization
Catholic Register Special WINDSOR, Ont.
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The diocese of London — with 164 parishes and missions and 153 priests serving a population of more than 400,000 — has announced plans for a massive reorganization that will see clustering, amalgamation, closures and possibly new parishes as part of a plan to be fully implemented by June 2008.

One of the country’s largest English-speaking dioceses, London geographically ranges from Windsor in the west to Woodstock in the east, Point Pelee in the south to Goderich in the north, encompassing nine counties and seven deaneries.

The reorganization follows from the diocesan post-Jubilee pastoral plan that, according to Bishop Ronald Fabbro in a newsletter to parishioners, has seen “the importance of connecting” the spiritual and pastoral with the diocese’s structural needs, building “strong and vibrant communities of faith.”

The reasons for the reorganization aren’t surprising, given North American trends related to shortage of priests and changing demographics. The diocese faces a projected declining number of priests from 153 now to 99 by 2020 with 23 under 50 years of age. Moreover 40 per cent of church buildings are more than 100 years old requiring repairs estimated at $150 million. This is a financial burden too heavy for the church to carry, the diocese says.

And changes in population, from city-suburban shifts to the impact of immigration, mean many inner-city churches are under-populated while suburban and even some rural parishes are growing and in need of more church buildings.

While full implementation of the reorganization plan is as long as three years away the process of deciding on which parishes to close, cluster, amalgamate or open will be done over the next year through a decentralized process via local deaneries.

Stang is a freelance writer in Windsor, Ont.

Returning to More Normal Summer Conditions ?
Excerpts:The Weather Network's Updated Summer Outlook
With a summer that has so far featured a record number of "dull days" in southern British Columbia, record flooding in the southern Prairies, record heat and smog days in Ontario and Quebec, and frequent fog days in the Maritimes and Atlantic Canada, many Canadians are now wondering what the rest of summer has in store.

In their just-released Updated Summer Outlook, meteorologists at The Weather Network say improving weather conditions are on the way for most regions. As the summer progresses, look for warmer temperatures to take hold on the West Coast, fewer rainfall events in the Prairies, cooler, more comfortable temperatures in Ontario and Quebec, and warmer, more summer-like temperatures in the Maritimes and Atlantic Canada.

In central Canada, temperatures for the first 6-7 weeks of summer have been above normal. As the summer continues, Butler predicts temperatures across much of Ontario and Quebec will gradually cool off ranging from near normal to above normal. Rainfall amounts should be near normal except in southwestern Ontario where it will be drier than normal under the scorching heat.

The Maritimes and Newfoundland will see a warming trend in temperatures as the summer progresses with few days dropping below 20 degrees C, similar to last year.

Precipitation-wise, near normal conditions are expected although Butler says meteorologists are keeping a close eye on the track of Atlantic hurricanes. With the Atlantic hurricane basin warmer than normal, tropical storms and hurricanes are more likely to track up the East Coast of the United States and possibly move into Canada.

For more details on The Weather Network's Updated Summer Outlook including temperature and precipitation maps, visit http://www.theweathernetwork.com

Temperature and Precipitation Outlook for Ontario & Quebec:

Temperature Outlook
Precipitation Outlook
Near normal across most the western half of the province, warmer than normal in the eastern half.
Near normal precipitation across the north and east of the province, drier than normal in the southwest.
Near normal across most of the eastern portion of the province, with above normal in the west and extreme north.
Near normal conditions across the province.

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