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Glory to God in the highest heaven
And peace on Earth to those with whom he is pleased

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year



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  • John J. D’Souza

  • Uvy Lopes

  • Karuna Kesarkar

  • Joel D'Souza

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Greetings from Toronto East Goan Seniors Association
Click Image for TEGSA Christmas Celebrations by Muriel Lucas.

Newsline Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper believes a depression is possible and says he's never seen such economic uncertainty
Associated Press - 2008-12-17 08:19 AM

Harper said the outlook for the Canadian economy is increasingly hard to read. "The truth is, I've never seen such uncertainty in terms of looking forward to the future," Harper told CTV television on Tuesday. "I'm very worried about the Canadian economy."



'Canada, India should work together in resolving financial crisis'
23 Nov 2008, 1203 hrs

TORONTO: Lauding long-standing bilateral ties between Canada and India, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that Toronto and New Delhi should work together in resolving the current financial crisis. "It is more important than ever that Canada and India work together in resolving the challenges we face in the global economy," Harper, who is currently in Peru to attend APEC's Leaders Summit, said in a message to an annual cultural and entertainment gala organised by the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce yesterday.



South Asian groups uniting to fight poverty among immigrants
Torstar News Service
17 December 2008

Members of several South Asian community groups have united to find out how they can fit into Ontario’s poverty reduction strategy. They share a feeling that different racial groups are treated differently in the strategy’s big picture.



The statements, opinions, or views in the following articles may not necessarily reflect that of the Goan Voice Canada.


Gandhian perspective on conflict resolution

Gandhian framework is primarily egalitarian and not utilitarian. It is for the welfare of all and not merely for ‘a few’ or ‘maximum number of people’. He favours movement from microscopic realities to macroscopic excellence..
CJ: Professor Anurag

Indians are having a holistic legacy for posterity anent ‘conflict resolution’. This is a highly mundane philosophical inheritance ensuring permanent peace. Its concepts emerge from its practical dynamics. This Indian position on conflict resolution is deeply engraved in the Gandhian “practical-idealism”.


People Places and Things

Friends of St. Francis Xavier Feast Celebration in Toronto.

The Friends of St. Francis Xavier with the Knights of Columbus and the Parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Church in Mississauga, celebrated the feast of St. Francis Xavier on December 6, 2008 with a Solemn procession in the bitter winter weather on the Church grounds followed by Solemn High Mass. The weather had been severe the week before and continued after the feast day as well. So Divine Providence did play a part in the weather being so winterish but pleasant on the feast day.

Click image to view large



Young People Of Goan Origin Trace Their Roots In Goa
December 8th, 2008 - 5:52 pm ICT by IANS

Click image to view large

Panaji, Dec 8 (IANS): As a group of 12 young people of Goan origin (POGOs) return to their homes abroad after a familiaristion tour of Goa, they will take with them memories of silvery mackerel braised in traditional recheado masala as well as more and more casinos cramming the Mandovi river.”There are five casinos right now. How many more will you have after five more years… 30?” Aaditi Pramod Dubale wondered during an interactive session with mediapersons.



Christmas Newsletter 35 Years Ago

Click image to view 1973 Copy of Newsletter G.O.A. UK
(In the pre word processing era)


- 1973 President’s Letter
- Saint Francis Xavier Feast Celebrations
- Christmas in Goa 1573
- Christmas in Goa 1973
- Goans in Canada
- Goan Crossword Puzzle
- Having a Party
- Christmas Mando
- Sorpatel a la Inglez
- Job Vacancies – Office Junior (UKP 14 per week !)


By: Rowland Rebello

(Rowland Rebello lives in Mississauga and is the grandson of the famed Kenya/Uganda pioneer, Manuel Anton (Sonny) da Silva 1871-1951 – See The Hunter - GOACOM ARCHIVES ~ OF HEROES - http://www.goacom.com/culture/biographies/silva3.html )

Article from: A Collection of Goan Voices 2: Writing by People of Goan Descent
by Susan Rodrigues

I was living and working in a small town called Jinja, which is approximately 50 miles from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. I had to travel this distance from Jinja to finalise my emigration formalities.



By Mervyn Lobo of Toronto.
From: goanet-news-bounces@lists.goanet.org on behalf of Goanet Reader (goanetreader@gmail.com )
December 18, 2008

I am a fourth generation Tanzanian. My fore-parents left Goa in dhow, got ship wrecked on the Somali coast and arrived in Zanzibar in the 1860's. To put this era in perspective, the slave trade was still going on and Livingstone had not yet 'discovered'  the source of the Nile.I was born in Dar-es-Salaam in the late 1950's. Dar had an established Goan society then with most Goans employed in the banks, schools and in the civil service as administrators. My "wonder years" in the 1960's were lived in a society where most people could take a look at a person walking down the street and point out, without having met that person before, "that person is a Goan."



Posted on wagoa@yahoogroups.com  on behalf of renebarreto (goanint@yahoo.co.uk)
Sent: December 19, 2008 1:19:00 PM

Message from Rene Barreto
Goemkars !

It is with great pleasure That i share a post - message received from Oscar Noruega of NÚCLEO DE ANIMAÇÃO CULTURAL DE GOA DAMÃO E DIU and the coordinator of the WORLD DAMAN - GOA DAY in Macau.

Excerpts from:
The small but dynamic community of Goa Damão and Diu in Macau, has very much made their presence felt here in Macau, a Chinese dominated, multicultural territory with people not only from the Portuguese speaking countries but also from other walks of life.




On behalf of the members of our Executive and our families, we would like to take this opportunity of wishing you all a joyous Christmas, and pray that Love, Joy, Peace and bountiful good health will be yours in 2009 and always.

Once again, we would like to reflect on our contributions and proudly submit a brief summary of events held during the year, the executive organized some very creative activities which were overwhelmingly supported by our members. Allow us to take you down “Memory Lane” to the past 12 months, as we reminisce on our 2008 events:


Reading List for the Christmas Holidays

A Collection of Goan Voices 2: Writing by People of Goan Descent

by Susan Rodrigues

Anthony D’Mello, Armand Rodrigues, Daryl Castanha, Dr Tracy A F Coelho, Exano Pereira, Ferdinand Rodrigues, Ivy De Souza, Mavis Rodrigues, Neville Moniz, Nita Rodrigues, Rose Castanha, Rowland Rebello, Savio Rodrigues, Sophia Cotta, Tensing Rodrigues, Winnie Castanha.

(86 pages) Paperback: $4.72 Download: $0.00


A Collection of Goan Voices 3: Some Memories by People of Goan Descent

by Susan Rodrigues

A collection of accounts by people of Goan descent. Authors include:
Armand Rodrigues, Ben Coutinho, Cyndiana Silva, Ferdinand Rodrigues, Mervyn Maciel, Myra D’souza, Nita Rodrigues, Placido Rodrigues, Tensing Rodrigues, Thelma Moritto, Tolly Coutinho, Zita Coutinho

(68 pages) Paperback: $4.21 Download: $0.00


Seminal Book on Treatment of Early Dementia

Early Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia
Evidence-based Practice (Paperback)
by Esme Moniz-Cook (Author, Editor), Jill Manthorpe (Editor)
Price: £18.99

(Goan Voice Canada Note: Professor Esme Moniz-Cook, is ex-Dr. Ribeiro Goan School, Nairobi, and sister of Chris & Edward Moniz )

Brief Review
For the increasing number of people diagnosed with dementia each year, treatment in the early stages can make a significant difference to their quality of life. This book provides examples of psychosocial interventions: taking into consideration the individual, social and environmental aspects of the person's life.It looks at ways of providing support at the time of diagnosis and goes on to explore a variety of interventions and services for the treatment of early dementia.



New Book- A Canadian's Ram Raj, by Dave Sarin
Wednesday December 10 2008
Excerpt of article by SUNIL RAO of

It is an uplifting book, by an Indo-Canadian writer, about Canada, a country he considers comes closest to the ageless Hindu concept of Ram Raj. "What is Ram Raj?" asks Dave (Devinder) Sarin, the author. "In Rama's kingdom of 7,000 years ago, people had a feeling of goodwill towards their fellow citizens in a compassionate and open society, where everyone enjoyed equality, religious freedom, individual rights, and equal opportunity.



Goanet-News- Goa Books... In Print‏

From: goanet-news-bounces@lists.goanet.org on behalf of Frederick "FN" Noronha (fn@goa-india.org)
Sent: December 7, 2008 12:01:27 AM
To: Goa's premiere mailing list, estb. 1994! (goanet@lists.goanet.org)

A selection of many of the Goa-linked books available in print currently. Please see this online display of book covers:
Over 200 books. Please leave a comment there. FN
FN * Independent Journalist http://fn.goa-india.org
M: +91-9822122436 P: +91-832-2409490
Goabooks blog: http://goabooks.wordpress.com/


Hansat Gayat Nachat: Bhurgeanchim Gitam

Children's songs... in Konkani.
By Pratap Naik sj 2007. Rs 20.

Goan Books in Toronto
Click here to view titles of Goa & Goan authored, books available in Toronto.

News Clips from Goa

Goa Bans Beach Parties From Dec 23 To Jan 5
Panaji, Dec 19 (IANS) In a move which could send wrong signals to Goa-bound vacationers, the state government Thursday banned parties and celebrations on beaches and other open areas from Dec 23 to Jan 5 citing 'safety reasons'.

Home minister Ravi Naik told reporters after a Congress Legislative Party (CLP) meeting that parties and celebrations inside hotels and other closed areas would be permitted. He further said that the ban was ordered following a recommendation by the CLP, which is headed by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat.



The account below is that of Francois Pyrard, who visited Goa and the East, is taken from a book of’ his travels published in Paris,1615.

Reprinted from the December 1973 Newsletter of the G.O.A.-UK

On Christmas Day in all the churches are represented the mysteries of the Nativity, with divers characters and animals introduced speaking; also marionettes and large rocks, and men within who make these figures act and speak as they will; everyone goes to see it. Even in most of the houses and at the cross streets they do the same; all along the streets, throughout the squares and wards, are tables laid with fine white napery, and covered with all manner of sugar—plums, dry comfits, marzipan, fashioned in a thousand ways, whereof everyone buys to give away in presents. It is like a fair and lasts until after Twelfth Night. By night they go and affix large bills inscribed with an Ano Bom, that is to say “Happy New Year“, accompanying the same with instruments of music.


Christmas in Goa- 1973
Written by: Monte De Souza – Portavaddo – Siolim Goa
Reprinted from the December 1973 Newsletter of the G.O.A.-UK

In Goa today the approach of Christmas is heralded months in advance when villagers start white washing their homes in and out. Here and there a lone shoemaker and tailor gather advance X’mas orders and the village pig is being fattened. The Post Office depicts posters for people to send their Christmas cards more economically by sea mail. Gradually brighter articles appear in Cities, buntings, white kite paper; flickering bulbs; crackers, presentable articles and last-minute greeting cards.



Christmas in Goa – 2008
Excerpts from: http://www.travelblog.org/Asia/India/Goa/Benaulim/blog-236093.html
By: Laurie and Viv Birch

In the run up to Christmas an air of excitement prevails. Local markets are filled with special foods and Christmas decorations. Churches and houses are strung with coloured lights and complex nativity scenes are built to illustrate the Christmas story. Many of these scenes were large and elaborate with a beautifully painted cast of plaster characters. As the big day loomed, hastily cobbled together groups of carol singers toured the restaurants in the hope of earning a few Rupees. Santa - complete in red outfit and white beard - was driven slowly through the streets of Benaulim in the back of a pick-up truck as he shook hands and dispensed sweets to local children. While the story of the nativity and the true meaning of Christmas was strongly upheld, it was nevertheless interesting to see that, even here, 'Santa Claus' had filtered his way into and become a part of the local Christmas culture.



Goa lagging in total sanitation campaign
16 Dec 2008, 0238 hrs IST,
Joaquim Fernandes, TNN

PANAJI: Although 2008 has been declared as the International Year of Sanitation and the central government set a target for all states to provide 100 per cent sanitation coverage by 2012, Goa is lagging behind its sanitation coverage, knowledgeable sources said. While states like Sikkim and Maharashtra are winning the Nirmal Gram Puraskar for good sanitation coverage and Kerala is doing very well, Goa has only achieved 75 per cent sanitation coverage, sources said. The chances of meeting the 2012 target of providing 100 per cent sanitation cover in Goa seem bleak. Goa needs to build over 40,000 Sulabh toilets to meet the target by 2012.



Goa's party season low-key after Mumbai attacks
2 days ago

PANAJI, India (AFP) — The Mumbai attacks have cast a shadow over the Indian resort state of Goa, with its famous end-of-year party season likely to be hit as foreigners stay away and security is tightened. Some 400,000 overseas tourists flock to the former Portuguese colony every year, particularly for Christmas and New Year's Eve, escaping colder climes to soak up the sun and then dance until dawn on its long sandy beaches. But there are concerns about the sharp dip in visitors at what is normally the busiest time of year for the hoteliers, restaurateurs and beach hut owners.



Goan hinterland on the brink!
En route to Sanvordem via Tilamol is an enticing stretch. It's the Goa of yore, one feels, as one traverses the swathes of this part of the state. Until one is awakened by the rude jerk of reality. The rattle of mining trucks being a grim reminder of the spawning of an industry, the very means of survival of villagers here in Sanguem taluka. Behind the veneer or facade of the 'all-is-well scenario', however, lies encapsulated a sordid saga - a saga of an industry on the brink. An industry pushed to the wall, crying to be saved and given a helping hand, to save Goans in this part of the state from a sure shot of disaster. [Nilesh Khandeparkar and Kevin mascarenhas, WE-GT]


Aldona villagers to create ideal development plan
Aldona villagers on December 14 decided to work out what the ideal pattern of development of their village should be, and ask for time for the public feedback to be extended till march 31, 2009. This was decided at a meeting organised by the Aldona Bachao Abhiyan at the Parish Centre, at 4.30 pm, to discuss the draft Regional Plan 2021, with specific focus on how it affects Aldona. A memorandum too is being drafted to express the collective views of the people of Aldona. [NT]


Mando on the banks of the Mandovi!
The Goan tradition of singing and dancing the Mando is actually a documentation of the history of our culture, migrations and assimilations. Whether it is the advent of the Europeans in India, the conversions of convenience, the troubles of getting married under colonial rule, the migrations, the wiles of the landed gentry, the cast conflicts, the power struggle between the Ranes and the Portuguese, the Inquisition, Indian liberation and post-liberation realignments, they all find space in the mando, and the dulpods that invariably accompany the mando. The 42nd Mando Festival held at Kala Academy this week bore testimony to this tradition. [Miguel Braganza]


Convention on Konkani literature
Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), an organization working for the promotion and development of Konkani in the Roman script, will be organizing the first ever Konkani (Roman script) literature and culture convention on December 20 and 21 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. Chief minister Digambar Kamat will inaugurate the two-day convention on December 20 at 4.30 pm in the presence of deputy speaker Mauvin Godinho. Eminent personalities from the field of literature and culture will be felicitated on the occasion. Public work department minister Churchill Alemao will be the chief guest for the concluding ceremony.



Vazra Sakhala waterfalls need urgent attention
Water gushing down from a great height always mesmerizes true nature lovers which takes them to a totally different world where they become one with the enchanting beauty of mother nature. Although Goa is well known nationally and internationally as a tourist destination famous for its beaches having silver sands, blue sky and blue water, tourists are not aware about the chain of mountain ranges of the Western Ghats that pass through Goa. [Rajendra P Kerkar, TOI]


Agassaim man booked for threatening to kill priest
Agassaim villagers and church council members are assembling after the second service on Sunday morning to deliberate on ways to contain a man who has been attempting to assault the parish priest, Fr Cristovao Caldeira. The notorious man, Francis alias Pakul Gonsalves from Baixo de Igreja, was on December 13 afternoon detained by the Agassaim police for questioning, and later arrested after the priest filed a complaint against him. [H]


Migrants beat Fatorda man to death
In a murder that sent shock waves across Fatorda, a resident of Chandravaddo, Paulo Faleiro (56), was beaten to death by a group of migrants on the road leading to his house on December 14 morning. The migrants also assaulted the daughter of the deceased, Sharon Faleiro, after she along with her mother came to the rescue of her father. The Margao police nabbed the main accused Krishna Yadav, a native of Siwan district of Bihar, and four other suspects, from their hideout at Kirbhatt-Nuvem. [H]

News Clips from India

Lord Swaraj Paul is Deputy Speaker in the House of Lords
Press Trust of India
Wednesday, December 10, 2008 (London)

Leading NRI entrepreneur Lord Swaraj Paul has scripted history by becoming the first Asian deputy speaker of the British House of Lords. Though people of Indian origin have held ministerial berths in the British cabinet, this is the first time an Indian has been appointed to such a high position in UK's Parliament.



97% Indian kids will go to school by 2015: UNESCO
Thursday November 27 2008

NEW DELHI - India is on track to achieve net enrollment rate (NER) of more than 97 per cent by 2015, the Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report of the Unesco released said. "Of the 17 countries with most children out of school, just three- Bangladesh, Brazil and India- are on track to achieve NER in excess of 97 per cent by 2015," the report said. As per the global educational and cultural body, India had 7.2 million out-of-school children in 2006 and it will be reduced to just 600,000 in 2015.



+Roman Victor D'Souza

D'SOUZA, Roman Victor - Peacefully, at St. Joseph's Health Centre on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at age 74. Beloved husband of the late Maria. Loving father of Travis. Dear brother of Amy Vaz and her husband Nolasco, Barbara Fernandes and her husband Michael, Joaquim D'Souza and his wife Linda, Betty Fernandes and her husband Joe. Predeceased by Patsy Menezes, Cedric D'Souza, and June Miranda. Funeral Mass was held at St. Francis Xavier Church, Mississauga on Wednesday, December 17, followed by interment at Assumption Cemetery.

Notice From Toronto Star.


+Rita Da Silva

Rita Da Silva (nee Lobo) passed away 23rd November 2008 at her home in Kent, UK.  She was the Wife of Bonny Da Silva & Beloved Mother of Vanessa Claire & Tania Rose Da Silva. Rita was the daughter of the late Peter & Diana Lobo formerly from Nairobi South "B", and Sister of Claire and the late Don Lobo. She was still in mourning for mother, Diana, who passed away 27th May 2008. She was also the Godmother to 7 Godchildren. Her Primary Education was at the Dr. Ribero Goan School in Nairobi, Kenya & Secondary Education at the White Sisters Catholic Boarding School in Mangu, Thika, Kenya. She qualified as a Teacher at the Teachers’ Training College in Highridge, Parklands, Kenya. Then went onto Further Higher Graduate Education studied at the University of Cambridge, the Manchester University in England and Bangor University in Wales.



Seasonal Goanetters meet in Goa
Message from Frederick "FN" Noronha (fn@goa-india.org)

As usual, and continuing the annual tradition, Goanetters visiting Goa during the holiday season are invited to meet up informally. This year's meeting is being held alongside with the Goa Sudharop function (January 6, 2009 at Hotel Mandovi), both as an expression of our close links with Goa Sudharop and support for them.



Goan Events in World Wide & Canada - 2008





New Year’s Eve – December 31, 2008 Stage West Hotel
5400 Dixie Road Mississauga
Gala Dinner & Dance Featuring
 DJ Mario the Music Man
Lucia Wilson 416-726-3284
Click for flyer

Click to download form to join TEGSA or renew membership for 2009

Health & Wellness

Nearly half of Canadians approaching retirement consider their legacy….
Investors Group poll finds

Family still first in line for inheritance

WINNIPEG, Dec. 4 /CNW/ - Nearly half of Canadians 55 and older have thought about leaving a life legacy as a way to affect positive change, according to a new poll by Investors Group. Forty-seven per cent indicated they had either thought about leaving a life legacy (26 per cent) or had plans in place for a legacy (21 percent).



Future GTA jobs rest on interpersonal skills and experience: study

Employers most value graduates with communication, work ethic, teamwork and customer service skills

TORONTO, Dec. 4 /CNW/ - Faced with chronically low productivity levels and an urban economy in flux, GTA employers are more inclined to hire post secondary graduates with workplace-ready skills acquired through a combination of classroom theory and job-related learning. According to a recent Northstar Research Partners report commissioned by Toronto's George Brown College, the most attractive graduates for hiring have a strong focus on interpersonal skills - especially the ability to communicate with people of different cultures, teamwork, customer service skills, oral communication skills and a strong work ethic. Half also ranked job related experience such as field or co-op placement as extremely or very important. Contrary to longstanding stereotypes about college education, almost 80 per cent of employers also said they felt college graduates were equally or better prepared for the workplace compared to university students, including 27 per cent who said college graduates were better prepared.



Ontario Government Implementing Poverty Reduction Strategy

TORONTO, Dec. 9 /CNW/ - Ontario is taking action to ensure that temporary help agency employees are being treated fairly and have better opportunities to move to sustainable employment. The Government plans to introduce legislation today that will, if passed, amend the

Employment Standards Act to deliver more fairness for low-income workers by:

  • Making sure that they are not unfairly prevented from accessing permanent jobs when employers want to hire them from agencies



Picking Your Way Past the Eggnog and Pecan Pie: A Real Challenge You Can Swallow
By Jennifer Huget
Tuesday, December 9, 2008; HE03

We all know that the holidays are not the time to try to lose weight; that's why the Holiday Challenge calls simply for maintaining our weight and not gaining that pound that the average person packs on between now and early January.

But can we enjoy the season's treats and still meet that challenge?



Scared Of Technology? You're Old!
Written by Sarah Perez / November 17

Apparently, growing up digital doesn't just mean being used to technology - it means not being scared of it when things go wrong, either.

Do crashing computers and busted Blackberries completely freak you out? Does a cryptic error message on your screen leave you feeling defeated or discouraged? According to a new study from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, your age might have something to do with your attitudes and emotions surrounding technology. The study, based on a survey of over 2000 U.S. adults, took an in-depth look at how people felt and reacted to problems with technology whether that meant a down internet connection or a broken gadget.



Sleep well to improve memory

Apart from providing rest, night sleep helps students to consolidate the things they learn during the day.

Consolidation of memory is widely believed to benefit from sleep. However, recent findings have questioned the extent of sleep-dependent consolidation. To figure out the whether or not sleeping helps the memory to consolidate things better, researchers from America recruited 200 college students. Most of them were not familiar with playing video games, so they were taught to play two games, which required players to attack their enemies.


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