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Diwali in Goa - Friday November 5, 2010

Diwali which is the festival of lights, is a one-day festival in Goa. Bhaubija and the New year day are also celebrated as part of Diwali festival. In Goa, huge effigies of Narkasura the demon, are made and burnt at dawn. The night of Diwali is also be jeweled with millions of flickering candles and an explosion of fire works and fire crackers, so it is known as the Festival of Lights. The lamps signify enlightenment or upliftment of the mind and edification of the spirit.

According to legend Narkasur was a Rakshas (demon) who was terrorizing the people. He used to come down to the villages and capture and kill the citizens. Lord Krishna killed him and freed people from his terrorism. Till this time there was no peace because of the people's fear of the Narkasur. With his killing, people were in a celebratory mood. They lit up their houses with 'pontis' and hung 'akash divas' above their houses.

Narak Chaturdasi is called Diwali in Goa. On this day, early morning, a paper made Narkasur (demon) filled with grass, wastepaper, crackers etc is taken out and to the accompaniment of taunts and insults, burnt and cremated. Early on Diwali day after burning the Narkasur the Hindu menfolk will return to their homes to be massaged by their wives / mothers with the same type oil and 'utnem'. The family then visits the local temple and returns to a similar feast of 'foav' sweets.


Newsline Canada

Pope Declares Six New Saints
October 17, 2010

Vatican City, Vatican (AHN) - Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed six new saints on Sunday in Vatican City’s St. Peter’s Square.
Excerpts from:

Canonized were

  1. Australian nun and educator Mary MacKillop,
  2. Canadian healer Andre Bessette,
  3. Italian nun Camilla Battista Varano,
  4. Polish preacher and confessor Stanislaw Soltys,
  5. Italian catechist Giulia Salzano, and
  6. Spanish educator Juana Cipitria Barriola.

The canonization of MacKillop, Australia’s first saint, drew some 8,000 Australian devotees to Rome.

St. MacKillop (1842-1909)St. MacKillop (1842-1909) founded the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, whose nuns educated poor rural children for free. In his homily, Pope Benedict said St. MacKillop, 1842-1909, was a model of "zeal, perseverance and prayer" as she dedicated herself to the education of the poor in the difficult territory of rural Australia, inspiring other women to join her in the country's first community of religious women.


Konkani and Goan Culture depicted on World Goa Day 2010 in Qatar
By Simon D'Silva

 Click here for photo album

Doha October 9, 2010: "Celebrate Goa and Goans", being the watchword of World Goa Day was exhibited in vibrant and multihued celebration, by the Goan Welfare Association in Qatar. World Goa Day 2010 was presented in a riot of colours and lively music depicting the Goan identity, culture, language and traditions by Goans of different ages from 6 to 74.

Germany's Merkel: Multiculturalism Is Kaput – but not in Canada

Chancellor Angela Merkel says multiculturalism in Germany has 'failed utterly'. She tells a conference of the youth wing of her Christian Democratic Union party that Germans and foreign workers could not 'live happily side by side'. The speech has been interpreted as a dramatic shift to the right

Follow Canada's lead on immigration, MPs say
By LAURA PAYTON, Parliamentary Bureau | October 18, 2010

OTTAWA – Canada's doing a better job of integrating immigrants than other western countries, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Monday.

Chile's textbook mine rescue brings global respect
Frank Bajak, The Associated Press | 14 October 2010


SAN JOSE MINE, Chile - Chile's 33 rescued miners posed with the president and were poked by doctors on Thursday, itching to reunite with families and sleep in their own beds for the first time since a cave-in nearly killed them on Aug. 5.

Chinese economy to keep high growth for another 10-20 years: experts 2010-10-14

STOCKHOLM, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese economy will keep rapid growth for another 10 to 20 years, and at the same time face challenges, said experts at a seminar held by Stockholm China Alliance (SCA) on Wednesday.


Mombasa welcomes Chinese navy hospital ship Peace Ark

Peace Ark is the first hospital ship in the world with a 10,000- ton capacity. It has 428 soldiers, officers and medical workers aboard.

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- The Kenyan government has applauded the visit of the Chinese navy hospital ship Peace Ark.

Click to enlarge

Addressing the press conference in his office the deputy Provincial Commissioner (PC) Joseph Satia has said the exercise will enable people get access to medical treatment.


The statements, opinions, or views in the articles may not necessarily reflect that of the Goan Voice Canada.


Media pressure taking toll on Catholic youth
Written by Michelle D’Souza | Youth Speak News | Thursday, 14 October 2010 08:30

It is difficult for youth to stand up to pressures placed on us by mainstream media.

For example, the media pushes us to be physically perfect and tempts us to believe we should judge others based on their appearance. In contrast, the Catholic Church teaches that we should accept one another no matter our appearance.

The Undeveloped Indian Psyche
By Lancy Fernandes | In Opinion section of | Oct 15, 2010

India is ranked the third most influential country in the world because of its growth in economy and technology, infrastructure and workforce production. Many have tried to change the face of India. But has India really changed from deep within? What is that which blocks India from realizing Kalam’s ‘Vision 2020?’

View from US: America in a flux
By Anjum Niaz | Sunday, 26 Sep, 2010

Today, one in every seven Americans is poor. Yes, poor. A family of four earning $21,954 annually comes under the poverty line. Some more news: An upstart: the Tea Party, led by the likes of TV celebrity Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin threatens to upstage the Democrats and the Republicans in coming years.

Pakistan’s armed support to Kashmiris is the worst-kept secret in the world

By talking of it, Musharraf is trying to gain momentum for his new party

THE COMMANDO with the habit of perplexing off-the-cuff remarks has struck again. Having launched his new political party from self-exile in London on 1 October, Gen Musharraf has been trying to promote his party. Given that the possibility of a return to Pakistan for Musharraf is remote, and given that he has no obvious constituency, the media has focussed on where the real interest lies: the past, the decade Musharraf spent running Pakistan.

People Places and Things

Goan Voice Canada Special
Goa - America Heart Foundation


All Grand Thoughts Come From The Heart
Elliot Bocarro

Click to enlarge

We all know that Goa has inadequate cardiac treatment facilities. Most of us complain about the lack of services available, especially for the poor. A few of us have even made modest contributions to local charities at some point in time. With 60% of the World's cardiovascular disease attributed to India; and the highest rate of these incidents in Goa, it appears that any meaningful reduction of this disease is just a dream.


Anthony Gomes
Doctor, Poet and Writer
By: Wanda Gomes | First Published in Goan Connection –Spring 2010

Dr. J. Anthony Gomes is a Professor of Medicine and Director of the Electrophysiology and Cardiovascular Consultative Services at the Zena and Michael A. Wiener Cardiovascular Institute, The Mount Sinai Medical Center. He has been consistently listed for the last 10 years in the Best Doctors in New York (New York Magazine) and the Best Doctors in America. He has also been featured in “Indians in New York” and “India Abroad.”


Interview with Tony (Antonio) Gomes on youtube.

Play Video
 Antonio Gomes... author of Sting of the Peppercorns

Renowned Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Writer and Poet

Bio Dr. J. Anthony (Tony) Gomes

Dr. J. Anthony (Tony) Gomes, also Antonio Gomes hails originally from Goa, India. He studied in both English (in Mumbai) and Portuguese (in Goa). Besides English, he fluently speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Konkani (local Goan language) and understand French and Hindi. He immigrated to the US in 1970 after medical school. After specializing in Cardiology, and Cardiac Electrophysiology, he joined the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, as Head of its Cardiac Electrophysiology Department in 1984.

About the Goa-America Heart Foundation Inc.
Excerpts from

Goa-America Heart Foundation (GAHF Inc.), a not-for-profit organization was founded by a group of Goan professionals successfully established in the USA and in India. The initiative to create a Cardiac Center in Goa is attributed mainly to Dr. Daniel Neville Mascarenhas, an interventional cardiologist practicing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is the catalyst behind this project.

Book Review -The Sting of Peppercorns
Goanet Reader | Sat, 01 May 2010 11:37:53 -0700 | Review by By Ben Antao
Category: Book, Reviews | The Goan Observer

Click here to read more
GO-AN PLACES - Oscar Lobo
By Rahat Kapur

Australia's First Ever Goan-Australian Councillor just wants to give back to the Country he now calls home

Oscar Lobo
Melbourne, Australia

COUNCILLOR Oscar Lobo has imprinted his name into the Glen Eira history books forever by being the first Indian Councillor; and first Goan Councillor in Australia. He is a humble, wise and experienced man, with over 17 years of corporate experience that has led to his ability to lead and listen. But since he came to Australia in 2000, all he has wanted to do is give back to the community that he lives in and give Australian-Indians in Melbourne, a representative to be proud of. G'day India finds out what Australia's first ever Goan-Australian councillor does, why he believes more Indians need to embrace their ability to contribute to their communities and what he's planning to achieve next.

6th East African Goan Convention, Mombasa 2010
By Tania Travas

“Great achievements require time” – Maya Angelou.
Every year we seem to achieve more and more. Well done Mombassa! The sixth East African Goan Convention was a true example of how we have gotten better at what we set out to do. It felt wonderful to be present at an event such as this, which originally started in Mombasa many years ago. I would also like to use a quote that I heard in our convention meeting. “Goa needs Goans” something that I will never forget. We are unique people.

Click here to read more

News Clips from Goa

Opening up Goans’ family archives
Published: Sunday, Oct 17, 2010, | By Mahithi Pillay

Young Martha Rodrigues stares back at you from a photo that smells of mothballs and nostalgia. You marvel at the casual beauty of the picture - the tulle veil framing the bride’s face and the offhand charm of groom Hermano, gloves clasped in his hands.

Both look every bit a newly-wed couple in the perfectly-composed, yet oddly-timed photo. At a time when photographs were a luxury, Martha (now 85) convinced Hermano to get the picture taken, months after their wedding.

Goa kicks off its first international travel mart – ITM-Goa 2010
Posted By Malinee Pumipat On October 19, 2010

Goa’s maiden international business-to-business travel and trade mart ITM – Goa 2010 got off to a colourful start in Panjim today with a showcase of Goa’s cultural folk dance and music depicting the vibrancy and spirit of the coastal state.

450 Goans opt for Portuguese citizenship yearly
Lure of better life and huge earnings in European nations, particularly United Kingdom, have made a considerable number of Goans acquire Portuguese passports using which they could easily travel to countries in European Union (EU) and get employment.

50% of FDA-inspected hotels lack basic hygiene
Nearly 50 per cent of the hotels in the state which have been recently inspected by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) inspectors, lack the basic hygienic conditions.

Improvement notice served on 35 hotels
In its drive since July, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has issued improvement notices to 35 hotels in the State while seven hotels were slapped with deficiency notices.

Goa gets a signature sari!
The Kunbi tribe in Goa and Goans in general would be proud to learn that four viriations of the almost extinct Kunbi Sari will be showcased at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi on October 24.

Rains threaten paddy crop in Canacona
With the rains lashing the state and more so the taluka of Canacona, the farmers in different parts of the taluka have expressed worry over the fate of their paddy crop, which is likely to be ready for harvesting within the next 10 to 15 days.

Power scenario as bad as it was 30 years ago!
Goa State has witnessed many changes in governance in the last 30 years and powers that be, but the electricity power scenario in the State is in a bad condition.

Willy says he is not returning to NCP
The former chief minister and former state president of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Dr Wilfred de Souza has categorically ruled out any intention to rejoin the party despite the efforts by the new state president and Revenue Minister, Mr Jose Phillip D’Souza to reach out and get the former party members back into the party fold.

Majority of candidates in Cuncolim swear loyalty to Joaquim Alemao
Welcome to Cuncolim – where a total of 46 candidates are in the fray for the ensuing polls for the 10-member Cuncolim Municipal Council.

'Consuming home grown (Goan) food good for health'
TIMES NEWS NETWORK, TNN, Oct 17, 2010, 05.50am IST

PANAJI: The best way to ensure the good quality of your food is to grow your own food. Also, eat local food because local food is fresher, cheaper, healthier and Goan farmers traditionally use less chemical fertilisers.

News Clips from India

India wins rotating UN Security Council seat

Winning a rotating non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council after a gap of 19 years, India has said it will be a responsible global player and the voice of the developing world, but treaded cautiously on tricky diplomatic issues like sanctions against Iran and terrorism originating from Pakistan.

Air India flights to US to be made non-stop
Piya Singh

Mumbai, Oct. 5: Flying to the US? Prepare for a 16-hour, non-stop plane ride if you are an Air India frequent flier. Starting October 31, Air India is converting all its flights to destinations in the US - John F. Kennedy airport in New York, Newark’s Liberty International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare airport - as well as Toronto into non-stop flights that will bypass Europe altogether.

Nepal teen to stand tall as world's shortest man
Binaj Gurubacharya, The Associated Press | 13 October 2010 09:28

POKHARA, Nepal - Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal is a little man facing a big day.

On Thursday - his 18th birthday - assuming his measurements read the expected 25.8 inches (just under 66 centimetres), he will officially be named the world's shortest man. His family has been campaigning for years to get Thapa the crown, but earlier requests to the Guinness World Records people were rejected because of the possibility he might grow. Up to now he was certified as the shortest male teenager.

Canadian Uranium Miner for Joint Venture in India

Chennai, Oct 16 (IANS) With India planning to acquire uranium mines abroad, Canadian uranium mining major Cameco has expressed interest in partnering with the Uranium Corp of India Ltd (UCIL) or Nuclear Power Corp of India Ltd (NPCIL) within or outside the country.

Biggest Mercedes-Benz deal in a day in Aurangabad
Aurangabad, Oct 15 (IANS)

This sleepy Maharashtra town showed its massive spending power Friday as 150 gleaming new Mercedes-Benz cars purred out of the company premises with all the paperwork in order.

The buyers, known as the "Aurangabad Group", included top industrialists, businessmen and professionals. "We wanted to put Aurangabad on the world map by this," commented Rishi Darda, managing director, Lokmat (newspaper) Group and one of the proud buyers of a Merc.