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Newsletter. Issue 2007-26. December 22, 2007
Canada Christmas Special
55 PGA - West GTA
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How do you describe in one word a very successful Games Nite.
It was TEGSAtional.

Yes the crowd was Terrific, the participants were Excellent, the Games well chosen, the food Superb and the Attention to detail speaks volumes of the organizers.

If you came to win, I’m sure you Whistaway with a prize or two. If you had a lousy partner I’m sure you helped Bridge the gap to victory or did you just Scrabble your way to win first prize.

So thanks to you for coming.
To her, him and they the co-ordinators/organizers for a job well done to make this a really TEGSAtional Games Nite



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Inclement weather did not deter members from attending the Christmas Dance on Saturday, Dec. 15 at St. Clement of Ohrid Banquet Hall. Members were pleasantly surprised by the sheer luxury, style and elegance of the beautifully decorated hall. The inviting ambiance of “red and green” and miniature decorated Christmas trees was the start of a memorable evening.

On arrival, members were escorted to Uvy Lopes and Rudi Rodriques, who took portraits of each couple in a Christmas setting. To their amazement & during the course of the evening, members were presented with their photograph in a souvenir card. A subtle touch indeed!

After the recitation of a very befitting grace by Priscilla Pinto, the formal party began with a sit-down dinner. The festive meal, which included roast turkey, veal, and mixed vegetables, was sumptuous to say the least. The ice cream crepes with chocolate toppings was irresistible. A bottle of complimentary red and white wine was a welcome addition to every table.

In his welcome address, President Al Andrade thanked the members for the overwhelming support and cooperation that the Executive enjoyed during the past two years. He said,, “I am confident that the goodwill you have helped us to create these two years, will be effectively carried out in future.”

The decision of the Executive to sponsor four hundred meals to destitute children housed by the Good Shepherd Ministries in Toronto and to donate three baskets to the St. Vincent de Paul, received a tumultuous applause by the members. The President thanked members for participating in the Club’s major project this year of collecting used eye glasses for third world countries and donating generously to the food drive. Both these projects were a huge success.

Focus Dance Band were in their element and continued to play music which could not keep members off the floor. The gala evening was MC’d by TEGSA’s own Hubert Pereira. With his wit and humour, he kept the spirits lively and he gave away more than thirty prizes during the evening with his innovative ideas.

The Volunteer Award of the Year was presented to Rosemarie Soares for her invaluable assistance to the Executive.

The midnight surprise was a late night snack of Sorportel and Sanas which was relished by all. This was sponsored by the CIBC, Toronto.

The Social Committee, headed by Vicki D’Souza have to be congratulated and commended for leaving no stone unturned to ensure that members had an excellent time from the word “go”. Other members of the Committee included Joan Menezes, Charles & Dorothy Fernandes and Gerry D’Silva.

Goan Seniors Celebrate Christmas
By: Muriel Lucas

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55 Plus Goan Association –West GTA members & guests came together, from far and wide to help celebrate the Greatest Feast of all…”CHRISTMAS”… with a sit-down dinner at the Oasis Banquet Hall in Mississauga. It was a resounding success, with about 250 people in attendance. It blossomed to a splendid reality of family & friends of the 55 PGA group.

It was heart-warming to be part of a nostalgic setting, which so readily allowed for many of our members to reminisce and share their Christmas cheer and festive spirit with immense gusto, throughout the night, surrounded by all around them!

After the formalities were over, by our Social Secretary, Juliet Rebello, who thanked her sub-committee for their active part in supporting us, throughout our term. She also thanked each and every volunteer who came forward during our term, The festive centerpieces at each table, created by the talented efforts of Mrs. Rose D’Souza, added to the warm ambience.

Vice-President, Paul Nazareth, made the keynote speech in place of founding President, Tony Fernandes, who is awaiting cardiac surgery. He noted “. Behind every successful man is a supportive woman. In this case it is Vivien Fernandes. The dynamic duo of Tony and Vivien have guided our organization and promoted the activities we now come to enjoy. We owe them a vote of thanks.”
When formed in Sept 2005, the organization encountered problems in search for a suitable venue. They started at the Malta Band club, then moved to the Gateway Centre and finally found what suited our members best, - which is a clean and spacious facility at the Mississauga Senior Centre, on Cawthra Road.

Paul then went on to thank various members who served on the Executive or assisted in key activities. These included:

  • Auditors Al Mathias and Roque

  • Uvy Lopes for his talented assistance and loyal support ever since our inception. Uvy would come all the way from the east end to video and photograph 55PGA events.

  • Our Social secretary, Juliet Rebello who with her creative ideas has stirred the interest of our members.

  • Treasurer Gerry Almeida has dedicated his work to the 55PGA.

  • All the beautiful write-ups you see in the Goan Voice he said came from our General Secretary Muriel Lucas. Paul noted that Muriel also came up with the idea of giving you those pens so that members have no excuse in not filling out Membership Renewal Forms in time.

  • Assistant treasurer Frank Fernandes has been promoting Konkani from the inception of the association with his introduction of the Ladinha and litany in Konkani.

  • John J. D’Souza, a silent worker who ensures that the web site www.goanvoice.ca  is updated with all the 55PGA news.

Paul also spoke of the CULTURAL HOUR at our monthly functions. He noted that many Goans who know Konkani are too shy to speak it. During this hour they plan to practice basic Konkani, sing Mandos and dance the Lancers. The catalyst of the cultural hour is Frank Fernandes and Lynn Souza – Marques.
The 55 PGA also looks at the broader picture.
55PGA supported the Goan Charitable Organization. In October 55PGA had a joint venture with the Goan Overseas Association on the Health and Wellness fair that went on very well.
55PGA also has an annual picnic with it’s sister institution TEGSA.
In July an International Goan Convention is being held in Toronto. 55PGA requests all members to support this initiative.
The AGM will be held on April 15, 2008. This will be followed by elections for a new executive committee.

He concluded by saying that with the support of members, an established a solid foundation has been established. The active participation of every member is required to keep the 55 PLUS GOAN ASSOCAITION WEST GTA vibrant.

Our Treasurer and Deacon, Gerry Almeida, eloquently recited the Grace before meals and touched on many aspects of the true meaning of Christmas, by giving, helping the poor & needy, and learning and respecting other people’s needs, etc.

The amazing four-course meal was served to perfection, followed by a scrumptious & delectable dessert. Followed by Coffee.

Music was provided by D.J. Anthony, who captivated the crowd to a medley of “Old timers” Christmas songs, and continued with a variety of numbers into the wee hours of the morning.

We entertained a 50/50 draw to the lucky recipient!
Numerous give away prizes, and door prizes, to the lucky winners.

The bonus for the evening was the lasting souvenir. I decided on a gift of PENS as our parting memento, with the name of our Association engraved on it. The true spirit of giving graciously and the joys of being involved in handing them out personally were evidenced during the evening’s celebration. The Pen is an Everlasting remembrance!

The evening wound up at around 1.00 a.m. with everyone dancing to the nostalgic sound of Winter Wonderland!

On behalf of our Executive committee, I wish to take this opportunity of wishing each and every one of you
A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year – 2008.

Thank you for your patronage and your support during our term.
We are sure the Association will continue to progress and wish the incoming Executive all the success for the next two years, and after!

Do PEN us a few lines – until then, we shall keep the lines of communication open, by signing off………….


Muriel Lucas
General Secretary for
55 Plus Goan Association-West GTA.

55 Plus Goan Association-West GTA
By Muriel Lucas.

What a night!
December 18, 2007- Mississauga Seniors Centre
“ If this is Christmas”…..then –




As members and guests, of 55 PGA,(100) in all, brought not only their cheers, but their sing-along-voices too and honed their skills in harmonizing along a chorus of Christmas Carols, a theme of voices that is practiced traditional, at this “Magnificent” time of the year -the World over.

The evening began when Santa’s “Merry-makers” took off in “high gear” all decked up in the festive attire, and entertained the crowd with the most popular carols, like Silent Night, “Away in a Manger” Jingle Bells, etc etc., Musical accompaniment was provided by Nelson Fernandes on keyboard, Cooty Coutinho on violin and Joe D'Cruz on guitar.

The highlight of the evening – and of course, who else would appear (Not thru the Chimney! BUT by a heartbeat!! … SANTA & MRS CLAUS themselves to a thunderous applause! –“ WHO, was the question, as we kept on guessing, well, they kept it well hidden, Until Shirley gave that amazing smile, and Bernard huddled closer to the ladies, & displayed that charm of his….!!

By this time everyone was “Famished”…and no sooner than you knew it the, “Hostesses” with the Mostest” served up a “storm” with a mouth- watering traditional “Sorpatel,” pillau, pickle and vegetable dish! – there were rave review, to this “hot-hot-hot dish, which was prepared with a lot of TLC by Ms.Loretta Fernandes. (Our grateful thanks) – A light dessert & coffee – just hit the spot and got us going to the next feat!

Bingo was played with the Jackpot of $ 100.00 and the lucky winner was…. Mrs. Nita D’Souza, “Congrats”!
Smaller prizes were given out i.e. One line, 2 lines, & the ever so famous “Jeldi Five”- shared by groups of twos and threes - …..lucky for some…..!!

Paul Nazareth, headed by Lynn Souza Marques, organized the “Konkani Hour” and much to our disappointment, our Old Crooner, Francis Fernandes, was unable to attend! All who knew Konkani joined in the singing! This started the traditional Mando dance – that went famously well towards the end of the evening!

Finally, a Christmas quiz was in store for everybody….
(Shows you how much we all know about this festive occasion)…well we were put to the test and there were 2 lucky winners!! Hurrah!

Well, as all good things must come to an end! The evening wound up with “Auld Lang Syne” - We wish you a Merry Christmas” and finally – and sadly “NOW IS THE HOUR……………”When we must say, Goodbye”…

But it didn’t end there, when we had a great entertainer Custodio Pereira, who sang his heart out with heart-wrenching, nostalgic Songs that left us spellbound!.................into the night!

Initially, Juliet thanked everyone for his or her hard work behind the scenes to make this Christmas event a special one!

Last, but not least, the writer extended a very warm greeting to all who attended, & thanked each and everyone for their loving support throughout our tenure, and especially for putting their best foot forward in helping to make this, our last event, an even more memorable one, than what was expected!
She went on to thank Juliet Rebello, Social Secretary, for Initiating this event and for putting it all together, to a round of Applause………

The evening wound up at 10 p.m.
And so to all, whom we left YULE-TIDE-ING up after us…from where we left off…GOOD LUCK, GOOD HEALTH & GOD BLESS YOU……… while we are on our way…………to ‘DREAMIN’ OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS………..


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