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Newsletter. Issue 2006-26. December 23, 2006
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55 PGA Christmas Dance Photos

'OH WHAT A NIGHT ... IT REALLY WAS.....SUCH A NIGHT!!!....................

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Fifty five Executive Committee 1

Fifty five Executive Committee 2





(Courtesy of Raphael Fernandes)


Our 55 Plus Goan Association once more "set the stage" and created a warm welcome to our members and guests (250 in total) , who attended our Annual Christmas dance on the l5th December, which was held at the Oasis Convention Centre, on Lakeshore in Mississauga.  The simple but classic decor and attractive Christmas centre pieces, which were donated by Rose and Dom De Souza, together with a complimentary bottle of Red and White wine at each table, created a warm ambiance all round!    

The formal part of the evening began with the President's speech thanking all members and introducing the executive committee and welcoming everyone for their presence that evening. Then our Social Secretary, Mrs. Juliet Rebello delivering her message of thanks, and introducing her sub-committee and thanking them in turn for their hard work throughout the year and especially for their ongoing support and commitment. 

The evening started with the Grace, which was sung to the tune of "Edelweiss" followed by a scrumptious sit down four-course dinner, followed by a delectable dessert and coffee. 

Music was provided by D.J. Anthony -who entertained everyone 'ALL NITE LONG"....to a variety of music!!

We had a host of activities in store for the evening i.e. door prizes, &50/50 draw  i.e. $$$ were given to the lucky winners, and if you think that that is all.... wait till you hear the rest......!! 

 Our Goans have an insatiable appetite for ballroom dances; hence, we had a great demonstration performed by Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Ribeiro ,who took to the floor and elegantly swayed to the music with such grace and uncanny ease!!  It ended with a rousing applause from everyone.!!

The Highlight of the evening was the stunning performance by the Ladies Fashion Show, which was spearheaded by none other than the indefatigable and stalwart efforts of  Mrs. Millie Correa, with her 13 selected ladies for this event.

This talented lady, who is a member of 55 PGA, encouraged us in putting up a stunning performance, encompassing long and arduous hours of hard work, under her direction. Her inexhaustible efforts have given us a night to remember.!!  She worked patiently at selecting the costumes, gave up her valuable time during 2  days for practices in the evenings to ensure the success of the fashion show. She has single handedly created the festive, yet elegant ambiance we enjoyed thru the night!! The array of Costumes was a clever - but subtle blend of EASTERN & WESTERN INFLUENCE!!" 

 The ladies showed up for rehearsals from as far as Brampton, on a weekday.  It was remarkable to see such an overwhelming interest and contribution by our members but most of all to work with a delightful and dedicated group of committee members and volunteers. Everyone made each day of the 2 day duration a pleasurable one and heartwarming to be a part of a nostalgic setting.  As Millie said,  " there was NO GNASHING OF THE TEETH" and "NO SCRATCHING OF THE EYES: - instead there was laughter galore!! AND, she so politely dubbed us as being " They were not only the "HOLLYWOOD OR BOLLYWOOD MODELS"- but, they were the 55+ " JOLLYWOOD MODELS"!!
We worked together as a unit, not as individuals and produced a concerted effort as a group.  

The Spotlight was of course, focused on the youngest model in our midst! - and that is, Mrs. Glynnis Ratos-Correa.  (Millie's daughter) She is a non-member, married with 3 little kiddies.!!  She gave up her valuable time to accommodate the 55+ event, by volunteering her services!  She stole the show as she 'strutted' her stuff to a rousing applause!  For this we commend her highly and her time is much appreciated.!!    

Here is a description of the Models, which was choreographed by Mrs. Juliet Rebello - our Social Secretary.  

"Get comfortable and be ready to be transported to the land of SILKS & SATINS, RAJAHS AND RANIS..imagine that you are watching a Fashion show on the"runway" in Delhi. 

Today's show is sponsored by PINAFARI BOUTIQUE. , owned by MRS. MAHARUKH HAKIM.

MODELS ARE NONE OTHER THAN LADIES FROM THE 55 PGA. You are going to see a spectacular array of Sarees, Kurta-churidars, Salwar Kameez, Cholis, Lehengas and Bridal Wear......so on to 'BOLLYWOOD".... 

1.        Adorned in a luxurious Phirozi Peacock Blue silk saree, embellished with gold and draped as an Egyptian wrap, crossed at the neckline...all the way from the land of the Pharaohs...is the CHIC, Claire. 

2.    Enrobed in a gorgeous purple and gold SILK Wedding Dupka worn over a Shalwar Kameez is Beautiful.    Blanche. 

3.    The 2nd Wedding garment is a vibrant red and cream georgette saree, worn with sequined bodice and showing it is the COY BRIDE.....MURIEL. 

4.    VIVIAN is wearing Bollywood's hottest item, the Mermaid Lehenga..in sky blue all a glitter with beads and sequins. 

5.    Gowned in an exquisite pink georgette saree converted into a skirt and elegantly draped over a beaded & sequined bodice is Vera. 

6. Tina is dolled up in Royal Blue and turquoise mermaid styled Lehenga, trimmed with shimmering crystal beads and is ready for the "Party". 

7.    Aloha....all the way from the land of sun 'n' Sand is Eliza draped Hawaiian Style in a Black silk saree - embossed with a silver border...Aloha Wahine! 

8.  Linda..strutting her stuff from the Disco capital London England, is wearing a stunning black & orange Churidar embellished with multi-coloured semi precious stones. 

9.    Shirley is gorgeous in a 2-piece Black halter neck Lenga adorned with red & white semi precious stones. 

10.  For a formal night on the town- Dolly is wearing a stunning Black and Gold Mermaid Style Lenga with a Cholee...HELLO DOLLY!!!! 

11.    Anne - is in a sensual Black & Silver Shalwar Kurta in Raw Silk, and a beaded off the shoulder bodice. 

12.  Maureen -is elegantly draped in luxurious Black & Copper Saree encrusted with rhinestones. 

13.    Bollywood's hottest item...an Egyptian styled Lenga in Fuschia worn with a beaded tube bodice is worn by our youngest model GLYNIS. 

Our sincere thanks go out especially to Mrs. Maharukh Hakim, for loaning us the beautiful outfits, and entrusting them in our care.  Without her loyal support and kindness, accorded us, the show would have been impossible!!  On behalf of 55+ we take this opportunity of extending our grateful thanks in assisting and supporting our event.  For those of you who wish to contact her, please visit her on the website at pinafaridesigns@hotmail.com 

This ended the formal part of the celebrations and the rest of the evening was a sea of happy faces & toe-tapping bodies as folks danced away to the rhythm of "D.J. Anthony"  Everyone had a rollicking good time to the wee hours of the morning.  It was plain to see the camaraderie and the pride of our 55+ Goan association appreciated by all who attended this event!! 

Last but not least, I am proud to mention that I was fortunate to work with Mrs. Millie Correa way back in l990 at the G.O.A. PANJIM PAVILION.  Whereby, I was fortunate to work with her, and have been lucky 2nd time around to be draped with a SARI to represent the GOA committee!!-  The other 2 ladies - were none other than her daughter Glynnis and Mrs. Vivien Fernandes, who participated.!!

This outstanding Lady is noted for her Wit at all the practices we undertook then, which was a bigger performance than this and we are proud and fortunate to have her in our midst. 

On behalf of our Executive Committee and our families .May we take this opportunity of extending to you all our very best wishes for a joyous Christmas, bountiful good health and a bright and Prosperous New Year 2007.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our members for their loyal support given us in the past year and look forward to working together in the New Year.  Let us not forget the less fortunate people out there and lend a helping hand to all those that need it this festive season......The true meaning of Christmas!!

God Bless,

 Muriel Lucas
General Secretary
55 Plus Goan Association.   

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