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   Newsletter. Issue 2007-19. September  15, 2007


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Dr. Ribeiro Goan School - Nairobi - The Class of 1957
Golden Jubilee Celebration - Toronto - September 7, 2007

( Click for larger view )

See article in People Places and Things.

Newsline Canada

Ontario Provincial Election Issue…
……The Question Of Public Funding For Religious Schools

Some Perspectives…..
In the National Post, Sept 06, Father Raymond J. De Souza writes…

Catholics need not apologize
Like most parish priests this first week back I was over at the local Catholic school, welcoming everyone, blessing the students and teachers, wishing them well for the new year just begun. Does that constitute something unfair? Are my ministrations a threat to the common good of society? Is that something that should be stopped in Ontario?

With an Ontario provincial election slated for Oct. 10, and all but the keenest observers unable to distinguish any great difference between the two major parties, the question of public funding for religious schools has emerged as an issue on which the parties have achieved a genuine disagreement. The Liberals favour the status quo, in which there are publicly funded Catholic schools, as guaranteed in the Constitution, but otherwise government funds would remain only for public schools. The Conservatives have proposed the status quo plus public funding for other religious schools -- Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, etc. And other voices have chimed in to say that the Catholic school system should be abolished altogether, as either unfair or divisive, or both.

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Faith Leaders Fail To See Value Of The Status Quo
September 13, 2007- By Roger Hyman

Some pastors, imams and rabbis are embracing John Tory's promise to fund faith-based schools from tax revenues. But old truths are being conveniently forgotten and some key questions are going unasked.

There is no question that the funding of only Catholic schools is inequitable. This funding was founded on a 19th century constitutional provision that by the 1980s had long been a historical anomaly. Better, many Ontarians believe, that this provision was not in force; better yet that the decision to extend that funding past Grade 10 had not been made. But it was and we're stuck with it, and some leaders of other faiths have been gnashing their teeth ever since.

Understandably, they want their children to learn the history, ritual and culture that makes them different from members of other faith groups. But they wish to do this in classrooms unaffected by the influence of those faith groups or the practices of the secular system. And they want to do this at public expense. That, goes the argument, is what the Catholics have.

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Statistics Canada Today Releases A "Family Portrait" Of Canadians
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Married people are in the minority in Canada for the first time, according to census information released Wednesday by Statistics Canada.

2006 Census: Families, marital status, households and dwelling characteristics Statistics Canada today releases a "family portrait" of Canadians using the third set of data from the 2006 Census. This release examines developments in families, marital status, households and living arrangements in Canada between 2001 and 2006, and how children fit into these evolving family structures.

In addition, it provides information on the number of same-sex couples, both those living in a common-law union and, for the first time, those who are married. In total, the census enumerated 8,896,840 census families in 2006, up 6.3% from 2001.

The census enumerated 6,105,910 married-couple families, an increase of only 3.5% from 2001. In contrast, the number of common-law-couple families surged 18.9% to 1,376,865, while the number of lone-parent families increased 7.8% to 1,414,060.

Consequently, married-couple families accounted for 68.6% of all census families in 2006, down from 70.5% five years earlier. The proportion of common-law-couple families rose from 13.8% to 15.5%, while the share of lone-parent families increased slightly from 15.7% to 15.9%.

Two decades ago, common-law-couple families accounted for only 7.2% of all census families. Married-couple families represented 80.2%, and lone-parent families, 12.7%.

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Friendship: What Does It Mean To You?
By Joyce Alvares, Qatar

"Friendship is the only cement that can hold the world together" - former US President Wilson Woodrow.

In today's world when every moment in life seems like a rat race and everybody seems out to get you, you need someone who can help you unwind and can help keep your sanity in check. At times when the stress levels are high and morale is low, nothing can beat a cup of coffee with your best friend or a heart to heart chat with someone who makes you feel that you matter. We all need a special person in our life with whom we can be ourselves, someone whom we can trust, someone whose shoulder we can lean on, someone who makes you want to sing 'Yeh zameen gaa rahi hai". That special someone could be your mother, your husband, your next door neighbor, your colleague or your childhood friend – someone in whose company you feel comfortable.

Friendship is like a plant. With the right amount of sunshine and water, it flowers and blooms. But should you forget to water it, you can be sure that it will quickly wither. Friendship needs to be nurtured. A friend doesn't need diamonds or a mink coat, all a friend asks for is the reassurance that they are important and make a difference in our lives.

Considering the valuable role friends play in our lives, isn't it befitting to dedicate at least one day in the year to these wonderful people whom we call friends?

What is Friendship Day?

Friendship Day is a day to commemorate friendship; a day dedicated to friends all over the world and is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. The first friendship day was celebrated in the United States in 1935. In 1997, the United Nations named the adorable Winnie the Pooh as the world's Ambassador of Friendship.

News Clips from India

Birla Group Company To Create 1000 Jobs In Mississauga
Friday, 07 September 2007,  From The Weekly Voice 

Who says trade missions don't do much? Here's a great success story following Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's mission to India. The $24 billion (yes, all in US dollars) Indian mega corporation, the Aditya Birla Group, is coming to Mississauga with nearly a 1000 jobs. 

Aditya Birla Minacs, an international business process outsourcing company opened a new customer contact centre on Mississauga's Airport Rd on Sept.6 that will by next year employ a thousand people.

Take a bow of appreciation Harinder Takhar and Sandra Pupatello, both ministers currently beaming with pride at this reverse jobs migration.

"This is the result of our government's aggressive efforts to bring good jobs and more opportunities to workers and families across Ontario," Takhar said. "This investment is a real boost to Mississauga's economy and demonstrates that Ontario is a highly competitive location for serving contact centre customers in North America. 

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And Now Indians Fill In Priests Shortage!
Friday, 07 September 2007

London: The latest Indian priest to join what has become a trend of Indians taking over parishes in the West to meet shortage of priests is Reverend Kesari Godfrey, who has been appointed curate at the Priory Church in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.

For some years now, Indian priests are not only meeting the shortage of priests in churches in Britain, but Christian migrants from India, particularly from Kerala and Goa, are helping boost dwindling church congregations.

Western missionaries in the 19th century trekked to remote tribal areas of India and converted tribes, who are now returning the favour by moving to places such as Wales to meet a shortage of priests there.
Godfrey, 34, is a member of the Church of South India, where his father is a retired bishop. He is joined by his wife Pradhma, 28, a qualified dentist who also taught dentistry, and their two children. Godfrey's curacy will be for three to four years.

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MONTREAL: September 11, 2007

SNC-Lavalin has acquired Span Consultants Pvt. Ltd, an engineering firm headquartered in New Delhi, India with local offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The 30-year old Company has almost 700 employees and is recognized for its expertise in infrastructure and environment. Span is currently working on many projects throughout India, including several major road projects.

"The acquisition of Span Consultants places SNC-Lavalin in an even stronger position to benefit from India's dynamic infrastructure market," said Jean Claude Pingat, Executive Vice-President, SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. "This acquisition is in line with our strategy to further develop our operations in India from permanent bases throughout the country," said Mr. Pingat.

SNC-Lavalin (TSX: SNC) is one of the leading groups of engineering and construction companies in the world, a major player in the ownership of infrastructure, and in the provision of operations and maintenance services. The SNC-Lavalin companies have offices across Canada and in 34 other countries around the world and are currently working in some 100 countries.

News Clips from Goa

Goa Bags 13 Medals in Athletic Meet
NT Sports Reporter -
Panaji, Sept 10

Goa bagged a rich haul of 6 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze at the just concluded west zone inter-state athletic meet which concluded at Vadodara, Gujarat.

Aranja Mascarenhas stole the show as she claimed a gold in triathlon in her maiden appearance at a national event. The other gold medal winners are - Nisha Andrade who bagged two gold in 100m and 400m hurdles, Anita Basakatti in discus throw, Diskaha Nagvekar in heptathlon. Steffi Cardoso had won a gold in shot put with a throw of 14.46m earlier.

The silver medals were clinched by Diskha Nagvekar in 100m, Sonali Shetyegar two - in 400m and 800m and Sadap Shaikh. The brponze medal winners are Sadap Shaikh, Imran Shaikh ad Hibert D’Costa in discus.

The boys and girls, who on the eve of their planned departure were not sure of participating in the event, ultimately made it after The Navhind Times highlighted their plight and only then the SAG released them the participation grant, with GAA president Mr Francisco Sardinha advancing his own money. Some disclosed that an official had not taken kindly to the news and unnecessarily blamed the parents using ungentlemanly language, but in the ultimate analysis the latter stood vindicated as their wards had put in rigorous practice which eventually showed in the form of medals.


Goa has become revenue surplus state: Negi
PANJIM, Sept 12: The economy of Goa has grown at the rate of 15.66 per cent at current prices during 1993-94 to 2003-04. The real rate of growth of per capita income during the same period was as high at 6.73 percent per annum. At the same time there has been consistent reduction in revenue deficit and Goa has become a revenue surplus state this year, said Commissioner and Finance Secretary Ramesh Negi while inaugurating Cognizant Samriddhi 2007-Finacing India's Development - a two-day national level finance conference organised by Goa Institute of Management at Majorda. [H]


Citizens panel to keep watch on noise offenders in South
MARGAO, Sept 11: The recent government order may not be sweet music for the discotheque and club-house owners in the state. But it had to be done, as the High Court had issued clear-cut directions to the state. The government in an order has set up a committee of citizens for proper implementation of the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 for South Goa. The committee comprises of sarpanchas and their deputies and other prominent citizens from the coastal belt of the district in the South. [NT]


CM assures equal facilities to Devnagiri, Roman Konkani

MARGAO, Sept 11:
The Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, today, assured to give all facilities to Roman script as enjoyed by Devnagiri, in an effort to help the development of Konkani language in the state. He also promised government help to all magazines published in Konkani. The Chief Minister was speaking as the chief guest, at the one year celebration of the Konkani magazine `Jivit’ in his home town. Stating that Konkani language was the only identity of Goans, Mr Kamat opined that for Goa to progress, development of Konkani language was crucial. The Chief Minister also disclosed that he had put in motion the idea of setting up the `Tiatr Academy’. For Konkani language to progress, Goans should stop fighting in the name of scripts and fight to get equal grants for Roman script writers and tiatrists, Deputy Speaker, Mr Mauvin Godinho reasoned. Earlier the organizers released three Konkani books at the hands of the dignitaries and felicitated five prominent personalities who contributed for the growth of Konkani language. [NT]


Goa under threat
The author (Caetano de Abreu) has touched upon the Dabolim Airport where the lingua franca is Hindi which is also true for any of the Konkan Railway stations in Goa and particularly their booking offices. Even if you speak in Konkani you get a reply in Hindi. We are ourselves at fault for this situation in the state since the first instance we are willing to compromise on our language, then on our culture, then on our land, then on our environment, etc. The list is endless. We just do not seem to understand that at the end of this all, there will be no Goa. [S Kamat, Herald]


Mediclaim at Apollo Victor hospitals
MAPUSA: The Government of Goa has recently empanelled Apollo Victor Hospitals, Margao, for the purpose of Mediclaim under the Government Mediclaim Scheme and for medical reimbursement of government employees, freedom fighters, etc for treatment of gastroenterology, thoracic and vascular surgery, nephrology and laparoscopic procedures. This empanelment is apart from the cardiology and nephrology treatment for which the hospital has been empanelled right from the inception. [GT]


Cremation ground: Morjim villagers serve ultimatum
MORJIM: The Bagwada Smashanbhoomi Bachao Samiti, Bagwada-Morjim, yesterday threatened to intensify the agitation if the government fails to solve the cremation ground issue within next 10 days. Morjim's Milagres church parish priest Fr Luis Pinto said that ever since he has been posted at Morjim for the last seven years, the villagers of Bagwada have been using the ground for immersion of Ganesh idols and for cremation purpose. The feelings of villagers should not be hurt as their sentiments are involved here, he said. Former Tourism minister Matanhy Saldanha alleged that inspite of the place being a traditional cremation ground, the local panchayat has given permission to the hotel (on the banks of the river) which amounts to corruption. [GT]


Felipe Neri wants forests officials to intensify patrolling
Forest Minister Felipe Neri Rodrigues visited the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, Molem, National Park and Satpal Arboretum recently to acquaint himself with the works of Wildlife and Research Divisions. He also visited the office of the Range Forest Officer, Wildlife, Molem. He appreciated the efforts of the staff and said that they should do more intensive patrolling and prosecute the cases properly. [GT]


+ NAZARETH, Blanche -Peacefully at home surrounded by her family on September 12, 2007. Beloved wife of Tony (formerly with Kenya Breweries Ltd., Nairobi). Loving mother of Vincent (and Jovita), Avril (and Byron), Stephanie (and Hubert) and Tony Jr. (and June). Cherished grandmother of Joanne, Jeremy, Jonathan, Isabelle, Christi-Anne and Jessica. She is survived by her brothers Dominic and Joephil, and sisters Stella-Marie, Eulalia and Judith. The Funeral Mass will be held at 9:30 a.m. September 15, 2007, at Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Church, 10411 Bayview Ave., Richmond Hill. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society or to ShareLife Canada. There will be a separate, private cremation service.

People Places and Things

Sweet, Sweet, The Memories You Left Us….
… Nairobi Goan School, Class of ’57 Celebrates Golden Jubilee in Toronto – September 6 & 7 2007

( Click for larger view )

September 6 & 7, 2007 will surely be etched in the memories of the Dr. Ribeiro Goan School Class of ’57 as an abiding reminder of what true camaraderie, commitment and the will to preserve deep friendships forged some long years ago can achieve.

Toronto ironically lived up to its aboriginal definition of the “meeting place” for the worldwide Class of ’57 to assemble after a 50-year hiatus.
Christ the King Church, The Mandarin Restaurant, and the Sapphire Lounge in Mississauga provided the setting for the gems of the class, their spouses, and hosts to gather and revel in each other’s presence.

The two- day event could have been mistaken for a doctor’s convention:

Dr. Assumption (Joe) de Mello, and his hard working wife Madeline, attended to the details of the Mass of Thanksgiving and Remembrance, and the decoration of the Sapphire Lounge which were both decked out in the school colours.

Dr. Pius Mendonca from Germany together with Avinash Chitnis and Gerson Fonseca sponsored the 70-page brochure which featured memoirs from 20 or so of his classmates.

Avinash Chitnis from California (Doctorate from Imperial College, London) assembled some of the music of the era played at the event. The playlist for the evening was compiled by Bernard Ribeiro.

Dr. Sarto Antao from Indiana, Dr. Sal Rocha from Toronto and Emcee Bernard Ribeiro donated baseball caps emblazoned with the School logo “Nil Desperandum” turned out to be popular judging by the extras requested.

The Thanksgiving Mass was a celebrated by Fr. Joe Wasik (himself a Class of ’57 alumni from Poland). In his homily Fr. Joe made reference to his enjoyable and memorable 2 month stay in Goa and how he was impressed by the devoutness, kindness and hospitality of the Goan people. A Choir and Organist added solemnity to the service. The service was videotaped by Uvy Lopes and photographed in detail by Albert Fernandes. At the end of the Mass, classmates were treated to a moving rendition of the “Ave Maria” played on the organ by their very own Celine Noronha, who had just made it all the way from Australia, arriving in Toronto past midnight.

Later at The Mandarin they were joined by classmates Indira Bhansali, her husband Prof. Raj Bhansali and their daughter Sejal, followed by Gerson and his wife Claire, Paul Nazareth and his wife Juliet came to greet some of his hockey friends, as did Len Lopes. Class members from Europe were astounded by the variety and the quantity of the fare available at the Buffet – something they do not see there!! The Mandarin provided a complimentary glass of wine to all who participated in the sumputous buffet.

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UK Konkans Celebrates Nativity Feast
London Sept 11, 2007
Printed from

UK Konkans celebrated Nativity of Blessed Virgin on 8 September 2007 with mass in Konkani.

Children and adults joined the procession from inside the church to the Grotto to offer flowers to the Blessed Mother. Fr. Pius Pinto offered the mass in Konkani soon after during which he blessed the new harvest.

The celebration was joined by both Mangalorean and Goan community, bringing the crowd to around 200.

UK Konkans members and friends joined to sing Konkani Hymns during the mass. The mass was followed by blessing of the new corn which was served with milk to the attendees. Home made food with a variety of vegetables was served for every one present.

Vorn was served as desert; bringing to mind the age old tradition followed in our homes in Mangalore.

This was the first time UK Konkans celebrated this feast.

The organizing committee expressed its thankfulness to every one who made it to the celebration; and to those who made this event a grand success. For more information and photos, please log on to


Health & Wellness Fair – Jointly hosted by the Goan Overseas Association and 55 Plus Goan Association in Etobicoke – Toronto West

We are pleased to inform you that a Health & Wellness Fair has been arranged jointly by our 55 PGA and the GOA at the St. Clement Church Hall (Bloor St. at Markland Dr. in Etobicoke W.) on Sunday, October 21, between 2:00 to 6:00 PM. This fine idea had been considered separately in the past by both the GOA and the 55 PGA and it is exciting that it will be taking place soon as a jointly hosted function. This is a fine opportunity for our members to take advantage of, since it will be a value-packed event.

The Program consists of key topics of interest to our members such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Osteoporosis & Prostate, Colon and Breast Cancer. Leading physicians will present the latest medical information and answer your questions. Another key topic is Lifestyle Adjustments for the Goan Community presented by a hospital-based Dietician. A nutritious Refreshment Break has also been planned. Attendees will be able to have their free Health Risk Profile from Medical Experts during the event. Some useful health literature will also be available that addresses your needs.

Read more ...


Attending 49th International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City June 2008.

Please see the attached for details on a tour from Toronto to attend the Popes closing Mass on the 22Jun08 in Quebec City, to end the 49th International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City in June 2008.

If you would like to go on this trip, please let me know, so we can work on organize coaches from the West end and the East end of Toronto.

If you require further information, please call Richard D’Souza at Payless Travel (416)890-5022.

Click for Flyer


The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Increase Your Marketability with OACETT Certification

Join us on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 to learn more about OACETT
certification and how it can benefit your engineering technology career.

Learn about the advantages of belonging to your professional association
and what OACETT's certification process entails.

OACETT's designations are recognized by industry employers across

C.E.T. Certified Engineering Technologist
A.Sc.T. Applied Science Technologist
C.Tech. Certified Technician

Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Valhalla Inn, Viking Room
1 Valhalla Inn Road
Toronto, ON

Complimentary Registration

For further information or to register for this session, please contact
Laurie McVittie, Project Manager, Professional Affairs and Services at:

Phone: 416-621-9621, ext. 225
Fax: 416-621-8694



Goans in Toronto can look forward to the upcoming "Tiatr" entitled "ADEUS' (Goodbye) on Saturday, 13th October, 2007.
This play is written and directed by the famed Jr.MENEZES and is a story about love, sacrifice and is highly spiced by comedy.
You will see Jr. Menezes in a role you have never seen before
For information, contact the Publicy-in -charge Lourdino Rodrigues at (416)-244-7923.
For tickets contact Joe Vaz at (416)-724-5386 (Scarborough)
Winnie Crasto at (905)-890-2725 (Mississauaga)
Lourdino Rodrigues at (416)244-7923 (Toronto)

See Events for details of Tiatr and for Flyer


Navelim Sports Club
From: Gerard Pinto

Navelim Sports Club was formed in 2001 in Markham, Ontario, Canada not only to enhance the soccer aspirations of the members but also to provide a venue where both young and experienced soccer players could benefit from each other's skills and experience.

Our guiding principle has been to foster lasting relationships both on and off the soccer field. We have a number of younger players who are currently attending university or high school along with a smaller group of senior players.

We practice year round and play in both indoor and outdoor leagues, trying our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and pass the same on to our youth.

The Club is a non profit organization and our members have assisted at their cost with meals for street youth run by the Evergreen Centre in Toronto during the winter months.

Our 6th Annual Gala Dance on October 13th, 2007 will allow us to share with you this key aspect of our Club.

Click to view Flyer






DATE: Saturday September 22, 2007
TIME: 3:00 pm
LOCATION: Centennial Stadium
ADMISSION: Adults $3.00 Children under 12 free

Prizes for the first 100 Entrants!
Door Prizes throughout the Match!!


 Goan Events in Canada - 2007 





Sept 10-15, 2007

St. Mary's School, Mazagon, Bombay

Reunion in Toronto Ex students are coming from All over North America, Australia, UK, Europe and India for the functions.

Contact :
Desmond : 9055021629 or
Cecil : 9056558007
for reservations.

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Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Calangute  Association, Canada

Annual Calangute Social. Holy Mass at 5:00 pm followed by Social

Click for Flyer

30th September 2007

CLR Event

At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)

Holy Mass at 12:00 Noon
Followed by Buffet Lunch and Entertainment
To The Music of: "DJ FATZ"

Click for Flyer

On Saturday, 13th October-2007 at 3.00 PM


A Powerful drama of Love and Sacrifice

Michael Power School Auditorium, 105 Eringate Drive ( at Renforth Dr.) Etobicoke

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Table A Combined Listing Of Our Events And Trips




Saturday September 22 2007 Sundowner
Tex Mex Nite
Mississauga Seniors Centre – Click Flyer for details
October 16
Thanksgiving Mississauga Seniors Centre – See Table B
Sunday, October 21, 2:00 to 6:00 PM. Health & Wellness Fair St. Clement Church Hall (Bloor St. at Markland Dr. in Etobicoke W.) See Notice in Announcements Section
November 20

Christmas Bazaar
Mississauga Seniors Centre – See Table B
December 18
Yuletide Meet
Mississauga Seniors Centre – See Table B
Details to follow
* date may change to Saturday 15

Click to Download Form to join 55PGA or renew membership for 2007


Please mark you calendars for the following exciting events:
All events will be held at Commander Hall Arena, unless otherwise advised.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Games Nite
Bridge – Scrabble – Rummy – Carrom
Co-ordinators to form organized groups for various games required.
Cost: $6.00 (Members)
$8.00 (Guests)
A Snack plate will be served
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
To register, please call:
Vicki D’Souza: (416) 497-5111
Charles Fernandes: (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes: (416) 927-0895
Gerry DaSilva: (416) 297-7218

Click for Flyer

October 12th, 2007
at 6:30 pm

Commander Park Hall

Click for Flyer

October 14th-16th, 2007



Friday, October 26, 2007

Click for Coloured Flyer

November 2nd,
6:30 pm

Mass for the Deceased Members and their Families.

on November 2nd, 2007 - 6:30 pm sharp at
Commander Park Hall, Scarborough

Click for Flyer

Sunday, November 4, 2007 BOWLING Extravaganza
Markham Bowling Centre
Cost: $15.00 (includes dinner)
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Games start at 6:00 p.m.
Co-ordinator: Charles Fernandes: (416) 286-8970


Friday, November 16, 2007

Whist Drive
A Snack plate will be served
Cost: $6.00 (Members)
$8.00 (Guests)
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

To register, please call:
Vicki D’Souza: (416) 497-5111
Charles Fernandes: (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes: (416) 927-0895
Gerry DaSilva: (416) 297-7218

Click for Flyer

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Departure: 10:00 am – Agincourt Mall (parking behind Wal-Mart) Winery Tour 11:00 – 11:30 am - Visit to Magnotta Winery – wine tasting

Lunch: 12:00 noon – 1:15 pm @ Betty’s Restaurant. Main course, Choice of Roast Beef, Roast Chicken or Fish and Chips.
Casino: 1:30 pm – 6:45 pm. Buffet dinner coupon included.
Sightseeing: 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Tour of the Christmas Lights.
Return: Arrival in Toronto approx. 9:00 pm


Friday, November 30, 2007

Yuletide Festivities – Choral Group in Attendance
Live Music – X’mas Bazaar
Authentic Goan Food and Sweets
Cost: $10.00 (Members)
$12.00 (Guests)
Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.

Your Executive invites you to do yet another good deed for the less fortunate. Please donate at least one food can of your choice, which will collectively be donated to the FOOD BANK, during the festive season.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Dance
St. Clement of Ohrid Banquet Hall
76 Overlea Boulevard
Cost: $40.00 (Members)
$45.00 (Guests)
Cocktails and Appertizers at 6:30 p.m.
Sit-down dinner at 7:30 p.m.

To register, please call:
Vicki D’Souza: (416) 497-5111
Charles Fernandes: (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes: (416) 927-0895
Gerry DaSilva: (416) 297-7218

 Click to download form to join TEGSA or renew membership for 2007

Health & Wellness

Ontario has become the Child Poverty Centre of Canada

TORONTO, Sept. 12 /CNW/ - The Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO) today launched its cross-community campaign to make poverty reduction a priority election issue across Ontario. Social planning councils in ten local communities across Ontario will conduct public events over the next two weeks to promote the Poverty Reduction Strategy released yesterday in Ottawa by National Campaign 2000. Local councils and community partners will urge all political candidates to support specific measures for reducing child and family poverty in Ontario. Commenting on data that shows Ontario's share of Canada's children living in poverty has increased significantly since 2000 compared to other provinces, Janet Gasparini, SPNO Chair and Executive Director of the Sudbury SPC, said:

"With 44% of Canada's poor children, Ontario has become the child poverty centre of Canada, and there has been no measurable progress in the past five years. The proposals in Campaign 2000's Poverty Reduction Strategy are concrete and achievable. We expect candidates from all political parties running for election in communities across Ontario to respond by committing to real targets and timelines for poverty reduction as one of their top priorities."

Read More ...


Ontario's housing affordability dramatically deteriorates, says RBC
Affordability in Toronto sharpest quarterly deterioration since 1994

TORONTO, Sept. 12 /CNW/ - After some improvements earlier in the year, Ontario's housing affordability deteriorated sharply in the latest quarter, according to a new housing report issued today by RBC Economics.

"A combination of higher house prices, rising mortgage rates and increasing utility costs have forced affordability to deteriorate dramatically across all housing segments," said Derek Holt, assistant chief economist, RBC.

"Despite the sudden drop, if we take a historical look back at the affordability numbers for Ontario, the cost to own a home still remains comfortably below levels witnessed in the late 1980s."

RBC's Housing Affordability report, which measures the proportion of pre-tax household income needed to service the costs of owning a home, increased across the board in Ontario to 37 per cent for the benchmark detached bungalow, 43 per cent for the standard two storey home, 30 per cent for the standard townhouse and 28 per cent for the standard condo. According to the report, the housing cycle has been altered by the impact of extended amortization products. For example, mortgage payments for an average condo run at roughly $1,058 per month (under standard assumptions).

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