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Newsletter. Issue 2005-19. Sep. 17, 2005
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Newsline Canada

Goan Seniors Take Command
Over the last forty years since Canada relaxed the immigration laws the Goan population has grown steadily. The early migrants arrived here relatively early in their working careers. They took entry level jobs, started new families, acquired own homes, and established firm roots in this country. Now almost four decades later, as part of the boomer generation, many are approaching retirement. The question is "What next ?" The existing 30 plus years old seniors organizations in the east and west ends of Toronto have five year waiting lists as we are told.

However, the future is not that dismal. In 2003/2004 a handful of seniors started a 55+ seniors group serving the east side of Toronto. The Toronto East Goan Seniors Association will be holding weekly gatherings at the Commander Park Arena, located at 140 Commander Blvd. Scarborough. A full slate of social and cultural activities are planned for this fall/winter. See Announcements section TEGSA Calendar of Upcoming Events

On the "better late than never" basis a group of seniors met at the U of T - Mississauga on September 7, 2005 to obtain a mandate to start a new group serving Mississauga - Brampton- Etobicoke. With the east end seniors serving as mentors the Steering Group received a resounding mandate from those present. Watch for announcements in www.goanvoice.ca

The key word now is participation. These organizations can only thrive if all members take active part in organizing activities and not turn up to be entertained by a hard working few. Bingo parlours and Casino trips may have been acceptable in the past, but too much of them will soon bore the new Internet savvy seniors. (Goan Voice Canada)

Ontario Premier rejects use of Shariah law
CBC News
Sun, 11 Sep 2005 17:19:21 EDT

Premier Dalton McGinty said today Ontario will reject the use of Shariah law and will move to prohibit all religious-based tribunals to settle family disputes such as divorce.

His announcement comes after hundreds of demonstrators around the world this week protested a proposal to let Ontario residents use Islamic law for settling family disputes. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was reacting to a recommendation, byformer NDP attorney general Marion Boyd, to allow Muslims to establish Shariah-based tribunals similar to Jewish and Catholic arbitration bodies "We will not tolerate the interference of religion in our justice system," said Homa Arjomand, who organized a protest in Toronto that drew hundreds of people Thursday.

The protests were generally peaceful, but on the outskirts of the Toronto demonstration, pro-Shariah activist Mubin Shaikh and his wife, Joanne Sijka, verbally sparred with protesters. Shaikh said the misuse of Shariah doesn't mean it should be excluded from Canadian civil law. "Abuse of the process is not a proof against a process, just as people wrongfully imprisoned is not a proof against Canadian law," Shaikh said. Ontario has allowed Catholic and Jewish faith-based tribunals to settle family law matters on a voluntary basis since 1991, but the practice got little attention until Muslim leaders demanded the same rights.

According to the latest census in 2001, some 600,000 Muslims live in Canada, just over 100,000 of them in Quebec. .


By: Deborah Santamaria

Message sent by Rene Barreto Founder - World Goa Day

For the 2nd Consecutive year the Goans of Pakistan were entertained by the Goinkars Own Academy as they celebrated World Goa Day on 20th and 21st August 2005 at FIRPO FARM.

The 6 p.m. service at St. Anthony's Church was packed to capacity since the mass was of Sunday Liturgy. 4 buses departed at 7.45 p.m. from meeting point at Bliss Apartments and safely arrived at the Firpo farm.

On arrival after everyone settled in, the Executive Committee Members of the Goinkars Own Academy with help from some members set up the place for the entertainment program. The evening commenced with Recitation of the Holy Rosary followed by dinner after which the MC Marie Anna Croning welcomed all to the World Goa Day celebrations and asked the President of the Goinkars Own Academy Deborah Santamaria to address the crowd. In her welcome note the President of the Goinkars Own Academy stressed that we as parents should ensure that our children learn the basics of our Mother tongue and broken as it may be do not hesitate to speak it in public. She stressed that she too did not know to speak Konkani leave alone to write, as her parents never spoke to her or her brothers but she mastered the language from observing the elders as they spoke. And today she can not only speak Konkani but also makes an effort to write in Konkani. She has not only trained her daughter Naomi Santamaria but has also encouraged her husband Nascimento Santamaria to participate in short Konkani skits and songs. She plans to start basic Konkani classes for the children and emphasized that it will be mandatory for the registered children/adults to take part in any cultural event that will be held by the Goinkars Own Academy in the near future Thereafter, the MC for the evening took over and announced the entertainment segment which commenced with hoisting of the World Goa Day flag.

Six beautiful little girls i.e. Nikita Fernandes, Emerald Dsouza, Michelle Fernandes, Amanda Croning, Whitney Bob & TiffanyFernando marched in with the flag with Naomi Santamaria leading. Marshall Fernandes and Gerry Croning helped them put up the flag and Naomi Santamaria sang the theme song "Proud to be a Goan" accompanied by Allan Goveas on the guitar. Then came a medley dance performed by Michelle Fernandes, Whitney Bob, Amanda Croning, Tiffany Fernando and Nikita Fernandes. After this, a short skit written by Deborah Santamaria"Aum Zalom Cororepati" performed by Clifford Fernandes, Gavin D'Lima and Nascimento Santamaria. All were then asked to drop their coupons and a door gift comprising of Rexona deodorant, tooth paste, soap and jelly was handed out to all. Next was the prize for the souvenir. The lucky winners won gift hampers Gavin Dlima, Rose Fernandes & Hazel Dsouza. The next item was performed by Michelle Fernandes, Whitney Bob, Amanda Croning & Tiffany Fernando who once again mesmerized the crowd as they performed to the music of the film "Dus". The next were the "Goan Idols" namely Emerald Dsouza as the singer, Pereina Pereira as the Mum, Lois Croning as the Nun, Kristen Fernandes as a Balerina, Naomi Santamaria as the Stage Directress and Nikita Fernandes as Miss World. This followed by a song written and sung by Deborah Santamaria " World Goa Day".

The last item on the Programme, left the crowd in splits of laughter, this was MNK Designs directed by Marshall Fernandes. One witnessed the latest jewelry as well latest designs. The first model came all the way from Madras Carol Bob and she displayed a splendid 21 carat set.

All participants were called for a group photograph. The children who participated were all presented with a meal voucher from Time Out. The Ladies received meal vouchers while the gents got gift hampers. Special gifts were presented to Marshall Fernandes, Fabian Bob, Marie Anna Croning, Allan & his wife Elizabeth Goveas.

Thereafter the D.J. for the evening Fabian Bob took over and kept the crowd dancing upto 4.30 a.m. with his collection of music non stop music.

21 st) August 2005

Clarence Smith had delicious breakfast of Channa/Alo Puri, Halwa with a hot cup of tea ready for all from 7 a.m. onwards. After breakfast announcements were made that registration for sports activities havebegun: Gavin Dlima , Cricket, Nassy Santamaria , Table Tennis & Gerry Croning, Water Basket Ball. Cricket match commenced at 10.00 a.m. The captains for the teams" were Gerry Croning, Marshall Fernandes & Gavin D'Lima

A round of tombola was played at 3 p.m. which was enjoyed by all as good cash prizes were given out. 3 Lucky coupon draws were then held and the winner won a dinner for 2 at Pearl Continental Hotel, the 2 nd won a gift hamper and the third a 3 piece bowl set. Hot cups of Tea and delicious samosa and cake was then served. At 6 p.m. all started boarding the buses for home taking back with them memories of an enjoyable and memorable World Goa Day 2005.

News Clips from Goa
by Joel D'Souza

MARGAO: South Goa MP Churchill Alemao on September 14 firmly stuck to his demand to scrap the Mopa airport project on the ground that it would spell doom to Goa's economy and tourism and vowed to fight to retain the Dabolim airport. Only Loutulim MLA Aleixo Sequeira attended the public meeting, while those who addressed the meeting included Dr Wilfred Mesquita, UGDP vice president Adv Radharao Gracias, NCP general secretary Servulo Barros, Mathew Braganza, Floriano Lobo, Adv Mike Mehta among others. (GT)

Mopa to house world's largest aircraft too!
PANJIM, Sept 13: The proposed Mopa International Airport will have a provision for operation of world's largest aircraft - A 380 having a capacity of 600 passengers - even as the techno-feasibility report on the airport will be submitted by International Civil Aviation Organisation by end of this month, official sources said. (H)

Miss Goa on October 29
MARGAO, Sept 14: VJT Entertainments' Miss Goa 2005 - a beauty contest organised for the third year in succession - will be held this year on October 29 at Radissons beach resort at Varca. "We seriously want more Goan girls to participate in the event and know the finer points of modelling," said VJT's Joe Dias. (H)

Konkani leaders hopeful of realising long term goal despite script imbroglio
PANAJI: Standardisation of Konkani and use of multiple scripts has been a major stumbling block in the efforts to unify the Goan diaspora on linguistic lines and though there are claims of a slow ascendancy of the Devnagri script, the twin issues still continue to ruffle feathers among the Konkanis in Goa and neighbouring states...Some senior writers like Uday Bhembre concede that writers in Roman script can be provided some basic encouragement. "The Kala Academy can consider all three scripts - Devnagri, Roman and Kannada - for the annual literary awards. But granting equal status to Roman script along with Devnagri by amending the Official Language Act, as demanded by Roman script writers group, would be counter-productive to realise the long term goal," he says. (Paul Fernandes, GT)

Adieu Plastic, Divar to move to 'zero garbage'
DIVAR: If all goes well, the idyllic island of Divar will bid adieu to plastic soon, on its way to ultimately achieve a clean 'zero garbage' environment. If a programme initiated by the Parents Teachers Association of a Our Lady of Divar High School in association with a Panjim-based NGO - People's Movement for Civic Action - becomes successful, the Divar islanders would be taught to refuse or recycle plastic or make do with eco-friendly alternatives. (GT)

Jazz news from India
Jazz in India has arrived, especially among Goans who have consistently produced their own legends in this great art form. Hennessy cognac has supported jazz for decades through a series of 'Hennessy smooth jazz concert tours' featuring American artistes signed on by the famed Blue Note label. Breaking tradition for the first time, Hennessy has signed on an all Goan jazz band based in Mumbai for a series of performances at some of the best jazz clubs around the world. The band 'Soul Yatra' has been chosen as the Indian ambassadors of jazz. For more information: http://www.geocities.com/jazzgoa/soul


+Anastazio (Sonny) Mascarenhas

Anastazio (Sonny) Mascarenhas, husband of Ira Mascarenhas, Brother/Brother-in-law of Adolfo and Ophelia Mascarenhas of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,Brother of Dominic (deceased), Uncle of Angelo andChris Mascarenhas, passed away in his sleep September 7th, 2005.

Funeral held in Quepem, Goa


 Goan Events in Canada - Spring -Summer 2005 





Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Villagers of Calangute (Toronto)

Feast of St. Alexius


Sunday, September 25, 2005

CurtorimLoutolimRaia ASSOCIATION

Curtorim-Loutolim-Raia Social


Saturday, October 8, 2005


Toronto Tanzanite Dance - 2005


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Quebec Goan Association

Variety Dinner Show


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Villagers of Navelim

30th Anniversary Fest


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Toronto East Goan Seniors Association

Christmas Dance



Saturday,September 16, 2006

Dr.Ribeiro's Goan School Ex-student's Committee - Toronto

Grand Reunion Dance


December 3rd 2005 To December 3rd 2006.

St Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebrations

Greater Toronto Area Events





TEGSA looks forward to meeting and socializing with all members at 140 Commander Blvd. (Commander Arena).

Activities are held every Thursday from Sept 8/2005 until April 27/2006 from 6.00 - 10.00 p.m.

Following are the activities: Bingo, Whist Drive, Bridge, instructed Line-Dancing and other activities of interest.

September: 29th at 7.00pm prompt Spiritual Healing Mass at 140 Commander Blvd. Fr. Stan D'Souza will celebrate the mass. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

October:      13th at 6:30p.m. Ladainha is planned. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

                  20th. at 7:15-8:30 p.m. A presentation by guest speaker Frank Jannetta of Catholic Cemeteries.

                  27th. at 7:15 -8:30 p.m. A presentation by guest speaker Eric Tappenden. Eric will outline some facts and figures about funeral costs and options and pre-planning benefits.

November: 10th Guest speaker on Diabetes. Times to be arranged.

December:  8th at 5:30 p.m. Christmas delights. Nativity Pageant and sing along Christmas Carols.

                 17th. Christmas Dance at St. Clement of Ohrid, 76 Overlea. Details will be available at a later date.




Please do not forget......................

The Global Aid Committee (GAC)

24 SEPTEMBER 2005 - 8.00PM


Your support is of great importance in order to

assist some unfortunate and under privileged folks.

For tickets and info; please contact any GAC member, or, 

Luiza D'Sa at (450) 676-8560





 Get your tickets NOW for:


Quebec Goan Association

Goan Extravaganza


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church,

11075 Gouin W., Pierrefonds

For tickets and info; please contact any QGA Director, or, 

Maria de Souza, Secretary, at (514) 626-8516



Best Regards:Felix D'Sa-Tel: 450-676-8560 Web: http://felixhabari.piczo.com/



  Sunday, October 16, 2005
  Feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
  Organised by Villagers of Moira Association
Claireport Place Banquet and Convention Centre ( 65 Claireport Cres.  Etobicoke )
  For more information:  e-mail: moirasocial@yahoo.ca
  Please contact one of the following committee members for further information.
  Name Telephone
  President:        Paul Nazareth                 416. 354 - 2218
  Secretary:         Rachel Nazareth             416. 827 - 4576
  Treasurer:        Chastity
Nazareth           416. 354 - 2218
                            Remi Desa                      416. 890 - 4975
                            Risa Desa                        905. 891 -2185
                            John DeSouza                 905.
755 -9013
                            Steve D'Sa                       416.
728 -5560


Onam E-cards, recipes on nri-worldwide.com


In the run up to the forthcoming celebrations of the Onam Festival (September 15) by the Keralite Community throughout the world, a whole series of aesthetically designed e-Onam cards are being offered free on www.nri-worldwide.com --  voted the 'Most interesting NRI Site' in an online poll. Also on the site are details of Kerala's biggest festival and recipes for Onam Festival Foods.


The portal has become the leading NRI (Non-Resident Indian) site on account of its fine tuned content, no-gimmick clean format and ease of navigation. The site updated on daily basis, recently won the iNova Award (New York) in the Community Portal category. It had previously won the Golden Web Award (2001-2002)

People Places & Things

Fr. Gonsalves new director for Office of Catholic Youth Fr. Edwin Gonsalves started his new job as director at the Office of Catholic Youth for the archdiocese of Toronto this month.


He writes "The Office of Catholic Youth is here to strengthen and encourage young people to live their faith to the fullest. All our events are geared to celebrate the mission of Christ." Office of Catholic Youth is here to strengthen and encourage young people to live their faith to the All our events are geared to celebrate the mission of Christ.

see http://www.ocytoronto.org/main.html

New Book

Why Race Does Not Matter- The New Spirit of Modernity

By:  Cecil Foster


Originally intended to be a white man's country, Canada helped develop the prototype for the nation-state that privileged the descendants of Western Europe and marginalized all others, including those who were aboriginal to the land. This is the prototype that also characterized apartheid South Africa.

Now, thanks to the policies of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada has done an about-face on race and is the world's first official multicultural country. But race and ethnicity are still serious issues. In Where Race Does Not Matter, Cecil Foster, one of Canada's leading intellectuals, argues that Canada can leave a legacy to the world—a legacy of true multiculturalism where all citizens are generally equal and race truly does not matter. This brilliant polemic challenges the prevailing wisdom about racism and offers a model for the future.



As India's profile on the international stage grows, so do the challenges the nation of more than 1 billion faces. Beginning September 18, CNN will air Eye on India a week of programming that will have anchors and reporters examining many of the social, economic and political hurdles before India.



Health and Wellness


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