Newsletter. Issue 2006-26. December 23, 2006


“ Be Not Afraid…I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all people”(
Gospel of Luke)

Adoration of the Shepards, 1622
by Gerard van Honthorst, Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Cologne.



Merry Chtistmas
Happy New Year


 John J'Dsouza              Joel D'Souza
     Sadashiv Rahul              Vivek Nagvenkar
       Uvy Lopes              Muriel Lucas


Christmas Greetings...
From 55 Plus Goan Seniors Association - West Greater Toronto Area

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On behalf of our Executive Committee and our families .May we take this opportunity of extending to you all our very best wishes for a joyous Christmas, bountiful good health and a bright and Prosperous New Year 2007.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our members for their loyal support given us in the past year and look forward to working together in the New Year. Let us not forget the less fortunate people out there and lend a helping hand to all those that need it this festive season......The true meaning of Christmas!!
God Bless,

Muriel Lucas
General Secretary
55 Plus Goan Association.

From TEGSA (Toronto East Goan Seniors Association)


Dear Member:

“Let’s do something to make a difference in another person’s life”

Once again we find ourselves preparing for the Christmas Season, a most joyful time of the year, but for some it can be quite a sad or lonely time. When you start to think about what you’re giving this Christmas, think what you can do for someone who is going through difficulties this year.

Let us find ways to show love to those around us. Let’s do something to make a difference in another person’s life. Let us offer one another not only our Christmas gifts, but our personal gifts as well…. kindness, understanding and loving concern.

Christmas is a time of love, joy and peace.

On behalf of the members of the Executive, and from our home, Jean and I wish you and your families a very Merry and Holy Christmas, and good health and happiness in the New Year 2007.

Al Andrade




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Newsline Canada

New Archbishop of Toronto

VATICAN CITY (AP-CP) - Msgr. Thomas Collins, now Archbishop of Edmonton, has been named by Pope Benedict to lead the archdiocese of Toronto, the Vatican said yesterday.

Collins, 59, replaces retiring Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic, who is 76.

"I have no doubt that he will be a responsible steward of the diocese, a faithful shepherd who will guide his flock for many years to come," said Ambrozic." I thank God for the privilege to serve as archbishop and offer gratitude to the clergy and laity who have supported me during my time in the archdiocese of Toronto. Be assured that you will always remain close to my heart and in my prayers."

Collins did theological study in London and Rome, including at the prestigious Gregorian Pontifical University.

"I am deeply honoured by the confidence the Holy Father has placed in me, calling me to lead the archdiocese of Toronto, one of the most diverse dioceses in the world," said Collins. "At the same time, I must thank those whom I have served in the archdiocese of Edmonton. I will always be grateful to them for their inspiring example of discipleship."


Rhetoric on Diversity Does Not Match Reality in Canadian Organizations

Ottawa, December 8, 2006 - Canadian organizations say that diversity is a priority, but barely half of those surveyed by the Conference Board have strategic plans for diversity and for creating and sustaining inclusive work environments.

"There is a disconnect between rhetoric and reality in the area of diversity in Canadian organizations. Many organizations have failed to turn their stated commitments into tangible action," said Prem Benimadhu, Vice-President, Governance and Human Resource Management.

"With labour shortages looming, the importance of developing diverse and inclusive workplaces cannot be overstated. Organizations that welcome 'diverse groups' into their workforces will have a competitive advantage over those that merely talk about practising diversity."

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Certified General Accountants Applaud Ontario Government's Efforts to Increase Access for Internationally Trained Professionals

Guiding principle of the CGA program: "to provide an opportunity for anyone with the desire and requisite talents to become a professional accountant." Passage of Bill 124, Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act, 2006, will enshrine a similar principle.
More Details                                            

DECEMBER 11, 2006

The Certified General Accountants of Ontario offers high praise and support for the Ontario Government's efforts towards passage of Bill 124, Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act, 2006. Recognizing our leading role in admitting internationally trained professionals into the province's accounting profession, CGA Ontario was invited to address the standing committee on regulations and private bills of the McGuinty Government, specifically the ministry of the Honourable Michael Colle, responsible for Citizenship and Immigration.

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For all humanity

Re-printed from The Catholic Register
More details

At this year's Midnight Mass we read Luke's famous nativity account in which the shepherds in the field first hear the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ from an angel: "Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people." Christians recognize that it was indeed good news, but sometimes it is easy to forget it was for "all the people."

More important was the form of this "good news." It was a completely unthreatening and helpless infant, wrapped in the swaddling clothes of poverty and powerlessness. With His arrival, as the angelic host sang, came glory to God and peace on earth.

Christmas, our annual recollection of this Incarnation, carries with it this year a heavy burden. In recent years - in fact since Sept. 11, 2001 - religion has come to appear in many eyes as a motivator of violence, a breeding ground for hatred and suspicion toward those who are different.
Those not religious themselves have found more and more reason to argue that religion should be a private affair to be kept out of the public square. This has sometimes led to silly overreactions at this time of year as well-meaning institutions and companies decide it would be more inclusive to strip Christmas of Christ and to simply celebrate an inoffensive "holiday season."

In response, Christians have reacted with at times angry exasperation and accuse commerce and government of violating their religious freedom by catering to minorities.

Both the action and reaction have little to do with Christ. In fact, it must puzzle recent immigrants of other faiths greatly when they observe our annual frenzy of consumption, seemingly characterized by mammoth advertising campaigns for cell phones and big screen TVs. They likely sympathize with the Christian critics of the whitewashed holidays but recoil at the Scrooge-like spirit they can display.

We shouldn't begrudge the festivities and gift-giving. In their own way, they celebrate something most people may not even understand, but still recognize as that buried pearl, that priceless gift to the world.

The child Jesus reminds us that true religious faith is not about power or even believing. It is about loving. We share the good news because it is, in fact, good; it is something that people living in the midst of a cruel world would be happy to hear. It can bring joy to their lives and fill their hearts with warmth and peace. By its very nature, it is not something that
can be force-fed to others.

Jesus is God made human; as such the infant Jesus represents God made vulnerable and helpless, reaching out in love and hoping to be loved in return. It is why God brings peace and why Christianity should be the antithesis of violence.

So on this most special day, we join the angels in praying peace and goodwill to all the earth.


News Clips from Goa


Famed Goan musician Babush Santana, who is a drums wizard, shifts to the violin and trumpet intermittently during concerts. Here Santana is seen playing a guitar at the "Liberate Your Jazz" concert organised by Trancemedia at Gonsalves House on December 19, 2006, evening


Eminent Goans Feted

Dr Alfredo Bruto da Costa, former Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Portugal.

Dr Narana Coisorro, former Deputy Speaker of the Portuguese Parliament and present President of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Lisbon.

Fitz de Souza, a freedom fighter, colleague of Kenyan leader Jomo Kenyatta and Dy Speaker of the Parliament of Kenya. Was awarded the Pravasi Bharatiya Sanman Puraskar by the President of India in 2004.

Justice Wolfango Dourado, former Attorney General of Tanzania and Chief Justice of the High Court of Zanzibar.

Prof Damodar Sardessai, Emeritus Professor of History, University of California, USA.

Patricia Rozario, eminent opera singer knighted by the Queen of England with the OBE. Awarded the Asian Women's Award for Achievement in Arts.

Leslie de Melo, artist, sculptor and painter, recipient of several awards from the Ministry of Arts, Government of Austria.

Neville Rocha, chairman and CEO of the transnational corporation Fijutsu, Australia, and an acknowledged authority on IT and Telecommunications.



PANJIM: Goans, who have risen to eminent positions in their respective fields around the world, will receive recognition from the state government and will be presented with the Global Goans Achievement Award during the Global Goans Convention to be held in January 2007. Speaking at a press conference, Commissioner for NRI Affairs, Eduardo Faleiro, said that the convention would be inaugurated by the Chief Minister and would be held from January 3 to 5. Foreign diplomats and some of India's ambassadors and heads of departments of the Ministry of External Affairs concerned with Gulf countries, West Asia and West Europe will also address the convention and interact with participants. The plenary sessions will be held at Hotel Cidade de Goa while the interactive sessions will be held at the Secretariat, Porvorim. Registration can also be done online on the website [GT]


No GIMmick! All selected, salary Rs.4-9 lakh

PANJIM: Ranked as one of the top 20 premier B-schools of India, Goa Institute of Management at Ribandar is on Cloud Nine following lucrative job offers to all the successful 116 students of the 2007 batch. Some of them will take home a salary of Rs.9 lakh a year. This year the companies from the IT, Consulting, Financial Services, Banking, Telecom, Automotive and other sectors recruited the students. Peter D'Lima, a member of the Board of Governs of GIM, stated, "A total of 193 offers were made to 116 students. The satisfying factor was students got what they wanted along with the highest salary." [GT]


Goa: Next Al Qaeda target
Dated 2006-12-20

In a travel advisory on its Hebrew language website, posted on December 13, 2006, Israel's Foreign Ministry said: "Within the framework of Al Qaeda's terror threats in India, there is now a concrete threat focusing on the Goa region where multitudes of visitors, including Israelis, gather in late December. Israel's Counter-Terrorism Authority has recommended that Israeli citizens stay away from sites in Goa popular with Westerners and Israelis over the next few weeks."

On December 15, 2006, DEBKA, a well-known non-governmental Israeli think-tank, which disseminates information and analyses relating to terrorism, posted the following comments on its website: "Information has reached Jerusalem that Al Qaeda is in an advanced stage of preparing coordinated attacks on the big, end-of-year seasonal parties held by Western and Israeli tourists in the Indian province. Israeli travelers are advised to cancel their trips to Goa or at least stay away from the big parties. Some 4,000 Israelis have booked flights to India for the winter season. They will be joining the thousands living there. A standing terror warning is still in force for Egyptian Sinai and Turkey."



Reverend Fr. Roberto Guilhermie Fernandes
Bammon Vaddo, Siolim

Ex-Principal St. Francis Xavier School, Siolim Goa
Ex-Chaplain of Nossa Senhora das Dores Chapel, Siolim Goa

Born: 30/04/1919           Died: 16/08/2006

Beloved son of the late Antonio Honorato and Anna Maria Fabiana, Brother/Brother-in law of the late John Vincent/Luzia Fernandes (UK), late Justina/late Jeremias Francisco Noronha, Uncle of Sophia/late Dr Lawrence Lobo (UK), Dr Xavier/Angela Noronha, Blanche/Domnick Fernandes, Agnes/Joe Rocha, late Leocadia Fernandes (Canada), Joe/Eileen (Ireland), Richard/Ilona (UK), Maria (France), Savio (UK).Sadly missed by all RIP. Condolences to

People Places and Things

Reading List for Christmas Holiday Season

A Bibliography Of Books On Goa & Goans.
Prepared by: John Nazareth
Sponsored by the: Goan Overseas Association ~ Toronto
For the: Panjim Pavilion at the Metro Toronto Caravan
Extended By: JJD'S of GOACOM ~ October 1996

By Prof. George Moraes
Published in the Proceedings of the
International Goan Convention

To Cherish and to Share: The Goan Christian Heritage –
Paper presented at the 1991 Conference on Goa at the University of Toronto by (late)John Correia Afonso S.J

AUGUST 7 -21, 1988 ~ TORONTO
Organized by The Goan Overseas Association

The Goan Community in Canada
Paper by : Professor Narendra Wagle of U of T


Although Goans have come to Canada from several parts of South Asia and East Africa, their identity is defined by association with the small territory of Goa. Only 3,700 square kilometres in size, Goa is located on the western Malabar coast of India along the Arabian Sea between the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is distinct from other lands on the Indian subcontinent in that for over four and a half centuries it was a colony of Portugal and as such was known in the language of that country as Estado da India (“The State of India”).

The history of Goa, a rich trading post that until 1327 had been ruled by various Hindu dynasties and thereafter by the Muslim rulers of Mogul India, changed dramatically when in 1510 a Portuguese fleet under Alfonso de Albuquerque arrived in the city. Within a decade, the Muslim ruling elite was eliminated and the city was transformed into a major centre of commerce and trade between Europe and Portugal’s extensive colonial empire in southeast Asia. Led by the missionary work of St Francis Xavier, the local Hindu population was converted to Roman Catholicism, and in 1557 Goa became the seat of an archbishopric at the top of a Catholic hierarchy spread throughout all Portuguese colonies in this part of the world. Despite frequent attacks by Portugal’s overseas rival, the Dutch, the attempts of the neighbouring Maharashtrian rulers to annex the territory, and its gradual economic decline beginning in the second half of the seventeenth century, Goa was to remain a Portuguese colony until 1961–62, when it was seized by India.

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55 Plus Goan Association Annual Christmas Dance

'OH WHAT A NIGHT ... IT REALLY WAS.....SUCH A NIGHT!!!....................

Jollywood Models” at 55PGA Dance

Our 55 Plus Goan Association once more "set the stage" and created a warm welcome to our members and guests (250 in total) , who attended our Annual Christmas dance on the l5th December, which was held at the Oasis Convention Centre, on Lakeshore in Mississauga. The simple but classic decor and attractive Christmas centre pieces,which were donated by Rose and Dom D'Souza, together with a complimentary bottle of Red and White wine at each table,created a warm ambiance all round!

The formal part of the evening began with the President's speech thanking all members and introducing the executive committee and welcoming everyone for their presence that evening. Then our Social Secretary,Mrs. Juliet Rebello delivering her message of thanks, and introducing her sub-committee and thanking them in turn for their hard work throughout the year and especially for their ongoing support and commitment.

The evening started with the Grace which was sung to the tune of "Edelweiss" followed by a scrumptious sit down four course dinner, followed by a delectable dessert and coffee.

Music was provided by D.J. Anthony -who entertained everyone 'ALL NITE LONG" a variety of music!! ‘…………….

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Ho! Ho! Ho! TEGSA helped us get into the spirit of Christmas with a fantastic evening of fun and enjoyment. Santa was there with his SACK full of goodies. A record crowd of over 200 shared in the festivities.

The evening started off with a traditional Goan meal followed with Hot Apple Cider. Vendors sold authentic Goan sweets and pickles.

The entertainment got off to a flying start with performances by the well known Canorient Choir and a group of TEGSA members and some young talent who specially formed a choir for the Yuletide Serenade. All joined in the singing of Christmas Carols.

All wanted to dance more to the live music played by - FOCUS and DJ GODFATHER .

The performers including the Band members gave their services free of charge and TEGSA thanks them all.

What a wonderful evening!

A special thanks to Vicki D’Souza, TEGSA’s Social Secretary.


The Desi News-Grant’s Community Achievers AWARDS Gala would not have been possible without the help and inputs of these wonderful, dedicated professionals

The guest list read like the Who’s Who of the South Asian community. Over 300 movers and shakers, doctors and lawyers, bankers and entrepsreneurs, actors and activists, fashionistas and politicians attended the Desi News-Grant’s Community Acheivers Awards Gala on Sunday, November 12 at Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton.

As one guest said, "This is a gala to remember!"

Welcoming guests, introducing award recipients, and keeping everything moving smoothly at the Desi News-Grant’s Community Achievers Awards Gala was Cletus Castelino.

Master of Ceremonies Cletus Castelino, with Nasreen Shah)

Cletus is well known in the comm-unity and specially to Desi News readers as the "credit counsellor with a heart". Over a long career, he has helped many people recover from difficult financial debt situations. Cletus is an mba from iim Ahmedabad, with a brilliant track record with blue chip companies in India, the Middle East and Canada. He holds Bible study classes along with his wife Angela and daugh-ter Nicole in his spare time.

• Cletus Castelino can be reached at 905-848-0006.


 Goan Events in Canada - 2006 

Christmas & New Year Events
Date Organization Event  
Tuesday, 26th December 2006 The Canorient Christian Association Christmas Dinner & Dance Gala Night at St. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Community Centre Click for Details


 Events of 2007

February 10th, 2007 Goa Amigos
Goa Amigos Presents the Red & Black Carnaval  Xtravaganza
The time of the year to treat your Valentine to a Carnival blast of Fun and Entertainment at
 Sagan Convention Centre and Banquel Halls, Mississauga.
Click for Details


Sunday, June 3rd,
Aldona Association Toronto The Feast of St. Thomas - 32nd Annual Aldona Social Location: Payal Banquet Hall, 3410 Semenyk Court, Mississauga Details to Follow
Saturday, September 15th, 2007 Calangute  Association, Canada Annual Calangute Social. Holy Mass at 5:00 pm followed by Social Click for Flier


Goa-America Heart Foundation Inc. NEWSLETTER

November 2006
Dear fellow members, donors and well-wishers of the Goa-America Heart Foundation Inc.

It has been a while since your Board of Trustees has communicated with you regarding developments related to our project for establishing a much needed state-of-the-art Cardiac Center in Goa. This has primarily been due to evolving circumstances in Goa that were often beyond our ability to control, and our need to make adjustments to adapt to the vagaries and the uncertainties of events as they presented themselves to us. We are  extremely fortunate to have a cadre of exceptionally talented and  dedicated people in Goa, who have been so effective in steering us through sometimes turbulent waters.

In recent months some tangible progress has been made. And it is with some sense of accomplishment that we can report to you the positive developments in our project.

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Flat for Rent in Goa

Furnished flat for rent in Bardez, close to Baga & Calangute Beaches.
Click for details.


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