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Happy New Year 2007


Newsline Canada

Ontario Court gives child three parents

TORONTO, Jan. 3 /CNW/ -
In an upsetting reversal of a 2003 lower court decision, the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that a five year old boy now legally has two mothers and one father. In his decision against this case in 2003 in the lower court, Mr. Justice David Aston had ruled that the relevant legislation only contemplated a child having one mother and one father. He expressed very astutely that allowing more than two parents "might open the
floodgates to similar claims from step-parents or members of the child's extended family." "If a child can have three parents," he asked, "why not four or six or a dozen? What about all the adults in a commune or a religious organization or sect? Quite apart from social policy implications, the potential to create or exacerbate custody and access litigation should not be ignored."



Ontario Government raises minimum wage

TORONTO, Jan. 3 /CNW/ -
The Ontario government is raising the minimum wage on February 1, 2007, for the fourth time since taking office, Labour Minister Steve Peters announced today.

"We are providing Ontario's lowest-paid and most vulnerable workers with the fourth increase in the minimum wage in four years," said Peters. "It is to Ontario's economic advantage to see that our workers are paid a fair wage."

The general minimum wage will be raised to $8.00 per hour on February 1, 2007. This is the final increase in a four-year initiative that began February 1, 2004, at which time the government undertook to raise the minimum wage for the first time since 1995. It was phased in over a four-year period to allow Ontario business time to adjust and remain competitive.

Other minimum wage rates will also increase on February 1, 2007.

 The minimum wage for:

  • Students under 18 years old and employed for not more than 28 hours a week during the school year or employed during a school holiday, will rise from $7.25 to $7.50 per hour.
  • Liquor servers will increase from $6.75 to $6.95 per hour.

    Premier’s First Visit To Region Will Focus On Strengthening Relationships, Increasing Trade

    QUEEN'S PARK -- Premier Dalton McGuinty will visit India and Pakistan to boost trade and investment and build opportunity for Ontario businesses, organizations and families.

    "Ontario's diversity is one of our province's greatest strengths -- we speak every language and
    understand every market," said Premier McGuinty. "These business missions to India and Pakistan will help us build relationships with our international friends and partners to build a stronger, more prosperous Ontario."

    The Premier's mission to India will take place January 14-21, 2007 with stops in Punjab, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.





    The Value of Multiculturalism
    Toronto star January 1, 2007 excerpts
    Multiculturalism is important because it dilutes and dissipates the divisiveness of ignorance. It is important because it encourages dialogue often between radically different cultures that have radically different perspective. It is important because it softens the indifference of tolerance, and embraces it with the genuine humanity of acceptance. It is the bridge between of tolerance and acceptance.

    Differences asides, human beings, regardless of their specific culture of origin, strive to provide the best they can for their family, and to live in as peaceful and harmonious a world as possible.

    These two goals unite us all. Multiculturalism makes the ideal altruistic notion of loving our fellow man a tangible possibility, rather than a nebulous philosophical concept.

    What does humanity gain if, we simply endures one another’s presence within our society? What is the merit in that? Where is the nobility in mere tolerance? There can be no remedial benefits with this narrow-minded approach.

    As a species, we are handcuffed by our owned cultural myopia if we eschew philosophical, ideological or spiritual knowledge of fellow man. It is chauvinistic and dangerous if we believe there is no merit in understanding the differences among our global neighbors.

    It is incumbent on us to exploit the best of all of our differences for the benefit of as many us as possible and, and by so doing establish a climate trust rather than suspicion.

    We should cherish the opportunity to sublimate the notion of a rigid western, Eastern, Christian, Judaic, Islamic etc. viewpoint and encourage people instead to look at society and culture from the viewpoint of a globally infused Diaspora.

    A little nationalism, like a little knowledge, can be very dangerous things and, as history has shown to the point of redundancy, it can be catalyst for egregiously barbaric and immoral treatment. The intermingling of cross cultural discussion, particularly dogmatic religious beliefs, can only help to dull the razor-edged threats of nationalist rhetoric.

    Multiculturalism may be the antidote for the inappropriate and destructive behaviors of dictatorial regimes and religious orthodoxy, regimes bent on breaking the will and spirit of their subjects and antagonizing their neighbors. The value of Multiculturalism must be disseminated like seed’s in farmer’s field, and nurtured with the fertility of our common goals.

    Relative to so many cities and countries around the world, Toronto and Canada are such a model of civility, a model that is envied and admired, and yet one that some Canadians are only too quick to criticize. Why is Multiculturalism seen as a dirty word?

    Almost without exception, Canada, but more specifically the GTA, is a haven of harmony and calm in a tumultuous world. It is a place for those seeking civility in a world of differences rather than those who would use those differences to cultivate a community of exclusion.
    Toronto, and Canada, can become paragons of understandings, and the models by which the rest of humanity aspired to live.

    Louis Mac Pherson is a Whitby –based writer and theatrical producer who has been a long – standing board member of the Oshawa Little Theatre, one of Canada’s oldest community theatres.


    News Clips from Goa

    Goan identity faces risk of obliteration, says Archbishop
    Navhind Times Staff Reporter

    Panaji, Dec 28: The Archbishop of Goa and Daman and Patriarch of the East Indies, Rev Filipe Neri Ferrao, today said that ‘the private plans and the pet projects of those in power’ are resulting in neglect of genuine human development and furthermore, the ‘Goyachi Asmitai’ or the ‘Goanness of Goa’ is exposed to the risk of being obliterated.

    Addressing a gathering of invitees during the annual civic reception on the occasion of Christmas, at the Archbishop’s House, the Archbishop said that the year 2006 has seen an increasing number of revolts from ordinary grassroots people expressing their profound disillusionment with those in power.

    “Violent outbursts in the villages of Saleli and Sanvordem and grassroots revolts in the villages of Kundaim, Chicalim, Assagao, St Estevem and other villages, have all culminated in the massive December 18 Save Goa campaign against the Regional Plan 2011,” he observed, adding “These are indications of an increasing disconnection between the aspirations of the people and, shall I say, the private plans and the pet projects of those in power.”

    The Governor, Mr S C Jamir, the Chief Minister, Mr Pratapsingh Rane, the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Wilfred de Sousa and the Archbishop Emeritus, Rev Raul Gonsalves, were among those present on the occasion.



    Sausages In A Rosary
    The Mapusa market has the best Goan spices and spirits

    You don't just get Goa's famous feni and port wine here; you get the best home-distilled cashew and coconut feni and home-made currant, ginger and beetroot wine. You don't just get the best cashewnuts cheaper here than anywhere else in Goa; you get them in 10-kg tins at incredible wholesale rates. Here being Mapusa, home every Friday to Goa's biggest fresh produce bazaar.



    Goa in the New Year

    Goans, for the first time, I feel, welcomed the New Year with a commitment to save Goa from environmental degradation. They responded to the call by Goans concerned about their state, under the banner of Save Goa Forum, on December 18, 2006, to fight to protect Goa and its culture from destruction till the very end. This has created a lot of awareness among the masses in Goa. The call will continue to echo with more intensity in times to come if the concerned authorities do not pay any heed to the people's feelings. And 2007 will go down in the history of Goa as the year signifying the enlightenment of the citizens on issues related to their political, social, religious, environmental, economical and cultural lives. [Tomazinho Cardozo, GT]


    If needed, Plan will be altered: CM to NRGs

    PANJIM: Chief Minister Pratapsing Rane yesterday assured the Non-Resident Goans of altering the controversial Regional Plan 2011, if needed. Speaking at the inauguration of the three-day Global Goans Convention at Cidade de Goa Resort, Dona Paula, Rane said that there might be some apprehensions in the minds of the NRGs about the impact of the Regional Plan 2011 particularly in the light of the controversy.

    The Chief Minister said that it was quite possible that they (NRGs) would be interested in larger issues like protection of environment, garbage disposal and the latest controversy over the Regional Plan 2011. All these problems could be solved provided there is goodwill and honesty of purpose, he said. [GT]


    Participate in socio-economic development, Rane tells NRGs

    PANJIM: CM Rane yesterday appealed to the Non-Resident Goans to look up to the myriad opportunities to participate in the socio-economic development of Goa. Rane hailed NRGs contribution to the state's coffers and pointed out that of the total bank deposits of Rs.18,338 crore in the state, nearly Rs.4000 crore belonged to NRGs as on September 30, 2006. In fact, for every five rupees deposited with the banks in Goa, one rupee comes from NRIs. He said the Goa government has embarked upon building a knowledge-based society by setting up centres of excellence.

    NRI Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro expressed satisfaction to attending delegates of the Goan community from all the continents of the world. He said that the office of the Commissioner for NRI has been assisting Goans in distress abroad. Most of the cases brought to the notice were related to persons harassed by their employers in the Gulf. Chief Secretary JP Singh welcomed the delegates and said that the convention will be an excellent platform for interaction between Goans around the world to solve their problems. Overseas Employment Agency of Goa chairman, John D'Silva, read out messages received from the President, Prime Minister and others. The invocation was presented by Patricia Rozario, OBE, an eminent Goan opera singer, based in UK. DyCM Dr Wilfred de Souza and Power Minister Digambar Kamat replied to various questions raised by the delegates. NRI Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro coordinated the proceedings. [GT]


    UK Co acquires 150-acre land in South Goa to build township

    : The Brits are coming again to india. This time to 'invade' the serene and calm Goa, armed with a massive plan to build a township between Betul beach and Cabo de Rama Fort in Quepem taluka.

    Claremont International, which specialises in acquiring residential properties for private investors and creating wealth for its clients by sourcing exclusive product, both in the UK and overseas, has advertised its "First Goa project" on foreign shores.

    They have already acquired 150-acre parcel of land right on the coast with significant beach frontage. The total value of the scheme is just under L.100 million. The work on the project will begin in October 2007 and anticipated completion of Phase One will be in December 2009.

    "The location is perfect for experiencing the virtually untouched beauty of South Goa. With no neighboring resorts or developments - something you can no longer find in Europe. Fist Goa shares its boundaries only with lush vegetation, coconut groves, a natural spring and of course the Arabian Sea," reveals Claremont International's website "It will be a mix of contemporary high end residential units, a five-star plus deluxe hotel and broad range of leisure, conference, banqueting and support facilities," the website adds. [GT]


    Govt to distribute 22,600 computers to students

    PANJIM: The Education Department has decided to distribute 22,600 computers, worth Rs.56 crore, to the students of Standard XI and XII by the first week of February under Cyberage scheme. Once this task is achieved, nearly 40 per cent Goan homes will have a computer. [GT]


    Goan maid missing in England

    DUBAI: British police are investigating the mystery of a Goan maid who disappeared while on a visit to England with her Baharaini employer. Maria Pereira, 46, has not been seen since December 3 when she was dropped at a church. Police suspect that Pereira might have returned to Bahrain or her native Goa. The mother-of-three had worked for the Bahraini couple for several years and had travelled with them to England on various occasions. [UNI report in GT]


    Mega management fest at Don Bosco

    ICFAI National College, Porvorim/Margao, will host a two-day mega management fest "Colosseum 07" at the Don Bosco Auditorium, Panjim, on January 12 and 13 from 10 am onwards. This fest is to expose students to the field of management, to inculcate skills and competitive talents among students. The event will feature management games, stress interviews, quiz competition and much more. Colleges from Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra will participate in this event. [GT]


    Workshop on script writing

    PANJIM: Sahitya Akademi in collaboration with Goa Konkani Akademi, Panjim, will organise a four-day workshop on "Script Writing for Children's Theatre" at Ponda from January 22 to 25. The applications should reach the Goa Konkani Akademi's office, Panjim, on or before January 10. [GT]



    LOBO, Arthur Peter (Art)
    Passed away peacefully after a courageous battle with cancer on January 4, 2007 at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Arthur Lobo in his 63rd year. Beloved husband of Rita. Loving father of Ian and Colin. Loved son of Clara and the late Damiao Francisco (Michael) Lobo. Loving son-in-law of the late Joseph and Daniella Cassime. Cherished brother of Merle (Terry), Frieda (Trevor), Tyrone (Marsha), and Christopher-John (Amy). Cherished brother-in-law of the late Doris (Charles), Neville, the late Jessie (Anton), and Patrick. Proud uncle to Charlaine, Lisa, Wesley, Warren, Danielle, Nicholas, Andrew, Ryan (Jodi), Jeff, Max, Eddie, Inez and the late Tina, Anne-Marie and Beshley. Family and friends will be received at the Kopriva Taylor Community Funeral Home, 64 Lakeshore Rd. W., Oakville (905-844-2600) from 2-4 p.m. and 6-9 p.m. Friday, January 5, 2007. Funeral Mass will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, January 6, 2007, at St. Matthews Church, 1150 Monks Passage, Oakville. It would be greatly appreciated that if desired, in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Hospital for Sick Children.

    COLACO, Bernard Manuel
    -Peacefully passed away on Wednesday, January 3, 2007, at Leisureworld, in his 80th year. Beloved brother of Paxy (Olu) and Jason (Jessie). Brother-in-law of Ben. Predeceased by his sisters Grace Gonsalves, Rev. Mother Louisa and Joana. He will be sadly missed by all his nieces and nephews, as well as his grandnieces and grandnephews. The family will receive friends at the OGDEN FUNERAL HOME, 4164 Sheppard Ave. East, Agincourt (east of Kennedy Rd.), on Friday from 5 - 9 p.m. Funeral Mass will be held on Saturday at 10 a.m. at St. Aidan's Roman Catholic Church. Private cremation to follow.

    Lucia Paulina M.J. De Souza
    June 25, 1929 - January 1, 2007 Passed away peacefully at the Rouge Valley Health System, Scarborough, on January 1, 2007. Beloved wife of 58 years to Pascoal Lino. Loving mother/mother-in-law to the late Zenon, Rosemarie (Clifford), Beatrice, Diana, Carmen (late Franklin), Stella, Stanislaus (Ofelia), Sandra (Trevor), Bertilla, Maureen (Anthony) and adored grandmother of Lionel, Michelle, Karen, Stephanie, Andrew, Rachel and Matthew. Predeceased by sisters Anna, Camillo, Maggie, Margaret (manuel) and survived by Escolastica Martins. Friends will be received at the OGDEN FUNERAL HOME, 4164 Sheppard Ave. East, Agincourt (east of Kennedy Rd.) on Wednesday, 5-9 p.m. Funeral Mass to be held at St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church (2234 Ellesmere Rd., east of Markham Rd.) Thursday, 10 a.m. Interment Pine Hills Cemetery.

    People Places and Things

    Carnegie Council Poster Contest Winners, 2006

    Ist place, Ethics, War, and Peace: Stanley Desouza, Toronto, Canada ($500 prize) Stanley Desouza is a freelance graphic designer who studied at George Brown College, Toronto.


    New Book - Butterfly Kisses
    Author:Sheraleen Braganza

    Published by Athena Press, London and is now available through  (cheapest at just under £5.00);  or  websites.

    Alternatively the book can be ordered through all leading bookstores quoting: 'Butterfly Kisses', author Sheraleen Braganza and ISBN number: 1844018121.

    Sheraleen Braganza was born in 1965 on the sun-drenched plains of East Africa . She lost her mother, tragically, at a very young and tender age. Her books and illustrations attempt to take the reader on a journey through the eyes and heart of a dreamer. The heartaches and joys experience, the lessons in life learned and the continuous flow of enduring love show that, even though tragedy does touch us all in some way, life continues and through dreaming eyes the world can once again magically become a far better place. The fairytale /book is a lovely read for all especially the young. Her books and illustrations attempt to take the reader on a journey through the eyes and heart of a dreamer. The heartaches and joys experienced, the lessons in life learned and the continuous flow of enduring love show that, even though tragedy does touch us all in some way, life continues and through dreaming eyes the world can once again magically become a far better place. It is a romantic fairytale which encourages one to believe in one's dreams.

    She is the daughter of Vivi and the late Mina Texeira formerly of Dar-es-Saalam. She is married to Keene Braganza, son of Orlando & Betty Braganza formerly of Nakuru and Mombasa, and has three children, Ryan, Jordan and Charlotte. She now resides in France.


    Reader's Digest Canada - Announces their Canadian Heroes of 2006

    MONTREAL, Dec. 26 /CNW Telbec/ - Reader's Digest Canada announced their Canadian Heroes of 2006. Reader's Digest asked readers across the country whom they considered a Hero in education, community service, rescue, public life, and health and/or research. From the nominations, the judges -the heads of journalism schools across Canada - selected the finalist in each category.

    The Canadian Heroes of 2006 for Community Service - from Calgary, Ashid Kumar Bahl, founder of the For the Love of Children Society of Alberta. 33 years ago Bahl's affluent Indian family were forced to flee to Canada from their home in Kenya due to political unrest. Upon his arrival in Canada, Bahl revived the moribund Calgary Immigrant Aid Society, helping to settle about 20,000 refugees into new homes. As well as continuing his good work with Calgary's immigrant community, he also began the For the Love of Children Society. While working as a customs officer and raising his family, Bahl has helped more than 100,000 kids - assisting with expensive medical treatments, building playgrounds and creating the annual Santa's Express. On an international scale, Bahl has also dug a well and founded a school in Kenya, bought a school bus for children in India and, after the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, crossed into the volatile region with blankets, lamps and rice. Why does he do it? "Canada gave me a home, so I need to give back."


    South Asians in Canada:Unity through diversity
    by Kelly Tran, Jennifer Kaddatz and Paul Allard
    Click to download file

    CST Who is a South Asian ?
    A South Asian (Sometimes referred to as East Indian in Canada and Asian Indian in the United States) may be defined as any person who reports an ethnicity associated with the southern part of Asia or who self-identifies as part of the South Asian visible minority group. This definition encompasses people from a great diversity of ethnic backgrounds, including those with Bangladeshi, Bengali, East Indian, Goan, Gujarati, Hindu, Ismaili, Kashmiri, Nepali, Pakistani, Punjabi, Sikh, Sinhalese, South Asian, Sri Lankan and Tamil ancestry. South Asians may have been born in Canada, on the Indian sub-continent, in the Caribbean, in Africa, in Great Britain or elsewhere.

    Thus, the South Asian group could have been defined using a number of indicators such as visible minority status, ethnic or cultural ancestry, place of birth and/or place of birth of parents. This article mainly uses the visible minority variable from the Ethnic Diversity Survey and Census to describe the South Asian visible minority population. The visible minority variable includes respondents who self-identified as South Asian as well as those who self-identified as South Asian and White. It does not include those who self-identified as South Asian and another visible minority group (e.g. Black, Chinese, Filipino, Latin American, Southeast Asian, Arab, West Asian, Korean, Japanese, etc.). According to the 2001 Census, the vast majority of people in the South Asian visible minority group also reported at least one South Asian ethnic origin.


    Goanet CyberMatrimonials - January 2007
    From: "Goanet CyberMatrimonials" <>

    Click for listing.


     Goan Events in Canada - 2006 

    Events of 2007




    February 10th, 2007 Goa Amigos
    Goa Amigos Presents the Red & Black Carnaval  Xtravaganza
    The time of the year to treat your Valentine to a Carnival blast of Fun and Entertainment at
     Sagan Convention Centre and Banquel Halls, Mississauga.
    Click for Details
    February 17th, 2007


    Annual Carnival Bash

    See announcements section or
    Sunday, June 3rd,
    Aldona Association Toronto The Feast of St. Thomas - 32nd Annual Aldona Social Location: Payal Banquet Hall, 3410 Semenyk Court, Mississauga Details to Follow
    Saturday, September 15th, 2007 Calangute  Association, Canada Annual Calangute Social. Holy Mass at 5:00 pm followed by Social Click for Flier


    Goan Overseas Association (G.O.A), Toronto Annual Carnival Bash, February17, 2007

    Here's an invitation for you and your friends - the Goan OverseasAssociation (G.O.A), Toronto welcomes you to attend its annualCarnival Dance. A colourful celebration of fun, dancing and entertainment. Music from, the fabulous and awesome "Naked Flame" & D.J. Carlito. A delicious buffet will be provided, followed by scrumptious dessert!

    Prizes for best dressed costumes of various categories, Costume Parade, Live entertainment featuring King Momo. Don't miss out on this memorable event--tickets are limited!

    Date- Saturday, Feb 17th, 2007
    Time- 6:30 PM
    Location- Payal Banquet Hall, 3410 Semenyk Court, Mississauga
    Tickets- Members: $25 - Non-Members $30

    For tickets please call: Karl Pereira (905-793-9342),
    Wilma Moniz (905-831-8349),
    Eurema Colaco (905-507-6234),
    Sara Ferrao (905-569-6609)

    Little Mosque on the Praire

    TV viewers in Canada will be interested to know that starting January 9, CBC is telecasting "LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE" at 8.30 p.m. every Tuesday.
    It is a a very hilarious sitcom very much like Archie Bunker's show All In The Family. My son Manoj who is an actor has the lead role in it and I understand the serial will go on for a number of weeks.

    Click here to watch a clip.

    Flat for Rent in Goa

    Furnished flat for rent in Bardez, close to Baga & Calangute Beaches.
    Click for details.

    Health & Wellness

    2006-2007 Community Influenza Vaccination Schedule

    Brampton | Mississauga | Caledon

    Protect yourself. Protect your family. Attend a free Peel Health flu vaccination clinic for individuals over the age of one year.

    Individuals may be asked to provide proof of address such as photo ID (driver’s license, student card) bill, OHIP card etc, or proof of work in Ontario.

    Individuals who are not fluent in English should be accompanied by a translator..


    Vancouver residents make New Year's resolution to climb Mount  Kilimanjaro to help create a future without breast cancer

    VANCOUVER, Jan. 2 /CNW/ -
    In February 2007, Vancouver's Gary Mayzes, Regional Director, British Columbia, CIBC Wood Gundy, will lead a team of 21 others who are scheduled to scale Mount Kilimanjaro in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The Climb team includes 12 members from British Columbia, including four other CIBC Wood Gundy employees from the Vancouver area, David Babbitt, Pravin Kumar, Peter Leacock and Steve McCusker, as well as Darrell Mayzes, who is the team leader's brother from Nanaimo.

    As the new year begins, each participant has resolved to raise a minimum of $10,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The goal for the 2007 CIBC Wood Gundy Climb for the Cure is to raise $275,000 to help create a future without breast cancer.


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