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 Newsline Canada

Air Canada Rapped For Ending India Service
Feb. 16, 2007

Air Canada's decision to end flights to India so it can boost service to China was criticized by Indo-Canadian business leaders in Toronto Friday.

"It's a lousy decision," Canada-India Business Council President Kam Rathee told The Toronto Star, noting India's economy is growing at a rate second only to that of China.

Rathee sent a letter of protest to Air Canada President Montie Brewer urging him to reconsider.

Air Canada will discontinue daily service to New Delhi May 1 because the route "didn't meet our financial performance objectives," spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said.

He said traffic to New Delhi was high in winter but low in summer, making flights hard to fill year-round.

By contrast, China "is a very lucrative market for us," Fitzpatrick said. "There's a lot of demand there. There's a lot of business that gets conducted with China."

Air Canada will offer five daily Boeing 767 non-stops to Shanghai and Beijing from Toronto, up from three, starting this summer.

Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce spokesman Atul Ahuja said Canada would now be the only Group of Seven nation without a national airline serving India.

See our Announcements Section for impact on travel to Goa


Wife of Eminent Business School Professor Missing After Gas Explosion Demolishes Home

One of the owners of a midtown Toronto home that exploded, erupted in flames and collapsed is missing and presumed inside the debris, police said Thursday.

"At this stage we're going to start moving forward to a recovery situation," said Det. Murray Barnes. "We do believe at this point she may well be still inside the house." Sridhar Moorthy, a Professor at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, has now allowed police to confirm that his wife, Jyoti, is missing.

Neighbours said the couple have two young children who were at school when the house blew up on Wednesday.

All that's left of the home is a pile of blackened timber and rubble.

"The house is in total devastation," Barnes said. "The roof collapsed and sandwiched down through the building, (which) obviously caught fire."

The flames from the explosion scorched the side of one of the neighbouring homes and caused the paint on another to bubble.

An Enbridge gas worker, who was working in the basement of the home, was taken to hospital with second-degree burns after being rescued by a passerby.

"At this point it's just a terrible, terrible accident with devastating consequences," said Barnes.

The Ontario Fire Marshal will now take over the investigation with an eye to pinpointing exactly what happened.


Canadian Social Trends, Found That On Average Workers Spent 45 Minutes Less With Their Family
Study: Time with the family

Spending more time at work and less time with the family? You're not alone, according to a new study that examines the time Canadian workers spend with family members during a typical workday.

The study, published today in Canadian Social Trends, found that on average workers spent 45 minutes less with their family during workdays in 2005 than they did two decades earlier.
Based on a 260-day work year, that amounts to 195 hours less, or the equivalent of about five 40-hour work weeks.

The study was based on data from four cycles of the General Social Surveys on Time Use (1986, 1992, 1998 and 2005). Using a time journal, participants aged 15 and over provided detailed information on the amount of time they spent on various activities on a given day. For each activity, they indicated if they had been alone, or in the company of family members or other people.

For the purposes of this study, respondents had to have worked at least three hours on the "diary day", not including commuting time, and had to have lived with a spouse or at least one child.

The study showed that time spent with family members declined between 1986 and 2005 for most groups of workers. For example, in 1986 women spent an average of 248 minutes with their family members, while in 2005 they spent 209 minutes, a difference of 39 minutes during a typical working day.

For men, the average time fell by 45 minutes, from 250 minutes in 1986 to 205 in 2005.
The study said the main factor associated with the decline was an appreciable increase in time devoted to paid employment on a typical working day.



Glad to be Canadian, Muslims say
.....................Environics Survey of Muslims in Canada
February 13, 2007
CBC News

More than 80 per cent of Canada's roughly 700,000 Muslims are broadly satisfied with their lives here and only a very small percentage — 17 per cent — feel that many or most Canadians are hostile toward their religion.

According to a new Environics poll conducted in association with the CBC, a much larger proportion of Canadian Muslims is satisfied with the way things are going today than is the case in Europe. The proportion is greater even than the 61 per cent of Canadians who generally feel their lives are on the right track.

Cold weather topped the list of things about Canada that Muslims polled like the least.


At the same time, there are clearly different perceptions between the Muslim community and other Canadians over such flashpoint issues as integration, the role of women and the wearing of headscarves.

And despite intensive efforts by the Stephen Harper government to reach out and recruit prominent Muslims to its cause — witness the recent floor-crossing of former Liberal MP Wajid Khan — there is little sense that this is yet taking hold.

Asked whom they intend to vote for in the next federal election, 54 per cent of Muslim respondents said the Liberals, 13 per cent said NDP, and only seven per cent said the Conservatives, which is virtually the same way they voted in the last election.



Local group helps Kenyan parish recover from war
Edmonton couple met priest on walk through rain forest

WCR Staff Writer

St. Augustine Parish was once part of a thriving Kenyan mission until it was decimated by tribal warfare.

When it opened in 1982 by Mill Hill missionaries from England, more than 30,000 people belonged. For 10 years, the local people enjoyed marked progress in housing and social amenities.

Then war broke out in 1992, killing more than 20,000 men, women and children. Utility infrastructures were destroyed. Homes were razed to the point that the village of Enoosupukia looked as if it had been wiped away by a tornado.



Town of Hérouxville in Quebec Drops Some Rules From Controversial Code

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 | 9:25 AM ET
CBC News

The town council in Hérouxville amended its provocative immigrant code of conduct Monday night to remove certain rules.

Council adopted the changes, which include removing references to "no stoning of women in public" and "no female circumcision."

Councilors said the rules were open to misinterpretation by journalists who have flocked to the Mauricie town of 1,200 since it adopted the code of conduct in January.

The town's leaders denied the amendments had anything to do with a visit from a delegation of Muslim women on Sunday as part of a mission to educate residents about their beliefs and practices.

The code itself will remain enshrined in the town's public documents. The Canadian Islamic Congress is still considering filing a human rights complaint about the rules.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest has ordered a commission to look into the debate over the reasonable accommodation of cultural and religious beliefs.

Seven out of 10 towns in the neighboring region have moved to support Hérouxville's code of conduct.


Tax Planning Is A Year-Round Activity - Not Just At April Tax Filing Time
KPMG's Tax Planning for You and Your Family 2007

TORONTO, Feb. 8 /CNW/ - Most Canadians do not give much thought to reducing their personal taxes until the early spring when the deadline to file their return is fast approaching. Unfortunately, by then, many tax saving opportunities have been lost. With some careful attention, planning ahead and developing a tax strategy for the year, Canadians can save money at tax time and all year round.

"Tax planning should be an important part of your efforts to get the most out of your financial resources," said Paul Hickey, Partner, KPMG's National Tax Centre. "Though you only have to file your tax return once a year, it's the tax planning steps you take throughout the year that will help you save money at tax time."

KPMG's Tax Planning for You and Your Family 2007 can help you make tax planning a year-round activity. Updated for 2007 by the tax and financial planning team at KPMG, this year's guide gives you the latest on:
- Creating a sound financial plan for your family's future and your retirement.

- Developing an investment strategy and planning for investments in tax-effective vehicles like
  stocks, bonds, mutual funds, income funds, and life insurance products.

- Managing your tax burden by splitting income among family members.

- Deferring taxes through popular savings vehicles like RRSPs and Registered Pension Plans.

- Making the most of the special tax breaks available for students, working parents, first-time
  home buyers, seniors, and people with disabilities.

- Managing taxes on your income from your job or your business by making the most of your
  claims for items like automobiles, moving costs, and home office expenses.

- Structuring your charitable donations, both during your lifetime and in your will, to help
  enhance the value of the gift to the charity and the tax benefits to you or your estate.

- Fulfilling your obligations to a deceased person's estate and beneficiaries as an executor.



Leave A Habitable Earth For Our Children
Editorial in Western Catholic Reporter
Week of February 12, 2007

A Chinese proverb says that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. The Alberta government is proposing to take one tiny baby step in the battle against global warming by setting mandatory targets for the province's greenhouse gas producers.

It wants to set "intensity-based targets" for reducing greenhouse gases - an approach that could see greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions actually increase even if polluters meet their targets. This is a long way from the decisive action that is needed if Alberta - which produces 40 per cent of Canada's GHG - is to make the drastic reductions agreed to under the Kyoto Accord. But it is at least a first step in the Alberta government's 1,000-year journey towards meaningful action.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says the government is only being realistic by expecting total emissions to increase during the current boom. "Unrealistic targets" will only drive industry away, it claims.

"Economic activity (must) respect the environment to a greater degree."
- Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
Better we grab all the profits we can now and let our grandchildren fry in the hot wasteland that is left when the oil sands are fully mined and global warming has reached the nth degree.
Better also to ignore the Pembina Institute report that argued it is possible for the tar sands to be "carbon neutral" by 2020 for a cost of US$2.50 a barrel. That sounds like a lot, but not when compared with the $1.75 a barrel it already costs to remove lead from gasoline.

The nay-sayers are quick to note that Canada produces only two per cent of the world's GHG. Anything we do to reduce emissions will have little effect on global warming. In fact, we are not acting alone, but in consort with dozens of other nations. Moreover, it is not unreasonable to expect that the United States will commit itself to significant action against global warming within the next couple of years.

The better question is why does Canada so often have to be one of the last nations to take environmental issues seriously. And why, within Canada, does Alberta so regularly have to bring up the rear?

In 1979, a pair of Alberta government-sponsored reports saw the long-term viability of Alberta developing solar, wind and biomass renewable energy. The government of the day airily brushed those reports aside, saying it didn't want to create competition for the petroleum industry.

That was 28 years ago. If Alberta had begun to develop renewable energy sources at that time, by today we would be a world leader in that industry. Instead, 28 years later, the government is still finding excuses to do as little as possible. Some things never change.
But they could change. There is now a public will to take decisive action to help prevent global warming. People may not want to change their lifestyles, but they do want governments to firmly regulate industry. Governments have not yet formed the political will to do so, seemingly afraid of the potential reaction from the petroleum industry.

Catholic social teaching is clear about humanity's role as steward of the environment. In a 1997 talk, Pope John Paul II said the exploitation of natural resources threatens our planet. "The environment as 'resource' risks threatening the environment as 'home,'" the pope said.

Present generations have a responsibility to the future. The natural environment is a common good that must not be mined exclusively for private gain. "Economic activity (must) respect the environment to a greater degree," stated the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church (n. 470). Governments have a special responsibility because market forces will not do the job.
Failure to act decisively to reduce GHG emissions in Alberta is not acceptable. We have a God-given responsibility to leave a habitable environment for those who come after us.

- Glen Argan


News Clips from Goa

Goa To Host India's First Major Poker Event
4:21 PM, Tuesday, December 26, 2006 by Christopher Hunt

The hippies and ravers of Goa will have to get adjusted to even more glitter in the air next year, as the infamous Indian resort province will host the $1 million Asian Poker Classic, India's first major professional poker tournament.

Already expected to be the biggest event of the year, the inaugural Asian Poker Classic will go Mar. 1-5, 2007 at "InterContinental The Grand Resort Goa," a luxury resort on the Indian state's renowned tropical coast.

The three-day main event will offer one of Asia's richest-ever poker prize pools, a guaranteed $1 million, and will reportedly bring a gaggle of pros, online players and celebrities from both Hollywood and Bollywood to the event.

As part of a push to turn Goa into a major Asian gambling destination, a series of luxury casinos has also been planned for next year, and to add international credibility to the APC, Austrian Thomas Kremser has been hired as the tournament director.

"The Asian Poker Classic is not just the biggest poker event scheduled for India in 2007," Kremser said in a release, "it's one of the biggest events anywhere in the world."

"With big names ready to take part and Goa the perfect setting, it's the most exciting new poker tournament of the year."

For more information on the tournament and ongoing satellite qualifiers, visit


. . State-level panel formed to celebrate Carnival (Feb 17-20)
Dated 2007-02-14

In an attempt to break the deadlock over the Carnival celebrations in the state, the Chief Minister, Mr Pratapsing Rane, today announced formation of state-level Carnival celebration committee headed by the Tourism Minister, Dr Wilfred de Souza.

Addressing a press conference at the secretariat this afternoon, Mr Rane said the Art and Culture Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, the chairperson of Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Ms Fatima De Sa besides the mayor of Panaji and chairpersons of Margao, Mapusa and Vasco would be the vice-chairpersons.



The rotting trash and litter on Goa’s beaches is becoming increasingly nauseating for tourists and locals alike, as the tourism department’s decision not to hand over the annual contracts for beach cleaning due to lack of proper sites for garbage disposal in the coastal belt, is threatening to escalate into a major problem for the tourism industry. Garbage lying on the beach, stray dogs, cattle and flies feasting on it, has become a familiar sight. “The scenario is very bad, the stink is getting worse and there is lots of plastic too,” says a shack owner on a popular beach, “and tourists are asking us what the authorities are doing about it.” [Paul Fernandes, GT]


Book on migrants

“Shadows in the Dark”, a first ever book on the conditions of migrant community in Goa, will be released on February 15 in Panjim. Prashanti Talpankar has written the book, based on a survey conducted among the migrant community all over the state. Women and Child Development Minister Subhash Shirodkar will release the book at the Institute Menezes Braganza Art Gallery at 4.30 pm. The book, which is part of the project undertaken by the Children’s Right in Goa, reveals several unexplored aspects of the conditions the migrant community living in Goa. Datta Damodar Naik, the Sahitya Academy Award winner and a thinker, has written a thought-provoking preface for the book. Renowned painter Prof Hanumant Kambli has drawn the cover page. Students of the Open School run for the migrant children by the CRG will perform at the function. [GT]



PANJIM, Feb 13: The Fontainhas Festival came to an end this evening with a vibrant burst of song, dance, music, food, and , of course, plenty of art. We came across quite a lot of artist friends, who had displayed their work at the unique show. All of them appeared quite excited on having participated in the festival and the favourable response from the public who witnessed their creativity.


People Places and Things

Late Pio Gama Pinto Is The Winner Of The Milele (Lifetime Achievement Posthumous) Award
7th February, 2007

See Biography at


On behalf of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, (KNCHR), I have the pleasure of informing you that your late husband, Pio Gama Pinto is the winner of the Milele (Lifetime Achievement Posthumous) Award of the 4th Annual Human Rights and Democracy Awards. The Awards Committee would like to present this Award to you and/or your family, at a dinner in honor of awardees to be held on 17th February 2007 at the Grand Regency Hotel from 7.00PM.

The late Pinto was nominated for his great contribution in the struggle for independence, and for his advocacy for rights of the poor and marginalized Mau Mau fighters who were not rewarded or recognized by the Kenyatta Government after independence. The nominators felt that Pio Gamma Pinto played a crucial role in attaining the independence of country but, being a member of minority community in Kenya, and like many other heroic Kenyans in the struggle for independence, did not receive the recognition that he deserves. Further, Pio Gamma Pinto is rarely remembered in the discourse on the struggle for independence in Kenya



Program tests exercise therapy for Parkinson's disease
Thursday, February 8, 2007

Researchers based in southwestern Ontario are testing whether a new exercise therapy can help people with Parkinson's disease to get moving.

Studies suggest that exercises such as yoga may help people with Parkinson's, but there is no scientific evidence to show which exercises work best.

Prof. Quincy Almeida of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., hopes to find out which exercises will help improve movement in people with Parkinson's.(CBC)

Researchers based in southwestern Ontario are testing whether a new exercise therapy can help people with Parkinson's disease to get moving.

Studies suggest that exercises such as yoga may help people with Parkinson's, but there is no scientific evidence to show which exercises work best.

Kinesiology Prof. Quincy Almeida of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., has designed a clinical trial to find out which exercise may help patients to better control their movements.

In Parkinson's disease, the force behind, timing of or size of movements is impaired, which can lead to tremors on one side of the body, generalized slowness of movement, stiffness in the limbs and gait or balance problems.

The experimental exercises include:
• Slowly walking to a beat.
• Wearing glow-in-the-dark slippers to help people concentrate on how and where their feet are positioned as they walk.
• Using rubber bands to exercise.

The study has expanded to include three YMCAs in Ontario. When all the data is analyzed, Almeida hopes to develop an exercise program that could be used across the country. Under the plan, anyone with Parkinson's disease could walk into the local gym to access the program.


Monday, 12 February 2007

The 2005 Oscar Fonseca Award was presented to Mr. Elliot Sales De Andrade. Elliott is in his second year in the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto. Upon graduating from St. Michael's College School in Toronto in June 2005, he was nominated for the Oscar Fonseca award, a G.O.A. scholarship based on academic merit. In recognition of his academic achievements, Elliott received the Governor General Medal of Canada which is presented annually to the graduating student with the highest academic standing, based on Grades 11 and 12 final standings. The G.O.A. scholarship committee gave Elliott special consideration for his extra-curricular participation at St. Michael's College on various student clubs and peer tutoring, and his community involvement at his parish, Epiphany of Our Lord. He also supported one of the largest Goan events in our community, through his contribution of time and effort at the G.O.A. Viva Goa. At the University of Toronto, Elliott is involved in the BioMed iGEM team competition, which was recently held at MIT.

For background of award see:


Canada's New Government Releases List of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles for 2007

 OTTAWA, Feb. 14 /CNW Telbec/ - Shopping for a new vehicle that saves money on fuel and also helps the environment just got easier. The Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources, today announced the release of Natural Resources Canada's 2007 Fuel Consumption Guide and the 2007 EnerGuide winners for the most fuel-efficient new vehicles sold in Canada.

 "Transportation is one of the largest sources of pollution in Canada, accounting for up to two-thirds of smog-forming pollutants," said Minister Lunn. "The Fuel Consumption Guide will help Canadians choose a fuel-efficient vehicle that will reduce fuel costs and lower the impact on the environment." "I would like to congratulate the recipients of this year's EnerGuide Awards," added the Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. "Providing environmentally sound vehicle options to Canadians is important, and I am pleased that industry is leading the way in sustainable transportation."

 Consumers can use the 2007 Fuel Consumption Guide to compare the fuel consumption ratings and carbon dioxide emissions of passenger cars and light-duty trucks sold in Canada. The guide is available from participating new-vehicle dealerships, most motor vehicle licence agency offices, participating Credit Union offices across Canada, participating Caisses populaires et d'économie Desjardins in Quebec, and participating Canadian Automobile Association offices across Canada, or online at

 Also announced today were the most fuel-efficient vehicles for 2007. The winners in each of the ten vehicle classes are as follows: 
    - Two-seater car: Mazda MX-5;
    - Subcompact car: Toyota Yaris;
    - Compact car: Honda Civic Hybrid;
    - Mid-size car: Toyota Prius;
    - Full-size car: Hyundai Sonata;
    - Station wagon: Honda Fit;
    - Pickup truck: Ford Ranger and Mazda B2300 (co-winners);
    - Special purpose vehicle: Ford Escape Hybrid;
    - Minivan: Toyota Sienna;
     -Large van: Chevrolet Express Cargo and GMC Savana Cargo (co-winners).
    A media backgrounder with more details on the Fuel Consumption Guide and
the award winners is available at


Tata, Fiat To Build Trucks Jointly
Tata Motors was exploring options to offer its products in Latin America.

New Delhi: Indian auto major Tata Motors entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fiat on Wednesday to build pick-up vehicles bearing the Italian major's nameplate.

The vehicles will be manufactured in the Fiat Group's plant in Cordobo, which would have a capacity to produce 20,000 vehicles per annum.

As per the agreement, $80 million will be invested in the plant in Argentina, and the first vehicle is set to roll out in 2008.

According to the MOU, Tata's would give the license to Fiat for manufacturing this one-tonner pick-up model.

"I am very pleased at this first step in expanding the Fiat Group and Tata relationship beyond Indian shores," as quoted by PTI, Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata said in a statement in Mumbai.
Tata and Fiat had formed a joint venture last year at an investment of Rs 4,000 crore to produce cars and engines of both the brands.

The joint venture would have a capacity to produce one lakh cars and two lakh engines annually.

The project, which will come up in Maharasthra, is expected to employ around 3,000-4,000 people.
The new Fiat pick-up vehicles will be powered by an FPT engine and positioned differently from the Tata pick-up and made available in 4x4,4x2 double and single cab.

The engine would be a JTD Diesel 2.3 litre, Euro four compliant manufactured at Fiat Powertrain Technology's facility in Sete Lagoas, Brazil.

Tata Motors considers Latin America as an important market and was exploring options to offer its products there and would leverage this co-operation for manufacturing and distribution.


Notable Indo-Canadians

M.G. Vassanji - novelist (of Indian descent, although born and raised in Kenya)
Rohinton Mistry - novelist
Ruby Dhalla - Liberal MP
Russell Peters - Stand-up Comedian
Sarika Sehgal- CBC Canadian broadcast journalist
Shaun Majumder - Just for Laughs, This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Shauna Singh Baldwin - novelist

(Note: List missing Goan names – any suggestions e-mail )



 Goan Events in Canada - 2007 

Events of 2007




February 10th, 2007 Goa Amigos
Goa Amigos Presents the Red & Black Carnaval  Xtravaganza
The time of the year to treat your Valentine to a Carnival blast of Fun and Entertainment at
 Sagan Convention Centre and Banquel Halls, Mississauga.

Click for Details

February 17th, 2007


Annual Carnival Bash

See announcements ection or

Sunday, June 3rd,

Aldona Association Toronto The Feast of St. Thomas - 32nd Annual Aldona Social Location: Payal Banquet Hall, 3410 Semenyk Court,

Click for Flier

Sunday, July 22nd 2007.
11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Aldona / Moira Picnic Centennial Park, Etobicoke Site No. 7 (Elmcrest Rd & Rathburn Rd).

Details to Follow

Saturday, September 15th, 2007 Calangute  Association, Canada Annual Calangute Social. Holy Mass at 5:00 pm followed by Social

Click for Flier

30th September 2007

CLR Event At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)

Holy Mass at 12:00 Noon
Followed by Buffet Lunch and Entertainment
To The Music of: "DJ FATZ"

Click for Flier



Mark these dates on your calendar and stay tuned for further details. You will be contacted by e-mail or telephone. If you have a change in your contact information, please contact our Communications Co-ordinator, Uvy Lopes – (416) 449-9117

January 26

Mega Whist Drive
 (Organized by Joe Lobo and Christine Rodrigues)
 Dinner: $8.00 per person. Limited Tables available
 Contact: Vicki D’Souza – 416-497-5111
               Charles Fernandes – 416-286-8970
               Joan Menezes – 905-927-0895

February 9 Presentation and Talk by representatives of Catholic Cemeteries:
 Frank Janetta and Trevor Foster Highland Funeral Home – Eric Sibly
 Legal Aspects – Adrian Malcolm
 B I N G O Tea and Coffee will be served
February 23 WINTER SPECIAL – Wipe out those Winter Blues
 Special Musical Performance by JAZZ TRIO led by the legendary   
 singer, guitarist and record artist, Jake Hiebert
 DINNER: $10.00 per person
 B I N G O
March 9 Dinner Theatre
 Back by popular demand another live presentation by SMILE    
 THEATRE – “At the Hop” Bingo
March 23 Line Dancing      Bingo
March 25
Annual General Meeting
April 13 Whist Drive
  - Bingo
April 27 Blast from the Past: Musical Interlude “A nostalgic trip down
 Memory Lane”
12:00 noon – 5:00 p.m. Talent Day (not a contest)
 - by the children and grandchildren of members
May 26 Anniversary Dance
June 8  Line Dancing
 - Bingo
June 22 Surprise Performance – Bring in Summer with a Bang!
 All events will be held at Commander Hall Arena, unless otherwise

Click to download form to join TEGSA or renew membership for 2007



Toronto East Goan Seniors Association


Pursuant to the TEGSA Constitution, members are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting of the Toronto East Goan Seniors Association, will be held on Sunday, March 25, 2007, @ 1:30 p.m. at Commander Hall, 140 Commander Blvd. Scarborough .


1. President's Opening Address
2. To confirm minutes of the last Annual General Body Meeting held on March 26th 2006.
3. Matters arising therefrom.
4. To adopt the Executive Committee's Annual Report for 2006.
5. To adopt the Statement of Accounts for the year 2006.
6. Any other business, provided notice is given in writing addressed to the General Secretary
   at e-mail address no later than March 11, 2007.

Carmelita D’Souza
General Secretary

55 Plus Goan Association –West GTA

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General meeting of the 55 Plus Goan Association –West GTA, will be held on March 22, 2007, @ 7.00 p.m. at St. Martin of Tours Parish Hall, 1290 McBride Avenue, Mississauga.

Meeting Agenda

1. Message of Welcome by Chairperson.
2. General Secretary’s Report
3. Treasurer’s Financial Report
4. Auditors Review
5. Discussion of 2006 Report & Financial Statements
6. Approval of 2006 Report & Financial Statements
7. Social Secretary Events for 2007
8. Trip Coordinator Program for 2007
9. Any other Business
10. Conclusion

(Refreshments will be served)
Muriel Lucas
Hon. General Secretary

For further information e-mail:
Click to download Membership form for renewal or New application.


Air Canada Cancelling India Flights

Message from Richard D’Souza

Air Canada will discontinue daily service to New Delhi as of May 1, 2007, as this was a seasonal business, where demand was high in Winter and low in Summer, which was not meeting the airlines financial performance objective.

Air Canada will still service Delhi & Mumbai, through its Star Alliance partners, Lufthansa & Swiss. Some of the other Airlines also flying this route are Air France, KLM, British Airways and Air India.

Majority of the Goan community flying to India, did not use the Air Canada flight to Delhi, so this will have little or no impact to those going to Goa, as most fly into Mumbai and than on to Goa.
Richard D’Souza can be reached at 416 890 5022.


Flat for Rent in Goa
Furnished flat for rent in Bardez, close to Baga & Calangute Beaches.
Click for details.


Health & Wellness

Good News For Slackers:
On-The-Job Naps Might Cut Risk For Heart Problems

Published: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 | 12:57 PM ET
Canadian Press: LINDSEY TANNER

New research on napping provides the perfect excuse for office slackers, finding that a little midday snooze seems to reduce risks for fatal heart problems, especially among men.

In the largest study to date on the health effects of napping, researchers tracked 23,681 healthy Greek adults for an average of about six years. Those who napped at least three times weekly for about half an hour had a 37 percent lower risk of dying from heart attacks or other heart problems than those who did not nap.

Most participants were in their 50s, and the strongest evidence was in working men, according to the study, which appears in Monday's issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

The researchers said naps might benefit the heart by reducing stress, and jobs are a common source of stress.

It's likely that women reap similar benefits from napping, but not enough of them died during the study to be sure, said Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos, the study's senior author and a researcher at Harvard University and the University of Athens Medical School.

Heart problems killed 48 women who were studied, six of them working women, compared with 85 men, including 28 working men.


Avoid Delays at Airport Security Checkpoints Restrictions on Liquids, Gels and Aerosols Still in Effect

OTTAWA, Feb. 14 /CNW Telbec/ - At the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), our goal is to ensure that you have a secure and positive air travel experience. We also want you to avoid unnecessary delays at the pre-board screening checkpoint. Here are some packing tips for your upcoming trip.

Please note that restrictions on travelling with liquids, gels and aerosols are still in effect. Should you choose to bring one of these items in your carry-on baggage, please make sure that the items are packaged in containers of 100 ml / 100 grams (3.4 oz) or less, and that the containers fit in one clear, closed and re-sealable plastic bag no larger than 1 litre  (1 quart) capacity. Only one bag per passenger is allowed. Liquids, gels and aerosols include common items such as water, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, toothpaste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency. The exceptions are:

1. Baby formula, breast milk, or juice if a baby or small child (aged two or under) is traveling.
2. Prescription medicine with a name that matches the passenger's boarding pass.
3. Insulin and essential non-prescription medication, such as contact lens solution.

We advise you to allow yourself enough time for check-in. Check with your airline. For more information about items that are permitted and not permitted in carry-on or checked baggage, please visit,  or call 1-888-294-2202.


The Grey Divorcee !!!
Britain's Daily Mail Has Gushed That Grey Divorce Is An "Epidemic" In The U.K.
Some articles on the subject

Till death do us part? The risk of first and second marriage dissolution
by Warren Clark and Susan Crompton
Marriage has been on just about everyone's mind for the last few years. While the discussion was sparked by the debate over same-sex marriage, many thoughtful Canadians were led to consider just what marriage means in today's society.

Marriage as we have understood it over the last 50 or 60 years seems to be losing its appeal. Marriage is being "de-institutionalized", in the words of American social researcher Andrew Cherlin, as old social norms crumble and couples must negotiate new, mutually acceptable standards of behaviour.1


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