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Newsletter. Issue 14. July 04, 2009


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Newsline Canada

UN Economic Conference Offers Hope to Developing World
By Joe De Capua | Washington D.C | 25 June 2009

Many NGO and humanitarian organizations are following developments at the U.N. economic conference in New York this week, waiting to see what will be done to help developing nations.



All eyes on Canada
Good migrations: Britons moving abroad

Excerpts from
Ben Quinn | The Guardian, Saturday 27 June 2009

Increasing numbers of UK nationals have become permanent residents in Canada, up from 5,199 in 2003 to 8,128 in 2007. Though it has not escaped the global downturn, the International Monetary Fund has identified Canada's economy as one which will recover strongly and quicker than others, thanks largely to a boom in sectors such as technology. Those qualifying for any of the 38 listed occupations, including financial auditor and cook, may have their visa applications prioritised, while rugged provinces such as Alberta also need workers in a range of sectors.


Green shoots start to sprout in green sector- Canada's alternative energy sector growing
Sun Jun 28, 10:50 AM | By Susan Taylor

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's alternative energy sector is showing signs of a budding recovery, as companies resurrect financing deals and public offerings that withered with the recession, but that revival remains very fragile.


Ontario Suspends Nuclear Reactor Procurement

QUEEN'S PARK, June 29 /CNW/ - The Government of Ontario today announced that it has suspended the competitive RFP to procure two replacement nuclear reactors planned for the Darlington site. Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure George Smitherman indicated that the government remains committed to the modernization of Ontario's nuclear fleet. "Emission-free nuclear power remains a crucial aspect of Ontario's supply mix" Smitherman said, "unfortunately, the competitive bidding process has not provided Ontario with a suitable option at this time" he added.


Harinder Takhar Promoted to Minister of Government Services in Ontario Government
South Asian Observer | Mississauga

Takhar Promoted to Minister of Government Services
( Jun 26 2009 )

Harinder Singh Takhar, who made history in 2003 by being appointed as Ontario’s first South Asian Cabinet minister, has been promoted in Dalton McGuinty’s latest cabinet shuffle.


Canadian Sikh Body Calls for Help to Sri Lankan Tamils
Jun 30 2009

Ottawa: The World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) has called upon the world community and specifically the United Nations and the governments of Canada, the United States and U.K. to take timely and effective actions to put an end to the suffering of the innocent Tamil people of Sri Lanka who, after three decades of hardship resulting from a conflict between LTTE and the state, are now displaced from their homes.


The statements, opinions, or views in the articles may not necessarily reflect that of the Goan Voice Canada.


Fading of the Dollar's Dominance
Other Nations See Opening to Boost Their Currencies
By Anthony Faiola | Washington Post Staff Writer | Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The days of calling the dollar almighty may be numbered.

Since World War II, when the dollar eclipsed the British pound as the king of world currencies, the United States has reaped the rewards of its monetary strength. The greenback's sense of indestructibility allowed the U.S. government to borrow cheaply and gave rise to an era of rich American globetrotters toting the world's most easily convertible form of cash.


Learnings from the Peoples’ Tribunal: Common Property, Communidades, Temples and Churches
(Published in the Gomantak Times 17th June 2009)

A critique leveled against this column last week, when it entered into the debate on the ‘Political Economy of the Church’ was that it ignored the issue of the lands and properties controlled by the temple committees in the State. It was pointed out, that the temple committee’s in the State are like the Church, also custodians of vast properties, that are effectively held privately, under the ridiculous proposition that they are private temples, and hence in that sense family properties.


Sony Comments on the Passing of Michael Jackson

NEW YORK, June 26 /CNW/ -- Michael Jackson, one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all-time, leaves an indelible imprint on popular music and culture.

Commenting on his passing, Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President, Sony Corporation, said: "Michael Jackson was a brilliant troubadour for his generation, a genius whose music reflected the passion and creativity of an era. His artistry and magnetism changed the music landscape forever. We have been profoundly affected by his originality, creativity and amazing body of work. The entire Sony family extends our deepest condolences to his family and to the millions of fans around the world who loved him."

People Places and Things

New appointments to the Order of Canada

Mahmood Naqvi, C.M., O.N.S.
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Member of the Order of Canada

For introducing major improvements to health care services for the people of Cape Breton as a surgeon and administrator for over 40 years.

Krishna Kumar, C.M., S.O.M.
Regina, Saskatchewan
Member of the Order of Canada

For his contributions as a clinical professor and researcher in neurosurgery, and for the development of innovative brain and spinal implants used for the treatment of chronic pain. Dr. Krishna Kumar looks over X-Rays in his Regina office.
Photograph by : Don Healy, Leader-Post


TEGSA's Trip to Fallsview Casino
Sal Rocha

A busload of TEGSA members left Agincourt Mall on Saturday 20th June for a fun filled day of wine tasting and gambling at Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls. The event was put together by our Trips Coordinator Flavia de Souza and ably helped by Austin Viegas, our assistant treasurer, who kept a keen eye on the flow of money going too and fro, mainly fro. After prayers were said for a safe trip, sandwiches and water were handed out and a game of horseracing began. Toy horses numbered 1 to 6 were propelled by means of two dice rolled and the resulting numbers moved the horse. There were some tense moments when horse #4 was accused of making an unscheduled move and the same horse of being on steroids. Eventually #4 was declared the winner. Phil D'Silva, Lou Fernandes, Theresa D'souza, Ophelia Gonsalves and Guilhermine Pereira were awarded $8.00 each. Winner of another quiz was Meera Mathias who collected $5.00


Study Unlocks Genetic Diversity in Africa 
By Jessica Berman | Washington

A group of scientists has unveiled what they say is the most comprehensive study ever of African genes which they say gives new insight into the origins of humans. The genetic study, a compilation of two big studies, confirms theories that modern humans evolved in Africa and then migrated through Europe and Asia to reach the Pacific and Americas. The study also shows that Africans have the most diverse DNA, and the fewest potentially harmful genetic mutations.


Book Review - Stranger to History

A Son's Journey Through Islamic Lands
Written by Aatish Taseer

Category: Biography & Autobiography - Personal Memoirs

Format: Hardcover, 336 pages
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 978-0-7710-8425-6 (0-7710-8425-0)

Pub Date: February 17, 2009
Price: $32.99

Read Review from Asian Age
A personalised study of Muslim identity

About this Book
As a child, all Aatish Taseer ever had of his father was his photograph in a browning silver frame.


China Reins in Wilder Impulses in Treatment of ‘Internet Addiction’ 
Richard Stone

No one doubts that logging long hours on the Internet can erode quality of life and on occasion can lead to ruinous consequences. In China alone, it's estimated that 5 million of the country's 300 million Internet users are "Internet addicts." Adolescents are especially vulnerable. But there is no meeting of the minds on whether Internet addiction is a genuine disorder. An American Psychiatric Association panel is now weighing whether to include Internet addiction in the fifth edition of the field's practices bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, planned for release in 2012. In China, the official view appears to be that Internet addiction is a genuine disorder, but attitudes are shifting about how aggressively it should be treated.


A Billion-Year Hard Drive
By Phil Berardelli | ScienceNOW Daily News | 29 May 2009

That embarrassing home movie of you naked in the tub could still be around millions of years from now, along with your less-than-eloquent posts on Face book and Twitter. Researchers have developed a new technology based on carbon nanotubes that promises to permanently preserve individual bits of data, such as those found on computer hard drives and DVDs. If so, the technology could lead to data archives holding the entirety of human thought and communications potentially forever.

News Clips from Goa

Indian envoys deny job losses in Gulf
PANJIM: The Indian ambassadors to Oman and Qatar have refuted claims that the Indian workers are losing their jobs in the Gulf due to global financial recession. "It is true that due to global recession some projects have been differed but it has not affected the economy there at all, Indian ambassador to Qatar Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa said." The number of Indian workers in Gulf has increased, in fact it is up by 30,000 this year," "Indians are always welcome in the Gulf due to our friendly behavior, hard work and honesty," Wadhwa said adding "even though our people are double the local people we are still welcome." "I do not see any job problem as reported in the media", he said. [H]


Lashker-e-Taiba plans to attack Goa! Alert issued
Goa along with Gujrat and Maharashtra has been issued alert by the Center following intelligence tip-off suggesting that Pakistan-based Lashker-e-Taiba Lashker's sea wing was planning to carry out a major suicide attack on iconic and prominent installations located along the Indian seacoast, official sources have said. Meanwhile SP (intelligence) Atmaram Deshpande confirmed the news however, denied any alert on infiltration, some five days back by the central agencies. We have pressed our agencies into service and a general vigil is thoroughly maintained at every location", he told GT. [GT]


Entire administration should run in Konkani
The entire administration should run in the language of the common man, of Goa which is 'Konkani' and not any foreign language including English said N Shivdas, President of Goa Konkani Academy while paying tribute to Shenoi Goembab on his 132nd birth anniversary at Goa Konkani premises. He further lamented that even after passing of official language act, Konkani has no place in the administration. Poet Ramesh Veluskar who graced the function spoke about contribution of Shenoi Goembab for Konkani language during his life time. Veluskar expressed deep anguish on non implementation of Official Language Act sincerely. He cautioned Goan identity will vanish and Konkani language will be replaced. [H]


Goa enacts law to kick out ragging
Students indulging in ragging will not go scot-free, from now on, as Goa Governor Dr S S Siddhu has given his accent to Goa Prohibition of Ragging Bill 2008 and the same has been notified as an Act. Dr Siddhu made an announcement to this effect at the Silver Jubilee celebration of Goa University held at the Kala Academy, on Tuesday. Dr Siddhu said with the enactment of the law, the managements of educational institutions have al primary responsibility to implement the Act, effectively. [H]


Tribal Welfare Dept soon: CM
Government will soon establish a Tribal Welfare Department and Scheduled Tribe Commission for the upliftment of scheduled Tribe Community, in Goa, announced Chief Minister Digambar Kamat after inaugurating the first ST Vikas Parishad organized by United Tribal’s Associations (UTM) in association with Department of Information and Publicity at Farmagudi Ponda on Monday. Ramesh Tavadkar, MIA and Convenor, UTM was present on the occasion. [H]


Some people fall back upon wild vegetables
As prices of locally grown vegetables and vegetables brought from outside the state are high some rural folks from Pernem taluka eat wild vegetables, which flourish during the monsoons. Yes, the local vegetables are little bit costly. Right now, two small bunches of Tamdi Bhaji are priced at Rs 10. [Bhiva P Parab - NT]


Locals turn away from growing vegetables
Some eight years back hardly anyone sold vegetables in stalls and kiosks in the coastal village of Salcete taluka and people used to buy vegetables in Margao markets or from the poor womenfolk who came in the villages hawking vegetables. However, today one finds greengrocers at Majorda, Betalbatim, Colva, Benaulim, Varca and other areas along the coastal belt of Salcete. Most of these greengrocers are migrants as locals are turning away from farming, especially cash crops. The rising prosperity and spread of education are attributes to this lack of interest among Goans in farming activities. Locals who once cultivated the land and raised several cash crops said that they gave up raising crops due to high cost of labour. [NT]


Thrash the trash: Team - CCP to meet CM
Sometime next week yet another CCP delegation will be headed for a meet with Chief Minister Digambar kamat . The garbage issue came to the fore at yesterday's meet of the majority to participate in the delegation led by CCP Mayor Caroline Po. As temporary solution, the cooperators also mulled over signing a lease agreement with the owner of the land behind the Heera Petrol pump for garbage composting/segregation. Among other issues resolved at the meeting was the disbursement of CCP employees' salaries for the month of June in accordance with the recommendation of the Sixth Pay Commission. The CCP budget is likely to be presented within two weeks. [GT]


The Complete Guide To: Goa
June 27, 2009 | By Hannah Russell and Simon Calder

This diminutive Indian state packs in miles of relaxed beaches, a rich Portuguese heritage and coconut-laced cuisine.

Where – and why?
India's smallest state – slightly bigger than Devon – is tucked into the south-west coast of the sub-continent. It makes up for its diminutive size through the diversity of its 1.4 million-strong population and the wealth of experiences on offer in the region.  Although small, the state is among India's richest, largely thanks to tourism. The big attraction is more than 80 miles of coastline, and India's most sophisticated mass-market tourist industry: Indian culture is given a Goan twist, and strange foreign practices are tolerated more readily in Goa than in the rest of India. But if you delve deeper you will find plenty of culture and history, and some seductively accessible nature.

Click to Read Article


Fishmongers Cash In On Demand, Despite Ban

MARGAO, JUNE 23: Worried of a fish shortage in markets this monsoon?. No, you should not. In fact, Goans can look forward for a rich variety of fish notwithstanding the ban on fishing activity. Visit Goa’s only wholesale fish market located at the entrance to the commercial capital and one finds the market bustling with normal activity. A fleet of outstation trucks transports tons of fish to the Goan market in the wee hours every day. Some of the vehicles originate from as far as Chennai and Hyderabad and reach the Margao wholesale fish market before dawn.


Malnourished Girls In North Goa To Get Free Rice
FROM NT NETWORK | Posted on 2009-06-26

PANAJI: The department of woman and child development, under the nutrition programme of the central government, has started distribution of 6 kg rice, free of cost, on monthly basis, to the malnourished girls from North Goa, in the 11 to 19 age group.


70% Subsidy For Paddy Transplanters
Written by NT Network | Saturday, 27 June 2009 21:35

PANAJI: The director of agriculture, Mr. Satish Tendulkar on Saturday said that the government intends to give 70 per cent subsidy on the paddy transplanter, a revolutionary farming implement, introduced to the state recently.


Agriculture Awareness Camps Held In Quepem,prtpage-1.cms
27 Jun 2009,

MARGAO: A series of awareness camps on kharif agriculture' organized by the state's agriculture department in remote areas of Quepem, has evoked a good response from the farming community. With the Quepem zonal agriculture office managing to sell a sizeable quantity of paddy seeds so far, officials are hopeful that the new schemes introduced by the government for effective seed treatment would prove beneficial to farmers from rural areas.


Government of India
Ministry of Earth Sciences


News Clips from India

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is worried about rain
Amit Agnihotri | New Delhi

June 23: Concerned over the likely impact of delayed monsoon on the agriculture sector and thereby on the economy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has asked key government secretaries to keep a watch on the situation.


World Council of Churches asks Indian churches to fight caste discrimination
Indian Catholic | June 24 2009

UTRECHT (NETHERLANDS): An international conference held in Doorn on anti racism has asked the Indian churches to fight caste discrimination and to tirelessly work towards empowering the Dalits. Organized by the World Council of Churches with the Council of Churches in Netherlands, there were around 50 church leaders from various denominations including theologians and activists committed to tackle racism in a concerted effort.


India home to 25 pc of wealthiest expats: Survey
Press Trust of India, | June 25, 2009, New Delhi

Asian countries are home to some of the wealthiest expatriates in the world and about 25 per cent of the highest paid foreign assignees' prefer to live in India, a report has said.


'80% babus don't use computers'
Surendra Gangan / DNA | Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mumbai: Chief minister Ashok Chavan was shocked when he learnt that nearly 80% of the secretaries and top officials do not follow the online procedure using the computer and laptops given to them. Chavan had directed all officials to minimise manual communication and resort to the online mechanism for internal communication within the administration.


Pakistan Treads Warily as New Fight Looms
Preliminary Efforts Against Fighters in Tribal Waziristan Yield Mixed Results
By Pamela Constable | Washington Post Foreign Service | Monday, June 29, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, June 28 -- More than 70 years ago, the British army went to war against tribal forces loyal to a charismatic religious figure in what is now the Pakistani region of Waziristan. The ensuing guerrilla conflict lasted more than a decade. The British troops, though far more numerous and better armed, never captured the renegade leader and finally withdrew from the region.


Max Mascarenhas - TGSSA Member+ Max Mascarenhas - TEGSA Member

MASCARENHAS, Max - Peacefully on June 22, 2009 at the age of 76. Dear husband of Maria Alice. Loving father of Denis (Shirley), Clifford (Liza), Newton, and Carol. Grandfather to Michael, Amanda, Ryan, and Chelsea. Brother to the late Ayres (Mary), predeceased siblings Eddie (Mita), Anne (Cajetan), and Olinda (Marcelin). Funeral Mass held on Saturday June 27, at Prince of Peace Church, followed by interment Christ the King Cemetery.


+ Imelda D'Costa

D'COSTA, Imelda - Passed away suddenly on Saturday, June 27th, 2009, in her 68th year. Imelda Maria D'Costa, beloved wife of Joseph D'Costa. Loving mother of Conrad (Cheryl) and Ivan. Loving "Nana" of Nathan and Daniel. Beloved daughter of Rosita Dias and her late husband Caserio. Dear sister of Bosco Dias and Naomi (Eugene Noronha). Fondly remembered by her brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews, friends and other family members. A Funeral Liturgy celebrated at St. Denis Roman Catholic Church, 230 Lake Street, St. Catharines on Thursday, July 2, 2009 .

Memorial donations to the Niagara Mental Health Association would be appreciated.

Above excerpt from the Toronto Star


+ Canute Nazareth

12 June: London. CANUTE NAZARETH (Born 1917 Nachinola, Goa. ex- Ministry of Works, Nairobi). Died peacefully. Will be greatly missed by his wife Irene (nee D'sa) and daughters Marianne & Lyn and Sons-in-Law Chris de Lima and John Twigg and grand children Sophie Helen and Elizabeth and Samuel and Peter. Funeral took place on Wednesday 24th June 2009 at Catholic Church of St. Anne Line, 7 Grove Crescent, South Woodford, London E18 2JR. Condolences to 


Message From Antonio Mascarenhas (

On behalf of the Presidents and Members of the Alliance of Overseas Goan Village Associations of Canada, I send our best wishes to all the Goans around the World on the 10th Anniversary of the World Goa Day to be held on August 20th, 2009. Let us toast ourselves to our past, present and future and to our unique Goan heritage! We are thankful to God and our ancestors for all they have done and given us. We hope the future will be kind and generous to our children, and that our heritage, and culture will long endure. I would request all the Goan Organizations throughout the World to join and support the World Alliance of Goan Associations.

Best wishes to all Goans around the World.
Antonio Mascarenhas
Chairman: Alliance of Overseas Goan Village Associations of Canada






Please mark you calendars for the following exciting events:
All events will be held at Commander Hall Arena, unless otherwise advised.
Sunday, September 13th, 2009
 at 2 pm
6 Anniversary Dance

Qssis Banquet Hall
3474 Kingston Ro, Scar at Markham

Click for Flyer
September or October  2009 Agawa Canyon
14th November 2009 Fallsview Casino, Magnotta and Festival of Lights

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Goan Events in World Wide & Canada - 2009





Saturday, July 11th 2009 Curtorim-Loutulim-Raia Association (CLR) CLR (Curtorim-Loutulim-Raia Association) Picnic

Thompson Memorial Park - Area C
Sunday, July 19th 2009 Calangute Association Canada 2009 Calangute Social
Celebration of the Feast of Patron St. Alex
Mass @ 11.30 a.m.
Europa Convention Centre
7050 Bramalea Road
Mississauga, Ontario
Click for Flyer
Sunday September 20, 2009 –12.00 noon-6.30 p.m. Railway Goan Institute  Centenary Celebration Railway Goan Institute  Centenary Celebration

Payal Banquet Hall

3410 Semenyk Court
Mississauga, On L6C 4P8
Click for flyer
Saturday, October 3rd 2009 Curtorim-Loutulim-Raia Association (CLR) CLR (Curtorim-Loutulim-Raia Association) 10th Annual Social Flyer to follow
Saturday October 17, 2009
 5:30 p.m. to 1.00 a.m
Cortalim Association Toronto

Celebrating The Feast of Saints Phillip & James  
CLAIREPORT Banquet Place 65 Claireport Cres, Etobicoke

Click for flyer
Saturday, October 24th, 2009 SAM Productions Konkani TIATR "CHUK KONNACHI"

An award winning Play full of COMEDY, LOVE, TRAGEDY & DECEIT

DO NOT MISS the Opening Chorus on M.BOYER
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Sailing February 12, 2010 (9 Nights)

Ex Students in Toronto of  ST. TERESA’s Boys’ & Girls’ School, Eastleigh

St. Teresa’s School

First Global Reunion Caribbean Cruise from  Miami, Florida

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Health & Wellness

Older Skin Needs More Sunscreen, Extra Protection, Say Dermatologists
By IANS | Posted On Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marburg: Whether gardening at home or vacationing at a beach resort, older people need to be aware that exposure to the sun without some kind of UV (Ultraviolet Ray) protection is a danger.


A few extra pounds can add years to your life: study

Toronto (ECN) - A Canadian study has shown that having a little extra body weight might be good for the body and actually a few extra pounds may protect people from dying too early. Researchers have discovered that obese and underweight people are dying earlier than those who are at a normal weight. And people who are just a bit overweight are even living longer than those at normal weight.


Adult Obesity On The Rise In Canada

OTTAWA — Obesity rates are going up, diabetes is increasing and blood pressure problems are worsening among Canadian adults. To top it off, more people are having trouble finding a family doctor — the medical expert most likely to help prevent such health conditions from occurring.


How Eating Less Can Help Boost Lifespan
Thursday, June 25, 2009

London: Scientists have long known that a restricted diet extends life. Now, researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have identified two enzymes that provide a new molecular explanation for how eating less leads to living longer.


Warning: Never Mix Javex With Any Other Cleaning Compound!!!
Sent by Juliet Rebello

Local woman nearly killed after mixing cleaners

A Terra Cotta woman who recently had a near-fatal accident with household cleaning agents wants to share her story with the public in order to hopefully prevent a similar incident from happening to someone else.


Calling All White Blood Cells
By Stephanie Pappas | ScienceNOW Daily News | 3 June 2009

Anyone who has felt the sting as hydrogen peroxide foams and fizzes on a scraped knee knows about the compound's antiseptic properties. But new research suggests that hydrogen peroxide does more than just kill microbes. It may also call for reinforcements, summoning an army of bacteria-fighting cells to cuts and wounds.

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