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Newsletter. Issue 14. July 03, 2010

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First time Goan Float on the Canada Day Parade in Montreal
Message from :Mary Silveira, President, Quebec Goan Association

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The Quebec Goan Association, took part in the July 1st Canada Day colourful parade in Montreal for the first time in its history. The float which was themed "To Keep Our Goan Heritage Alive" was colourfully decorated with ladies dancing to Konkani music, and was cheered on by a large crowd gathered along St. Catherine Street, in Montreal.

The parade terminated at Philips Square in downtown Montreal and was followed by a concert by performers in different languages and different ethnic groups. Goa was well represented with Jacinta Luis opening the show with a Konkani folk song, Aum Saiba Poltodi Vetam. There were other songs
in Konkani, English, French and a Portuguese dance, again by the Members of the Quebec Goan Association.
Thank you.


Ektaim Zavum Ters Korumya –Pray the Rosary in Konkani

A new website www.konkanirosary.org has been unveiled which allows viewers to participate in reciting all five decades of the Glorious mystery in Konkani.

Click Image to access website

April 11, 2010, more than 220 people from all parts of the Greater Toronto Area, came to the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Scarborough for a service appropriately termed "Ektaim Zavum Ters Korumya". The entire rosary was videotaped for subsequent post-processing and display on the Internet.

Preparing the video for the Internet was a daunting task according to Michael Pinto of Winnipeg, who spearheaded the effort.

Michael writes “We were breaking new ground and had to start from scratch. The developers of http://www.comepraytherosary.org website generously gave us their underlying software templates and visual interfaces, but there were strict conditions for it’s use. No logos or promotional material to be displayed. A considerable effort had to be spent in preparing the videotapes before use in the program. Sound tracks had to be edited for timing and quality. Some of the hymns and music. had to be re-recorded in a studio. The task of matching video and voice to the computer program was also a challenge. Each decade of the rosary is recited at a different timing depending on the reciter. Hence getting the rosary beads to change colour after each Holy Mary is an arduous task and had to be done bead by bead for each decade. “

The task of mastering the workings of the program and preparing it for the Internet was done itself by an IT team in Goa Those following the rosary have the option of viewing the Toronto service as a backdrop, or seeing screen shots of Goa’s famous churches. The site also includes an “Intentions Page” for dedicating the recitation.

Plans are in hand for adding the remaining mysteries using tapings done in San Francisco, and  those scheduled for Melbourne, and London (UK)

See also:
View the Toronto taping - 11th April 2010- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwB-p5uFoXI
View the San Francisco - 16th May 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz_Obtbietg

The Melbourne, Australia event is to be held on 25th July 2010 (tentative) at St. Theresa’s Church, Albion. Victoria. Contact Joe Alfonso at 011-61-397-018-582 and Venessa Afonso at 011-61-392-662-866

London, UK will confirm if 30th August is a firm date, and the location for the Aylesford Pilgrimage Event. The event is listed for Mon 30, August 2010 Bank Holiday: GOAN PILGRIMAGE See www.thefriars.org.uk for directions and maps

In a letter to the Toronto Pray the Rosary supporters, Michael adds…

The Konkani Rosary recitation will serve to enhance our spiritual well-being. It will bind us to our Goan heritage, and maintain our links with Goa. It should thrive and continue, but can only do so from grass roots support the world over. Please help it continue.

Tumchea mogachea korubani tumi Saibinmiche Ashirwad zoddle, ani tem sodanch tumechem sovoyem assum, munon hanv magtam. Dev Borem Korum tumkam sogleank


Toronto East Goan Seniors Association Sixth Anniversary Celebration.

Toronto East Goan Seniors Association (TEGSA) celebrated the Sixth Anniversary on Saturday, June 19, 2010.at The Metropolitan Cenre. Scarborough, Ont. It is the largest Goan Association in GTA with 750 members. It was a friendly gathering of members and out-of-town guests who shared lots of warmth and they were in cheerful spirits. The ladies were presented with a Capodimonte Rose as a “ Thank You” and the entire celebration was upbeat.

The many familiar faces mingled around during the Social Hour as Hors d’oeuvres were served. There was never a moment without a conversation, or laughter among the members. Sheilah D’Souza, the Cultural Secretary was the compere for the occasion. She was well prepared and she did a fantastic job throughout the event. She kept everyone in a delightful mood.

The foremost part of the afternoon was welcoming speech from Olga Madeira the President. of TEGSA. She was poised as she conveyed her message. She mentioned that the celebration was an illustration of our relationship, our strength, our devotion and dedication to our Goan Community. She expressed her gratitude and best wishes for the Past Presidents and their respective committee members for turning over the thriving Association to the current committee and she along with her enthusiastic committee would carry the torch with pride. She introduced her committee members to all the members and guests present. She encouraged members to be involved by attending the events or by expressing their concerns and suggestions to the delegates.

Sheilah read the greetings that were received from Michael Chan, the Ontario Minister of Tourism and Culture. His letter stated that the province’s cultural vitality is greatly enriched by the contributions of Ontarians around the world, including those descending from Goa, India. He congratulated TEGSA on the occasion of the association’s Anniversary Celebration and he commended TEGSA for the vital support given the Goan Seniors..

Next as planned, Sheilah D’Souza invited Effie Rocha to say the Grace before meals She included a prayer of thanks for the TEGSA’s good times and then all joined her in reciting the Grace before meals. This was followed with the scrumptious, delicious meal with two bottle of red and white wine at each table and it created a warm feeling of togetherness all round

Bosco and his Rafikis Live music created a beautiful atmosphere. They set the tone for the afternoon and almost everyone responded to their music. They took to the floor and graciously swayed to the music. These musicians under the direction of Bosco got the people into the mood by playing some of the traditional Goan folk music. They all danced and had a great time.

Sheilah thanked all the generous donors for their prize contributions. The spotlight was focused on the Special Treat for Fathers to celebrate Father’s day in advance. Two Flamenco Dancers were on the dance floor dancing to the Spanish beat with castanets and fans. Their performance was exuberant and joyful. Their superb elegant, graceful movements got all the fathers glue their eyes on them.

Time flies fast when everybody has fun and it was just that. It was time for cutting the Anniversary cake.. Martha Menezes and Flavia DeSouza were invited to cut the cake and this was placed on the Sweet Table for people to help themselves along with cookies, tea or coffee.

It was a very enjoyable celebration. All in all, special thanks to TEGSA’s President and her committee for the wonderful Sixth Anniversary Celebration.


Kampala (Goan) Institute Centenary Celebrations
Toronto June 24-27, 2010

Click image to enlarge

Address by Antonio Mascarenhas- Chairman of Centenary Committee, at Dinner Dance, June 26th, 2010 Pearson Convention Center, Brampton

A Hundred years ago, our pioneering founders could never have imagined that the Centenary Celebration of the Kampala Goan Institute would be held 12,000 kilometres away in far off Canada.

This Anniversary celebration gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and pay tribute to the courageous nineteen visionary Goan pioneers who laid the foundation for the Kampala Goan Institute on June 26th 1910. As Goan goodwill ambassadors to their new home in Uganda, Africa, they enthusiastically and courageously formed an institution where fellow Goans could meet, play and socialize. From a tiny tin-roofed shack, the club grew to the impressive institution that was a haven for countless Goan immigrants to Kampala. The site of the original club was never changed – again a testimony to the vision of the founders. They couldn’t have picked a more central location for what became one of the finest social and sports institutions in the city.

KGI members were recognized throughout East Africa for their sporting prowess. We excelled in hockey, cricket, tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Our members were key players in Ugandan and East African teams in international tournaments. Three KGI members were in the Ugandan Olympic hockey squad at the Munich Games in 1972.

KGI bonds of friendship have endured as is demonstrated by the overwhelming support our committee has received in organizing this Centenary celebration. Much has transpired over the last hundred years. Twelve years after celebrating a lavish 50th Anniversary, the vast majority of KGI members were forced to leave Uganda as part of the historic Asian Exodus of 1972. Almost overnight, the Kampala Goan Diaspora boosted membership of fledgling Goan Associations in many cities around the world primarily in Britain, Australia, the United States and Canada.

Fifty years ago, KGI founding member, Eugene A. Pinto stated: – “The past has been glorious, the present is prosperously passing, and the future is in trust with the younger members.” Political events prevented future members from carrying the KGI torch in the location of its inception but the strong membership bond was never severed. This Centenary celebration is a tribute to the KGI spirit that has motivated so many to attend from around the world to pass the torch to our children who have indeed done us proud in every country that gave us refuge.

I extend a warm welcome to Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia, Chairman of the Kampala Institute and the Hon. Rajni Tailor, Secretary of the Kampala Institute and Minister of State for Economic Planning Development & Investments, Buganda Kingdom, who travelled here from Uganda to represent the newly constituted Kampala Institute. My sincere gratitude for their generous donations without which we would have been unable to organize a celebration such as this.

Finally, an ambitious three day celebration such as this could not have been possible without an organizing committee that so unstintingly gave of their time and energy.

I send my most sincere greetings to all past and present members of the Kampala Institute and wish the Institute many years of success in the future.

Click here for
Souvenir Booklet of the Kampala (Goan) Institute Centenary Celebrations
Click here for Kampala Goan Institute Centenary Mass

Antonio Mascarenhas


By Armand Rodrigues

Throwing all cares to the wind, participants in this light-hearted exercise of contrived laughter were able to play out real-life situations that had the singular effect of inducing laughter. Diverse scenarios called for different degrees of spontaneous sounds expressing lively amusement or hysterics. You could be laughing in a person’ face, from the side of your mouth, from the depths of your belly, or having the last laugh. An outsider looking in would think the crowd had gone bonkers or had inhaled excessive laughing-gas.

The histrionics gave way to people with shawls and pashminas, draped in an array of creative arrangements, prancing about in moves reminiscent of a hot potato between their knees. How else could they express themselves in high-level “Bhangra” instruction that they were receiving? Added to the mix was some line-dancing and even a smidgen of “Kunbi”dancing. The pot-pourri included lively songs by Saozinha, Delphine, Alan Pires and others, ably emceed by Alu DeSouza, and with piano accompaniment by Bertha of Switzerland.

Guests from England, Australia, Switzerland, Uganda (who were here for the KGI Centenary celebrations), enjoyed this Goan merriment, as much as the locals. You could laugh it off, but there was no traditional “bacalhao” or “sopa de peixe” in the tasty catered Portuguese dinner. Blame this on the cod-fishing ban if you will.

Numerous people had a hand in putting this on. Some of those were Morris & Rachel Pinto, Tina DeMello, Jean DeMello and the well-known five George sisters from Carmona.

For now, laughter resides in our subconscious regions.


Tiatr Review "Dukh" - A testament of our time
From: Albertina Fernandes <albertinaferns@hotmail.com>
Posted on Tanzanite Goans <goans_tanzanite@yahoogroups.com>
Sent: Mon, June 28, 2010 11:52:14 AM


Photo: Eugene Correia

Click image to Emlarge
Photos By Brendan Abreu
URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/goans_tanzanite

I was very privileged to attend the konkani tiatr written and directed by Raymond Menezes a multi-talented writer, director, actor who has been active on the Konkani drama scene in Canada since 1989. Also known as Jr. Menezes on stage the konkani theatre impresario in Toronto, Canada and was produced by James Fernandes on Sat June 19, 2010.
I was very impressed by the visual effects which were second to none during my entire life attending the konkani tiatrs in Toronto since their inception. Raymond (Junior) was given this opportunity by the late Richard Fernandes who started the Goan Konkani Troupe in Toronto and introduced Junior to the Group. Junior hails from Sonarbatt, Quepem, Goa. He has been involved in Tiatr since his childhood, having written his first drama at the age of 13. Soon after immigrating to Canada, he presented his first Tiatr in Toronto in 1989. In 1999, he performed with Goa's Melody King and Radio Star the late Alfred Rose, along with Rita Rose. He also directed M. Boyers hit Tiatros like "Burgim Anik Bangar", "Adim tem atam hem" and Rosferns "Budhvont". Jr. Menezes usually does comedy roles and is called the Jancint Vaz of the Canadian Konkani stage. Amongst his other tiatr achievements, was 'Adeus' which he wrote, directed and participated in.

Junior definitely put a lot of time and effort into this production and it showed. Everyone who attended this event went home with a lump in their throat as to how much this young man is trying to put our beloved Konkani and our homeland of Goa on the map and in each and every goan's mind. I was fortunate to travel with Jr. Menezes to Goa in December 1994. He has such a passion for Goa, the land and its people and especially the language which is unique. He is a very passionate man when it comes to Goa and all things Goan.

The curtain opened with a family among others boarding a flight. A flight that ended in tragedy and left behind a young orphan girl Roma. The visual effects of the crash were simply amazing. Roma was raised by her paternal uncle, his wife and their son. Growing up in this extended family was no easy task for a little girl who just wanted to be loved but the aunt was not that giving. She made the little girl's life hell on earth and were it not for her young cousin and uncle, Roma would indeed be alone.

Roma was married and again as luck would have it, she was in the clutches of a mother-in-law who was suspicious of her every move. It was revealed to Roma by an old visionary priest that her husband was to die a certain death but Roma made a pact with Jesus at the site of the wooden cross that she would make a novena and come before the cross to pray for his good health and life, she promised that she would attend and pray at the wooden cross every Friday and make a novena and not break it. Her father-in-law overhead her make her pact with Jesus but she swore him to secrecy as if anyone knew of her great sacrifice for her husband it would render the pact void. Her father-in-law was the silver lining under every cloud but her mother-in-law and husband could not understand why she was going out alone and suspected that she was up to no good. Her mother-in-law berated her and so did the husband and then both turned against her and finally her husband threatened to divorce her. Roma was watched by her husband and mother at every turn and she missed making her trip on the last day of her novena. That day unfortunately her husband had a massive heart attack and died. Roma went to the cross to ask why Jesus had let her down as she had kept her side of the bargain. Then come into play the visual effects and Jesus gets displayed on the wooden cross that she used to go to pray for her husband's good health and Roma understood and begged Jesus to forgive her. Her husband then made a miraculous recovery and her father-in-law
explained. There were few dry eyes in the audience.

Thanks to A. C. Pereira for co-ordinating the visual effects with Jr. Menezes and to Josie (Josephine) Carrasco (nee Dias) for being a right hand person for the konkani tiatr. Josie I understand worked tirelessly with the cast and learnt everyone's lines so that she could prompt them when needed. Winnie Crasto received the Richard Fernandes Award, which was donated by Jr. Menezes in memory of the late Richard Fernandes and presented by Richard's wife Rosy, for making her mark on Konkani tiatr and for giving of herself with love and passion. Amongst other recognitions handed out, were the producer recognition awards which were given to Josie Carrasco, Terry Carrasco, Keith Crasto, Alywn Gomes & Lourdinho Rodrigues.

Faria Fernandes as the older Roma was in my words simply fantastic and gets my nod for her stellar performance. Thanks to Terrence Carrasco, Keith Crasto, Lourdinho Rodrigues, Grace Almeida, Jude Menezes, Pradeep Mahabir, Gregorgy Fernandes, Allwyn Gomes and Willie Gracias and all the others who worked behind the scences tirelessly but don't always get the praise. Of course Olavo DaCosta made a terrific M.C. The comedians and singers like Auggie Pereira, Hazel Jacob, Lara Rebello, Oscar Nazareth, Winnie Crasto, Charmaine Menezes (Jr.'s lovely wife), Steven Fernandes, Ruth Kumar (she gives a lovely rendition of Lorna) Joyson and Wilson D'Souza, Miguel Barretto and my heartrob Agnello Fernandes who came all the way from the USA for each practice and the final performance. And Brendan Abreu (who probably did not understand everything) was the
dedicated official photographer for the tiatr not forgetting June Dias (Josie's daughter) who was the official videographer. All these people showed total dedication. Of course, what can I say about our own AC Pereira. He was a total hit with his portrayal of a cross dresser but then which is the real AC? I never know as he wears so many hats. It is people like these and the rest of the crew make me proud to be a Goan and one who loves Goa, was born there (though I moved to Dar at the age of 7) and has spoken the language since birth. Growing up in Dar es Salaam where my parents were often ridiculed by other Goans for speaking to the children in Konkani. I remember my mother always saying it is okay if my English is not perfect or even broken at least all my children know our mother tongue and for which I have always thanked my parents. All six of us children know the language fluently and it is only unselfish parents like mine that imparted this gift to us which we all love and appreciate. I can go to Goa and feel completely at home be it taking the buses all alone, haggling at the markets about the prices or enjoying the tiatrs there. Knowing the language or any other language for that matter other than the one spoke at home is always a big plus.

Jr. Menezes should be commended for his hard work and for striving for excellence in his adopted country of Canada. He is a welcome addition to the fabric and mozaic of multi-cultural Toronto. Viva Goa.

Albertina Fernandes (nee Dourado)


Nurse Maria Fraser (nee Fernandes) Receives Award of Excellence
From: The Nunavut Nurse

Excepts :
Message from Alex Campbell - Deputy Minister- Health and Social Services
Government of Nunavut - Canada

As Nunavut celebrates National Nursing Week, it’s important to recognize the huge contribution nurses make to the health and well-being of Nunavummiut and our communities. The commitment to numerous years of post-secondary education prepares nurses to be outstanding primary care providers at our health centres, public health offices and hospital. Nurses are highly trained and skilled professionals who possess a unique knowledge-base in the health system.

Award of Excellence for Lifetime Achievement
Maria Palmira Fraser was born in Kenya where she received her elementary and high school education. In 1971, she began religious training in Italy. In 1980, she completed her Nursing, Public Health and Midwifery training in the United Kingdom. After working as a nurse in Italy, Maria returned to Kenya to work as a volunteer Registered Nurse and Midwife. She spent seven years working in Kenya before immigrating to British Columbia. In 1991, Maria began working in the Northwest Territories and then Nunavut. She has worked in Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove, Baker Lake and, for the past 19 years, Maria has worked in Repulse Bay. The primary focus of Maria’s work is empowering community members through health promotion.


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