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Newsline Canada


Canadian economy cooling, not stalling, in 2007: TD Economics

TORONTO, March 26 /CNW/ - Canada's economic challenges are largely limited to the export-oriented manufacturing sector, rather than the domestic economy. As a result, Canadian economic growth will likely outperform that of its neighbor to the south in 2007. TD Bank's Chief Economist, Don Drummond, stated: "The Canadian economy isn't out of the woods yet, but we can see the tree line."

The March issue of the TD Quarterly Economic Forecast states that the Canadian economy will expand at an annual average pace of 2.4 per cent in 2007, just mildly slower than in 2006. The report can be found at

The U.S., however, will see a more sizeable slowdown, as the housing market continues to soften. After the year-long contraction in housing, the recent deterioration in the sub-prime market was expected. "Worries over the Chinese stock market and U.S. sub-prime lending have led financial markets to internalize something we've been saying for over a year - global growth is moderating," said Don Drummond. "However, the bigger issue for the U.S. economy this year will be consumer's reluctance to spend, not their inability to find a loan. Stagnant home prices in the U.S. will limit home equity and make consumers less inclined to make big purchases now."


As The EU Turns 50, Pope Says It's On Path To Oblivion
• Europe 'ignoring Christian roots' says Pope Benedict XVI
Ian Traynor in Berlin
Monday March 26, 2007

The Guardian …. Excerpts
European leaders yesterday celebrated the EU's 50th birthday, with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, telling the prime ministers or presidents of 27 countries that modern Europe was a dream come true.

But the birthday party summit for the EU - staged with rock concerts, Beethoven, beer and cake in brilliant sunshine in Berlin - was soured by the German Pope, Benedict XVI, who delivered a profoundly pessimistic verdict on Europe at 50, declaring that the continent could be heading for extinction.

Angry that a "Berlin Declaration" unveiled yesterday listing the EU's achievements and challenges on its 50th birthday contained no reference to the continent's Christian roots, Pope Benedict said that Europe could "not be built by ignoring its people's identities".

In his remarks to bishops gathered for ceremonies in Rome to mark the signing of the treaty that founded the EU in 1957, the Pope declared that the reluctance of women in Europe to have babies and Europe's failure to regenerate itself was putting the continent on the path to oblivion. "From a demographic standpoint ... Europe seems set on a path that could lead it to take leave of history," he warned. Europe was "losing faith in its own future".

Birthrates are at historic lows in many EU countries, most notably in strongly Roman Catholic countries such as Poland, Italy and Spain. According to UN projections, the population of the EU could shrink by 50m within a few decades.

He said that Europe's moral, cultural, and historical values had been forged by Christianity and that the EU was denying such facts. Europe's loss of contact with its Christian roots was bringing about "a singular form of apostasy, not so much from God as from itself".


Canada One Digi Looks To Court Ethnic Market
by: Norma Reveler

Diversity is frequently preached as a wise philosophy for forward-looking Canadian TV enterprises - and it is also the mandate of a proposed digital service with a licence application that is - controversially - being considered by the CRTC.

Canada One TV plans to produce and commission mainstream, high-quality English-language drama that reflects Canada's racial and cultural diversity. The channel's backers tell the CRTC they will spend more than $2 million on script and concept development over a seven-year licence term, and air two hours of original Canadian drama between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. weekly by year five, and three hours between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. by year seven.

"Factoring together the low presence of visible minorities and Aboriginal persons in English-language Canadian drama, and the lack of viewing by Canadians to Canadian drama programming on Canadian services, the need for Canada One TV becomes even more apparent," writes majority shareholder Diversity Television in its CRTC application.

Former VisionTV VP Paul de Silva, a partner in Diversity Television with Amos Adetuyi and Alfons Adetuyi of Toronto prodco Inner City Films, says the channel would fill a gap in reflecting Canada's diverse cultural communities and by finding a place in the rapidly expanding ethnic market.




 At their Annual General Meeting held at Commander Park Arena on Sunday, 25th March, more than 70 members attended to show their appreciation and the continued interest they have in the budding Association.

In his welcome address following a prayer, the President, Al Andrade expressed his gratitude to see so many members present, which he said, “obviously demonstrates the interest you have in the welfare of the Association and the confidence you have in the Executive”. He reiterated that the motto of the Executive has always been to primarily focus on the objectives enshrined in the constitution, with emphasis on promoting the social and cultural activities of the members. The strong support by members has only encouraged the Executive to do more. Right from day one the Executive decided to give members the maximum benefit for minimum charge.



Full House at 55PGA Annual General Meeting

The Executive of the 55PGA was taken by surprise on Thursday, March 22, 2007 when members turned out in large numbers for their first AGM.
                                   (Click on Thumbnails for larger view)

Tony Fernandes, President of the 400+ association, welcomed members, and listed accomplishments of the past year.

The 55PGA:
• Is registered with the Ontario Government as a not-for-profit organization
• A working constitution has been reviewed and approved by members
• The final name for the organization is still left for the members to determine.
• The 55PGA takes special care in scheduling its events so as to avoid conflict with established mainstream organizations.
• The major challenge is getting meeting rooms where seniors can gather on a regular basis. Parish Halls are heavily booked, or not available to seniors, while community centres carry heavy overheads, jacking up admission costs making it difficult for seniors on a fixed income to attend.

Members then heard the good news from three hardworking women who made things happen:

Muriel Lucas, the General Secretary, reviewed the handout of her report given to members and went on to reiterate the need for members to get more involved in volunteering their services in any which way possible!. She emphasized “While we intend to become a diverse organization, and like any other family, our common bonds provide strength and will remain an asset in searching for ways to make everyday "bigger and better" and so, the plea and challenge for them to become involved has never been greater. Our intentions to remain vigorous and undiminished, is one of our primary goals. We know each and everyone is very busy indeed, but, as the saying goes, "If you want anything done - "ASK A BUSY PERSON!”. – She then went on to thank all those who contributed and assisted the 55PGA during the past 2 years and looked forward to their continued support and participation.

Juliet Rebello, Social Secretary, reported that the 55PGA ‘s first formal event, a sit-down Christmas Dinner held in December 2005 gave the organization a flying start. The first Anniversary Dance, and the 2006 Christmas Dance, was also held at banquet halls with waiter service. These were well attended, and gave members a sense of style and value-for-money .The highlight of the 2006 Christmas Dance was a fashion show featuring 13 models, all members of the 55PGA.
The nine monthly meets at the Malta Band Club were well attended with members participating in line dancing, whist, a Ladainha, troque, and a host of other events. Other special events included an Easter Morning Brunch, and Western Chili Night, and a joint outdoor picnic with TEGSA. The 55PGA has a new venue for monthly events for 2007, which allows more flexibility in organizing events, and controlling costs. Juliet stressed that the success of the 55PGA events was largely attributed to her strong “Telemail Committee” who kept in touch with members through email, and through phone calls for the more senior members not conversant with the Internet.

Vivien Fernandes, Trips Coordinator, noted that trips are a great hit with the 55PGA and in 2006. She noted, “…we have strived to give our members the best opportunity to enjoy the outdoor trips we had to offer! The 3 highlight Trips were: Woodbine Racetrack, St.Jacobs & Kitchener, Oktoberfest, and Festival of Lights, Niagara Falls. To those who participated and assisted, she extended “ a very "Big Thank You!..”

For 2007 she said “…. besides focusing on local plays, we are slowly "spreading our wings" to cover new outings such as the "Alaskan Cruise,"- a trip to the Divine Mercy Shrine just a hint to give you a rough idea what is in store. So - I do encourage you to visit us on our website, at  “

The meeting ended with members mixing and enjoying snacks and drinks provided by the duo of Romeo & Belinda Remedios.

See  Events Section for the 2007 Programme of Activities & Trips.


Is this practical CM

S Kamat, Alto BetimThe CM, Pratapsingh Rane, while inaugurating the SEZ of the Raheja Group at Verna said that he was in favour of 100% employment for locals in these SEZ's as also Goan industry.

Is this practical? Does this make any sense at all? Does Goa have the kind of manpower to fit into all the kinds of jobs that will be there at the SEZ? Obviously, not. Thus our politicians it is seen play to the gallery and make outrageous comments apt and suitable for the moment, but forgotten immediately thereafter. In the same manner the Industry Minister, Luizinho Faleiro, on the floor of the Assembly in the recently concluded session indicated that he was in favour of 80% employment to locals in the upcoming SEZ's in the absence of which he would re-possess the land given to them. This is again impractical since the employment assessment is done once the SEZ infrastructure like plant, building, machinery etc. is put in place. Thus at this stage if it is found out that the particular SEZ or one of the units there has not complied with the 80% local employment norm, then how on Earth can the Industries Minister take back the land? Thus this is once again an irresponsible statement which looks good to the public and when read in the newspapers, but can in no way be implemented. We also have to look at the current employment of locals in existing industry. Are the current norms being met? Again the answer is a big NO. Thus to promote local employment, what can be done is that a graded

system of penalty be evolved which the particular unit has to pay if it does not meet the norm and which will go up exponentially at each successive time of assessment of the employment norm.

Stick to promises

Irineu Gonsalves, VernaAs yet another inducement in this election time, the Chief Minister has announced 100% jobs for Goans in the SEZ.With faulty planning they have sold Goa for a song. How could these unscrupulous leaders allow industries to bloom without taking Goan interests into consideration? With the pretext that Goans are not "qualified" for the posts, the beneficiaries are the entrepreneurs and work force from other states. Was it not the duty of the Government to provide details of the vacancies the industries would generate, so that the Goans could be prepared? We were in a hurry for a quick buck. And now whatever little identity we have been left with is under continuous threat. Dump these politicians. It is the right of every Goan to stand and fight.

Land in Goa is being sold like hot cakes, from the time the international investment magazines listed Goa as the ideal place to invest in Real Estate, based on a simple principle of economics- law of demand and supply- and the forthright reasoning that Goa being small in size, any portion of land purchased in Goa will appreciate within a short time many times over the price paid. We have heard of Russian mafia, how they have amassed ill gotten wealth after the disintegration of the Soviet Union through dealings in drugs, weapons, prostitution and so on. This mafia has interacted with the politicians and is laying their hands on whatever they get Our representatives today are their brokers as they are offered heavy commission. So before our land vanishes like it happened to the East Indians in Bombay let's take the reigns in our hands and salvage whatever that has remained of Goa.

Irineu Gonsalves, VernaAs yet another inducement in this election time, the Chief Minister has announced 100% jobs for Goans in the SEZ.With faulty planning they have sold Goa for a song. How could these unscrupulous leaders allow industries to bloom without taking Goan interests into consideration? With the pretext that Goans are not "qualified" for the posts, the beneficiaries are the entrepreneurs and work force from other states. Was it not the duty of the Government to provide details of the vacancies the industries would generate, so that the Goans could be prepared? We were in a hurry for a quick buck. And now whatever little identity we have been left with is under continuous threat. Dump these politicians. It is the right of every Goan to stand and fight.

Land in Goa is being sold like hot cakes, from the time the international investment magazines listed Goa as the ideal place to invest in Real Estate, based on a simple principle of economics- law of demand and supply- and the forthright reasoning that Goa being small in size, any portion of land purchased in Goa will appreciate within a short time many times over the price paid. We have heard of Russian mafia, how they have amassed ill gotten wealth after the disintegration of the Soviet Union through dealings in drugs, weapons, prostitution and so on. This mafia has interacted with the politicians and is laying their hands on whatever they get Our representatives today are their brokers as they are offered heavy commission. So before our land vanishes like it happened to the East Indians in Bombay let's take the reigns in our hands and salvage whatever that has remained of Goa.

News Clips from Goa

Goa polls in early June?

In the midst of mammoth poll preparations in Uttar Pradesh, the Election Commission is quietly working on meeting the deadline of conducting assembly elections in Goa. The Commission is busy collecting information on holidays and other festivals in the state before announcing the poll schedule sometime next month, sources said. Indications are that the 40-member assembly is expected to go to polls early June. [GT]

New terminal building at Dabolim airport

VASCO, Mar 27:
The Civil Aviation Minister and senior Nationalist Congress Party leader, Mr Praful Patel, will lay the foundation stone for a new international terminal building at Dabolim airport on March 31. [NT]

Konkani CD "Somia" released

PANJIM: "Somia", a religious audio CD in Konkani, was released at Pilerne Church by Fr Lawrence. The music and lyrics are written by Neville Pereira. the singers include Alex, Francis, Janitha, Joyce, Sanson, Neville. [H]

One held for duping 25 jobseekers

PONDA, Mar 27:
Ponda police arrested one James Rebello (60) on charges of duping about 25 youth on the pretext of giving them jobs in the Gulf. According to police reports, Rebello met the youth in a hotel in the city and assured to provide them with jobs abroad. [H]

Fargo Estates bag Old GMC biz for Rs.5.1 cr per year

Delhi-based Fargo Estates Private Limited/Filatex Private Limited has been awarded the contract for renovation and commercialisation of the old GMC building complex at Panjim at an annual fee of Rs.5.1 crore. The developer has been asked to hire a conservation architect to renovate the building premises. However, no structural changes of any kind would be allowed and also no changes to the facade would be permitted in order to maintain structural integrity of the building. [GT]


Somewhere during our travel in Valpoi last Sunday, we came across this candid pet. This pink-faced monkey is the type the roadside "madari's" entertain people with. This particular animal appears quite domesticated. It caught a banana thrown by an onlooker and within moments devoured its contents. [GoaNewsClips]



You could call him the priest with green fingers. Jesuit priest Pratap Naik has put together a collection of over 328 trees and plants, all in the yard of a research institution studying the local Konknni language that he heads. Naik (56) believes that the culture of a place is reflected "not only" in its language, but also in its flora – apart from its fauna, architecture, food habits and dress.

He wants to grow one of every fruit-bearing tree that grows in this former Portuguese colony that happens to be, not coincidentally, rich in plant diversity. This richness is thanks in significant part to plant exchanges by the former rulers who centuries back controlled international seaways and had an empire straddling the continents. [Frederick Noronha]



Taking the suggestion made by the Union Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde seriously, the Goa government has begun working on the idea of setting up a multi-purpose gas pipeline that will include providing gas to households for domestic use. According to Power Minister Digambar Kamat, Gas Authority of India Ltd has a plan of laying a gas pipeline directly from the source at Bombay High or Uran, to Bangalore via Belgaum. "We are hoping to tap it at Belgaum from where we will link a pipeline which will connect to Goa," Kamat said. [GT]


                                     Dr. Roque José Trindade de Souza

Dr. Roque José Trindade de Souza sadly passed away at the age of 89 at Maidenhead, England on April 1st 2007. A graduate of Goa Medical School, Dr.Roque was a medical doctor in Aden from 1947 to 1967. From 1967 to 1975 he was the Port Health Officer for the Port of Aden, then independent South Yemen. From 1975 to 1981 Dr. Roque was Port Health Officer for the Port of Maputo, Mozambique. From 1981 to 1999 Dr. Roque was medical officer for the district of Oeiras, near Lisbon, until his retirement to Maidenhead, England in 1999. He survived the sad death of his wife, Lucy, in 2004, and leaves behind his brother Peter de Souza, of Toronto, seven children and ten grandchildren in Britain, Brazil and Singapore.


Da COSTA, Joan  Peacefully on Thursday, March 22, 2007 at the Credit Valley Hospital. Joan, beloved wife of Felix. Loving mother to Coralie and her husband Johnny Fernandes, Gavin and his wife Cynthia da Costa and Charmaine and her husband Milton Fernandes. Granny will be sadly missed by her grandchildren Trevyn, Kelvyn, Kelsey, Cameron, Krystal and Candice. Joan will always be remembered by the Abreu and da Costa families. Funeral Mass was at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, 5440 Durie Rd., Streetsville on Saturday, March 24, 2007.
(Excerpt from Toronto Star)

People Places and Things

Searching for Canadian Experience ?
This Book May Help

From The Brampton Guardian
Special to the Guardian

No career experience?
You’ve come to the Wright place.
Career development practitioner and mentor Daisy Wright has published a book called No Canadian Experience, Eli? which is a career guide for newcomers to Canada.

As an immigrant herself now living in Brampton, Wright has learned a lot about the challenges immigrants face. Wright moved here from Jamaica 18 years ago. She and her husband moved to Brampton because her friend told her it would be a “good settling ground” to orient themselves with Canada.

Once here, Wright decided Brampton was the perfect place to stay and raise her family. After earning her bachelor of arts from Ryerson University and a post-graduate degree in career develop-merit from Conestoga College, she now runs her own career consulting firm, the Wright Career Solution. She was able to thaw from her personal experience and her work to pinpoint and write about the basic skills of job hunting and resume writing, as well as interviewing and networking skills.

‘The most common things immigrants hear is either that they are over qualified or that they have no Canadian experiences” said Wright. Though she had never been turned away due to a lack of Canadian experience, she accredited that to her experience in the U.S., working with the United Nations.



New Book on Procession of Saints
JoeGoaUk <>

Fr. Cosme Jose Costa SFX, professor of History of Christianity at the Pilar Theological College will release a new book "World's Grand Procession of Saints in India", written by Rosario F Rodrigues at St. Andrew Church, Goa-Velha on March 26.

After intense research work, Rodrigues discovered that the initial purpose of starting this procession was in order to venerate the "Holy Face" of Jesus Christ on a centuries old cloth, preserved in the church of St. Andrew at Goa-Velha.

This is the second book by Rosario. Earlier he authored a book on Betim apparitions in 1996, This book is registered under the International Standard Numbering System for Books in New Delhi and price at Rs.675.
However, only on the day of procession of saints, the book will be sold at a subsidized rate of Rs.300.

It is all about life and history of each of the 30 saints, history of the village and procession with over 200 colourful photos of Charols including the missing images of the Saints from the procession and brief study on the processions throughout out the world.

Check here a photo show video of the last year's


 Goan Events in Canada - 2007 

Events of 2007




Tuesday-April 17 @6.30 p.m

55 Plus Goan Association

 A Rice & Curry Nite.

Venue: Gateway Centre

See 55PGA Events Section
April 22, 2007, 1.30p.m.-7.00 p.m.

Goan Overseas Association

Annual General Meeting
April 28, 2007, Goan Overseas Association

37th  Annual Anniversary Dance
May 6, 2007, Goan Overseas Association

Linked: Career Networking
May 27, 2007,

Goan Overseas Association

Open Forum
June 2, 2007 (9:00 am - 11:59 pm).

Goan Charitable Organization

Annual Walk-a-thon
Lakeshore Promenade Park -Mississauga
Free BBQ
Free Refreshments

Click for details
Sunday, June 3rd,

Aldona Association Toronto

The Feast of St. Thomas - 32nd Annual Aldona Social Location: Payal Banquet Hall, 3410 Semenyk Court,
Click for Flier
Saturday-June 9, @ 6.30 p.m.

55 Plus Goan Association.

Venue : Renaissance Convention Centre- Mississauga

See 55PGA Events Section

Sunday June 10, 2007

Villagers of Siolim Association - Greater Toronto Area

Celebration St Anthony's Feast at Woodbine Banquet Hall & Convention Centre at 12 noon.

Complete details to follow

Sunday July 15, 2007 Toronto East Goan Seniors Association & 55 Plus Goan Association – Joint Picnic

Summer Picnic in the Park - Picnic. & Fishing

Erindale Park., at Dundas and Mississauga Road.

Click for Flier

Sunday, July 22nd 2007.
11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Aldona / Moira Picnic

Centennial Park,  (Elmcrest Rd & Rathburn Rd).
Site#7 (Shelter Area)
.Pot Luck. Games/activities

Click for Flier

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Calangute  Association, Canada

Annual Calangute Social. Holy Mass at 5:00 pm followed by Social

Click for Flier

30th September 2007

CLR Event

At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)

Holy Mass at 12:00 Noon
Followed by Buffet Lunch and Entertainment
To The Music of: "DJ FATZ"

Click for Flier



Please mark you calendars for the following exciting events:
All events will be held at Commander Hall Arena, unless otherwise advised.

March 23 Line Dancing      Bingo                 
March 25
1:30 pm
Plan to attend TEGSA’s Annual General Meeting.
Commander Hall Arena
(Please remember to bring along the packages that was mailed)
Refreshments will be served.
April 13

Whist Drive
Organized by Joe Lobo and Christine Rodrigues
A snack plate will be served. 
Cost: $5.00
To register, please call:
Carmelita D’Souza:  (905) 479-1637
Zena Vaz:                 (416) 393-1499
Joan Menezes:          (905) 927-0895

Bingo will follow the Whist Drive

April 27

Blast from the Past: Musical Interlude “A nostalgic trip down Memory Lane”
Plan to attend this fabulous evening of music and song
Cost: $10.00 (members)
         $12.00 (guests)
Guests will be welcomed after April 19.
Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.
Show time: 7:30 p.m .
To register, please call:
Vicki D’Souza:       (416) 497-5111       Click for Flier
Charles Fernandes: (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes:        (905) 927-0895
“Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes”
Bingo will follow.

April 29

(parking permits will be issue for parking at the back of the Mall, Library parking lot - off Bonis Avenue.).
Please be there at 9:15 at the latest.
5 hrs. minimum stay required at the Casino.
PRICE: $5.00 per person (after rebate)
Passenger pays $20 and receives a $15.00 coin voucher upon arrival at
the Casino. (Please remember to bring your Players Card if you have one)
Non-Refundable Deposit of $20.00 with the attached tear-off form to be given to any of the sub-committee members or any Executive Committee member by April 15th. If we do not get required number by this date, the trip will be cancelled. SO BOOK EARLY AND ENCOURAGE OTHER MEMBERS TO PARTICIPATE.
You may transfer your ticket to another person . Please note, however the transaction will be your responsibility. TEGSA will not get involved or refund your deposit under any circumstances unless the trip is cancelled by TEGSA. In case of cancellation you will be contacted . Otherwise, please be at the pick-up location ON TIME. You will not receive any other communication.
The group leader bonus of $120 (presently offered) will be used to offset driver gratuity and snacks/drinks as an additional bonus to make your trip less expensive and more enjoyable!
We look forward to your cooperation, support and participation.
Dora Noronha - 416-291-1408
Philu Fernandes - 905-887-8231
Hilda Vitor  - 905-475-2046

tear off and hand with your cheque or cash to any committee or sub-committee member by April 15, 2007.


Phone No: _________________________
No. of Passengers:__________________   Parking required : Yes/ No
Paid by : Cash            Cheque                  Total Amount:

May 11, 2007

Games Nite:
Bridge, Scrabble, Rummy,  etc, etc, etc,
Please let us know if you are interested in any special games, and we will try and co-ordinate tables. Volunteers will be required.
Cost: $10.00
Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.
Games begin at 7:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.
Bingo to follow
To register and let us know your preference of games, please call:
Vicki D’Souza: (416) 497-5111
Charles Fernances:     (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes:            (416) 927-0895

Gerry DaSilva:           (416) 297-7218

Click for Flier


 12:00 noon – 5:00 p.m. Talent Day (not a contest)
 - by the children and grandchildren of members               

May 26

Anniversary Dance
Princess Banquet Hall
6:30 p.m. Cocktails
7:30 p.m.  International Buffet
Cost: $35.00 (Members)
         $40.00 (Guests)
Focus Dance Band and DJ in attendance
To register, please call:
Vicki D’Souza: (416) 497-5111
Charles Fernances:    (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes:           (416) 927-0895
Gerry DaSilva:          (416) 297-7218

Click for Flier

June 3rd,
Woodbine Race Track
Click for Flier
June 8

Learn to Dance
Line Dancing, Ballroom Dancing etc.
Join us for a fun evening and learn from each other to do some line dancing, swing, jives, fox trot  etc, etc, etc…. TEGSA is looking for dance teachers….
Bingo to follow.
Cost: $10.00 (Members)
         $12.00 (Guests)
Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.
Dancing starts at 7:30 p.m.
To register, please call:
Vicki D’Souza:           (416) 497-5111
Charles Fernances:     (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes:            (416) 927-0895
Gerry DaSilva:            (416) 297-7218

Click for Flier

June 22

Surprise Performance – Bring in Summer with a Bang!
Need we say more……
Bingo will follow
Cost: $10.00 (Members)
         $12.00 (Guests)
Dinner will be served
To register, please call:
Vicki D’Souza:            (416) 497-5111
Charles Fernances:     (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes:           (416) 927-0895
Gerry DaSilva:            (416) 297-7218

July 15

Summer Picnic in the Park
TEGSA meets West (55PGA) Picnic.
Erindale Park., at Dundas and Mississauga Road.

Click for Flier

Click to download form to join TEGSA or renew membership for 2007


 Date Where To Links
2007 Our List of Trips for 2007 Click for trip list
June 2 Join 55 PGA to Niagara Falls on
    June 2, 2007 to see OH
         CANADA EH?
Click for Flier
Sept 01 Sat - Sept 03 
 Mon 2007 (Labour Day
 Long Weekend)
Join 55 PGA to a 3 DAY WASHINGTON TRIP Click for Details
Our Events, & Activities for 2007
  • Our Second Anniversary Dance: Saturday, June 09, 2007, @ 6.30 p.m.
    at the Renaissance Convention Centre. Details to follow.
    You can reserve your table by sending E-mail to
  • Summer Picnic in the Park - Sunday July 15, 2007
    East (TEGSA) meets West (55PGA) Picnic.
    Erindale Park., at Dundas and Mississauga Road.
    Picnic Coordinator: Juliet Rebello
    Click for Flier

  • Our Popular Christmas Dance. Once again a sit-down dinner dance at the Oasis Convention Centre. Details to follow.
    Our Monthly Socials will take place every 3rd Tuesday per month.
  • We have a new venue for our monthly socials !!
    The Gateway Centre for New Canadians,

    3450 Wolfdale Road, Mississauga, ON L5C 2V6
    (Just south of Burnhamthorpe Rd)
    See location and directions at:
    The first event “Getting To Know You “
    will take place on April 17, 2006 @ 6.30 p.m.
    This include a “Rice & Curry” Dinner – Tickets $10.00
    Members Only – Send request for reservation to

  • Further Events will take place – same venue – same time May 15, 2007 & June 19, 2007.
    Details to follow.


International Goan Organization Meeting

The IGO of Ontario will hold a meeting on Sunday, April 29th, 2007 at the Eatonville Library Mississauga, at 2.00pm to brief participants on the outcome of our delegate's presentations at the Global Goan Convention held in Goa from January 3rd to the 5th this year. Those wishing to attend should contact Al Mathias .


The Feast of St. Thomas 32nd Annual Aldona Anniversary Social

The Aldona Committee invites and welcomes you, your family and friends to attend the upcoming 32nd Annual Social.

When: Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
Where: The Payal Banquet Hall 3410 Semenyk Court,
Mississauga Mass:
 12:00 Noon Sharp ~ Celebrant Fr. Michael D' Cruz ,
Doors Open 11:15 a.m. (Noon - 7:00 p.m.)
*Buffet Lunch / Cash Bar
*Dance to the fabulous music of DJ Fatz & Kaya
*Shopping Bazaar (cash/cheques)

*Cultural Presentation
*Childrens Activities / Games
*Prizes Ticket Cost: Adults: $25.00 Children: (ages 5 -12) $12.00
*Under 4 Free Ticket Deadline: May 15th, 2007
*Tickets on Sale Now

* For Tickets:

Audrey Almeida (905) 842-5403 Gillian D'Silva (905) 271-5987
Noella Caspersz (905) 822-7363 Iris D'Cruz (905) 813-2070
Judy de Souza (905) 785-0034 Jenny Fonseca (905) 238-3075
John Mendes (416) 498-8773 Ivette Mendes (905) 479-9328
Trevor de Souza (416) 497-4386 Loraine Lawrence (416) 820-2511

Seniors Invited To Try Out For Annual RBC Jubilee

Entertainers 50+ are invited to audition for the 2007 RBC Seniors' Jubilee on Aug. 13 to 17 at Roy Thomson Hall in downtown Toronto.

Audition applications are being accepted by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail. To arrange an audition, provide the name of your act, address, telephone number and brief description of the act to: RBC Seniors' Jubilee, c/o Canadian Organization of Senior Artists and Performers, Attn Wayne Burnett, 603 1/2 Parliament St., Toronto, ON, M4X 1P9, phone: 416-926-3796, fax 416-260-5627 or e-mail  Deadline is April 30.


Goan Overseas Association  Jobs Website

The G.O.A. has posted 8 new jobs this week.

Check them out at
Please note the application deadline(s) as well as specific instructions on how-to apply for the positions.

Feel free to forward this email (use the linkabove) to friends/family so that may be able sign up for future notices from the Goan Overseas Association (Toronto).


Health & Wellness

Are You, or Someone You Love, Sick Or in Hospital?
Excerpt from pamphlet from Office of Lay Ministry & Chaplaincy
Catholic Pastoral Centre – Archdiocese of Toronto

Recently the provincial government passed a law safeguarding the privacy of patient information in health care institutions.

This means that information about your religious affiliation, namely that you are a Catholic, may not be readily available to Catholic Priests, Deacons and Lay Ministers.

It is very important, therefore, that you identify yourself as a Catholic at the time of admission. If you are admitted to a hospital that is relatively close to your parish, please have a family member call the parish to request a visit from your parish priest.

Find out more …..Click Here


Why you should file a tax return
Advice from H & R Block

TORONTO, March 26 /CNW/ - - If you are expecting a tax refund, file a return. The money is yours and the government does not pay interest.
- If you are planning to carry forward the unused portion of your tuition or education amounts, you have to file a tax return.
- If you incurred a non-capital loss last year, file a return so you can apply it in other years. 
- If you borrowed money from your RRSP through the Home Buyer's Plan or Lifelong Learning Plan and did not repay the entire amount, you need to file a return to include the balance in income.
- In some provinces, you can only qualify for certain benefits or credits if you have filed your return.

A local H&R Block tax professional can talk about reasons to file a tax return by the deadline.
.Additional information about H&R Block Canada is available at 1-800-HRBLOCK or visit  for more tax tips.

Ontario's Doctors Launch 6 Principles to Guide Health Change

TORONTO, March 26 /CNW/ -
On behalf of Ontario's doctors, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) today released the "Six Principles of Healthier Care," to serve as measure against which future health decisions can be assessed. As the second phase of the OMA's multi-year Campaign for Healthier Care, these principles will help facilitate discussions and shape future
decisions on health care in the province.

"In a year in which there will be major discussions about the future of Ontario's health system, it is essential we have a common measure to assess their merit," said Dr. David Bach, President of the OMA. "The Six Principles for Healthier Care should help guide that debate. We must ensure that the foundations being laid for the future are sound."

The "Six Principles" were formulated following discussions that took place during the first phase of the Campaign for Healthier Care. They include:
1. Keep Patients Front and Centre.
2. Focus on the Future.
3. Be Specific.
4. Think Investment, Not Cost.
5. Apply What We Know Faster.
6. Start Now.

Given the anticipated release of the government's 10-year health plan and the release of the party platforms in the lead up to the fall election campaign, Ontarians will have much to consider regarding the future of their health system. The OMA believes the "Six Principles of Healthier Care" will help Ontarians gauge the plans presented to ensure they have the care they need, when and where they need it, in the years to come.

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