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Newsletter. Issue 2006-26. December 23, 2006
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Reading List for Christmas Holiday Season

A Bibliography Of Books On Goa & Goans.
Prepared by: John Nazareth
Sponsored by the: Goan Overseas Association ~ Toronto
For the: Panjim Pavilion at the Metro Toronto Caravan
Extended By: JJD'S of GOACOM ~ October 1996

By Prof. George Moraes
Published in the Proceedings of the
International Goan Convention

To Cherish and to Share: The Goan Christian Heritage –
Paper presented at the 1991 Conference on Goa at the University of Toronto by (late)John Correia Afonso S.J

AUGUST 7 -21, 1988 ~ TORONTO
Organized by The Goan Overseas Association

The Goan Community in Canada
Paper by : Professor Narendra Wagle of U of T


Although Goans have come to Canada from several parts of South Asia and East Africa, their identity is defined by association with the small territory of Goa. Only 3,700 square kilometres in size, Goa is located on the western Malabar coast of India along the Arabian Sea between the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is distinct from other lands on the Indian subcontinent in that for over four and a half centuries it was a colony of Portugal and as such was known in the language of that country as Estado da India (“The State of India”).

The history of Goa, a rich trading post that until 1327 had been ruled by various Hindu dynasties and thereafter by the Muslim rulers of Mogul India, changed dramatically when in 1510 a Portuguese fleet under Alfonso de Albuquerque arrived in the city. Within a decade, the Muslim ruling elite was eliminated and the city was transformed into a major centre of commerce and trade between Europe and Portugal’s extensive colonial empire in southeast Asia. Led by the missionary work of St Francis Xavier, the local Hindu population was converted to Roman Catholicism, and in 1557 Goa became the seat of an archbishopric at the top of a Catholic hierarchy spread throughout all Portuguese colonies in this part of the world. Despite frequent attacks by Portugal’s overseas rival, the Dutch, the attempts of the neighbouring Maharashtrian rulers to annex the territory, and its gradual economic decline beginning in the second half of the seventeenth century, Goa was to remain a Portuguese colony until 1961–62, when it was seized by India.

Read more: http://www.multiculturalcanada.ca/ecp/content/goans.html


55 Plus Goan Association Annual Christmas Dance

'OH WHAT A NIGHT ... IT REALLY WAS.....SUCH A NIGHT!!!....................

Jollywood Models” at 55PGA Dance

Our 55 Plus Goan Association once more "set the stage" and created a warm welcome to our members and guests (250 in total) , who attended our Annual Christmas dance on the l5th December, which was held at the Oasis Convention Centre, on Lakeshore in Mississauga. The simple but classic decor and attractive Christmas centre pieces,which were donated by Rose and Dom D'Souza, together with a complimentary bottle of Red and White wine at each table,created a warm ambiance all round!

The formal part of the evening began with the President's speech thanking all members and introducing the executive committee and welcoming everyone for their presence that evening. Then our Social Secretary,Mrs. Juliet Rebello delivering her message of thanks, and introducing her sub-committee and thanking them in turn for their hard work throughout the year and especially for their ongoing support and commitment.

The evening started with the Grace which was sung to the tune of "Edelweiss" followed by a scrumptious sit down four course dinner, followed by a delectable dessert and coffee.

Music was provided by D.J. Anthony -who entertained everyone 'ALL NITE LONG"....to a variety of music!! ‘…………….




Ho! Ho! Ho! TEGSA helped us get into the spirit of Christmas with a fantastic evening of fun and enjoyment. Santa was there with his SACK full of goodies. A record crowd of over 200 shared in the festivities.

The evening started off with a traditional Goan meal followed with Hot Apple Cider. Vendors sold authentic Goan sweets and pickles.

The entertainment got off to a flying start with performances by the well known Canorient Choir and a group of TEGSA members and some young talent who specially formed a choir for the Yuletide Serenade. All joined in the singing of Christmas Carols.

All wanted to dance more to the live music played by - FOCUS and DJ GODFATHER .

The performers including the Band members gave their services free of charge and TEGSA thanks them all.

What a wonderful evening!

A special thanks to Vicki D’Souza, TEGSA’s Social Secretary.


The Desi News-Grant’s Community Achievers AWARDS Gala would not have been possible without the help and inputs of these wonderful, dedicated professionals
From: http://www.e-desinews.com/desiwasthere.html

The guest list read like the Who’s Who of the South Asian community. Over 300 movers and shakers, doctors and lawyers, bankers and entrepsreneurs, actors and activists, fashionistas and politicians attended the Desi News-Grant’s Community Acheivers Awards Gala on Sunday, November 12 at Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton.

As one guest said, "This is a gala to remember!"

Welcoming guests, introducing award recipients, and keeping everything moving smoothly at the Desi News-Grant’s Community Achievers Awards Gala was Cletus Castelino.

Master of Ceremonies Cletus Castelino, with Nasreen Shah)

Cletus is well known in the comm-unity and specially to Desi News readers as the "credit counsellor with a heart". Over a long career, he has helped many people recover from difficult financial debt situations. Cletus is an mba from iim Ahmedabad, with a brilliant track record with blue chip companies in India, the Middle East and Canada. He holds Bible study classes along with his wife Angela and daugh-ter Nicole in his spare time.

• Cletus Castelino can be reached at 905-848-0006.

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