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Newsletter. Issue 13. June 22, 2013


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Newly Arrived Shipment of Spices & Pickles Directly from Goa

We have just received a fresh shipment from Goa - limited quantities - of :
squid mole .........$ 3.75 200 gms
king fish
mole........3.75 200 gms
mackarel mole .......3.75 200 gms
mackarel para ........3.75 200 gms
Bombay duck para...3.75 200 gms
prawn balichow....3.75 200 gms
prawn curry masala.3.50 100 gms
coconut/toddy vinegar......5.75 750 ml
sorpotel/cafreal/recheado paste....3.50 200 gms
....and much more.

If you wish to place an order or require further info, pls. call 905-270-9165
…for pick-up.
.. First come first served basis while quantities last.
Also Goan Party Snacks *packed Goa Sausages

Thank you
Evelyn De Souza

Tel: (905) 270-9165
Fax: (905)275-2703
Email: goansnacks@yahoo.com


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Imported from Goa Now @ $2.99

  • Chicken Cafreal Masala
  • Prawn Curry Powder
  • Recheado Masala
  • Xacuti Powder
  • Mackeral Para
  • Masala Bombil Dry
  • Prawn Balchao
  • Squid Molho
  • Sorpotel Masala
  • Vindalo Masala
  • Chicken Masala Powder
  • Bombil Pickle
  • Chepni Mangoes
  • Coconut Vinegar @ $ 4.50

And Much More...

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Newsline Canada

Canadian youth facing unprecedented challenges finding quality employment: CIBC

One in 10 young Canadians economically at risk

Toronto, June 20, 2013 /CNW/ - Canadian youth are more educated than ever but are facing challenges their parents didn't and are increasingly struggling to find lasting and meaningful jobs, finds a new report from CIBC World Markets.


Come to Canada Wizard Attracts More Than Four Million Visits

Ottawa, June 10, 2013 — More than seven thousand people a day, from all around the globe, are using the Come to Canada Wizard to conjure up answers to their immigration questions. The Wizard has now seen more than four million visits since it was launched in August 2011.


Canada's economic outlook closely tied to U.S. rebound

Ottawa, June 14, 2013 /CNW/ - Canada's economy is muddling along this year, but a better performance is expected in 2014 in line with a revived U.S. economy, according to The Conference Board of Canada's Canadian Outlook - Spring 2013. Currently, a softening housing market, downturn in commodity prices and ongoing government spending restraint is taking a bite out of Canada's domestic economy.

The new Canadian millionaires: Women and immigrants
From The Toronto Star of 13th June, 2013.

Almost half of Canada’s richest residents are new immigrants or first generation Canadians, according to research conducted for BMO.


New Programs to Support Canada's History

GATINEAU, QC, June 11, 2013 /CNW/ - The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, today introduced a series of new measures to help promote Canadian history, including the first ever Government of Canada History Awards.


Canadian Birth Rate Low, - Immigration To Thank For Growth

According to population projections Statistics Canada based on the 2011 the numbers suggest that Canada's growth rate could be almost entirely dependent on immigration within 50 years.

UK Lord Speaker addresses Canadian PM

About the Lord Speaker
Baroness Frances D'Souza was elected by Lords members as the second Lord Speaker on 18 July 2011 and took office on 1 September 2011.

From Goan Voice UK
18 Jul: BBC. Crossbench peer Baroness D'Souza has been elected to be the new Speaker of the House of Lords. Baroness D'Souza, a human rights and overseas development expert who became a peer in 2004, defeated five candidates in a ballot of all peers… She will chair her first session from the woolsack on 5 September…


Africa Investment-Weaning E.Africa from aid proving a taxing affair
By Kevin Mwanza

Nairobi, June 14 (Reuters) - East Africa's economies - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda - may need to do more than just present their budgets simultaneously if they are to draw the foreign investment they need to wean themselves off aid.


The statements, opinions, or views in the articles may not necessarily reflect that of the Goan Voice Canada.


A View From The Diaspora

The following excerpts are taken from a political memoir, Brown Man, Black Country, by a prominent Kenyan Goan, John Maximian Nazareth, edited by his daughter, Jeanne Maxine Hromnik, for publication as an e-book by Goa 1556. The chosen excerpts reflect the complexities of the Goan identity in Kenya, where Goans were classified separately from Indians by the colonial administration. Brown Man,Black Country was first published in 1981 by Tidings Publications, New Delhi. This edition is virtually out of print although copies are still available.

“GOAN OR INDIAN? -A View From The Diaspora”  – Click here to download .pdf


Modi, Advani split opens door for Congress
Posted on June 13, 2013, 1:43 PM | By John Dayal

BJP leadership row threatens to make 2014 polls a one-horse race.

New Delhi: India’s Congress party and its United Progressive Alliance coalition, which has ruled India for the past nine years, can perhaps breathe easy.

People Places and Thingss


To play National Anthem of CANADA played on a COMB! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_cgu96Xsns  I dedicate this to all my friends and fans in Canada who Celebrate CANADA DAY on the 1st of July, 2013. Tune in to www.radiomango.ca  this evening at 7PM (Canada time). — with Wilma Franco-Moniz and 11 others.of CANADA played on a COMB! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_cgu96XsnsI  dedicate this to all my friends and fans in Canada who Celebrate CANADA DAY on the 1st of July, 2013. Tune in to www.radiomango.ca  this evening at 7PM (Canada time). — with Wilma Franco-Moniz and 11 others.

A Treasury of Goan Music & Songs

Goenchim Konknni Gaionam Pustok
A Treasury of Goan Music & Songs with Sheet Music
Web Address http://www.songs-from-goa.at/
The largest collection in the world at one source (more than 1100 items)

The Collection Includes:

Salcete Association Celebrates the Holy Spirit Feast
Written By: Alicia Sales de Andrade

Co-president Medina buying the morning pao (bread) Selling fish to the crowd A tourist taking a rickshaw to the feast Enjoying the traditional Goan march on the dance floor
Click photos to Enlarge
Celebrating Goan heritage with family and friends was the central focus of the Salcete Association’s 34th annual Holy Spirit Feast, held on May 19, 2013.


Wendall Mascarenhas awarded 2013 Gold medal at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Wendall Mascarenhas was the recipient of the 2013 Gold medal at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. He was selected for placing first in class with the highest overall academic average over the 4 years of study and for demonstrating excellence in clinical work. In addition, Wendall has won 9 other awards at Western; from prestigious institutions such as The Royal College of Dental Surgeons, The Ontario Dental Association, The American Academy of Dental Surgeons, and Western’s Faculty Association.

Glamour and glitz galore at Goan Community ‘May Queen 2013’ in Oman
June 10, 2013 , 1 : 48 pm

Muscat: The Goan Community of Oman (GCO) in association with Majan Events rocked the crowd through the night until early dawn at Hotel Muscat Holiday Ball Sur Room, Al Khuwair at their recently held event May Queen 2013.


Pen still mightier than the tablet
By Jens Hack

MUNICH (Reuters) - Computers, tablets and smartphones have not yet managed to crowd out pens and pencils says Faber-Castell, German maker of high-end writing instruments. The family-run group, famous for its forest-green pencils, says its production is still running at top speed thanks to rising levels of education in emerging markets on the one hand and demand for stylish writing tools in developed countries on the other. 

Brown Man, Black Country
Forthcoming e-book

Brown Man, Black Country, by a prominent Kenyan Goan, John Maximian Nazareth, edited by his daughter, Jeanne Maxine Hromnik, for publication shortly as an e-book by Goa 1556.


Memories of Yesteryear

Read Online - Feasts, Feni and Firecrackers by Mel D'Souza

Click on Book Cover to access Chapters from book

Summer Reading

Just Matata & More Matata –Author Bras Menezes
Matata* means trouble in Swahili.

Just Matata is a well-written and researched book, and poignantly told, of the life of a young Goan lad growing up in Goa and Kenya. It also dealt sensitively with the castes and racial prejudices, which Goan people faced in Goa, India and East Africa. (P. McCarthy, BC)

While More Matata is the sequel to his first book -Just Matata, it can be enjoyed on its own. I found the ending particularly moving, and I look forward to the final book in the trilogy! (Wetcoast, BC)

Click here to read reviews and book details
Pound for Pound

A book about the best fighters in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) written by Brian J. D’Souza,

Review excerpt from FightOpinion.com:
"Brian J. D'Souza's new book, Pound for Pound: The Modern Gladiators, is a fantastic read... It's outstanding reading and will keep you entertained the whole way through."

For copies at $15 each, Phone or send a Text message to 416 209 1035.

Also available at Amazon.com. Click here for links to additional information.

News Clips from Goa

Parrikar invokes Nehru to seek special status for Goa

On account of largescale land purchases by outsiders, land rates have skyrocketed and local Goans are not able to afford a roof over their heads,” Parrikar said, making a case for protecting “the unique Goan identity by providing constitutional ...

Goa seeks to restrict land sale to outsiders

A memorandum submitted by Parrikar to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and seen by AFP, said that “the unrestricted immigration and whole-scale transfer of land is beginning to submerge the unique Goan identity”. “Though we have been noticing this ...

India's Goa state seeks to limit outside landowners

Panaji, India — The Indian tourism state of Goa is seeking to restrict the sale of land to outsiders who flock to the coastal belt to set up retirement and holiday homes due to a rising tide of newcomers. Lawmakers fear the local ethnic population ...

Migrants taking over Goa?
The Statesman

“Unrestricted migration and whole-scale transfer of land is beginning to submerge the unique Goan identity. Though we have been noticing this trend for the last decade or so, it has now assumed menacing proportions. The apprehension is that by 2021 the ...

Goa shortlisted for hosting World Bridge Championship
Business Standard

Goa has been shortlisted as one of the venues to host the World Team Championship in the mindsport of Bridge in 2015, it was announced by the President of the World Bridge Federation (WBF), Gianarrigo Rona, here today. The championship comprises of ...

E-notepads for students of class V, VI in Goa
Hindu Business Line

Hi-tech by introducing e-notepads in schools for students of class V and VI from next month. Around 50,000 e-notepads would be provided to schools, including those run by private institutions, which would ...

Piped gas to Goa households in next two years: Manohar Parrikar
Economic Times

PANAJI: The piped Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) gas would be made available to the Goa households in next two years, as the supply to industries in the state has already begun, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Friday. The LNG, which is a raw ...

Goa government to re-open regional plan 2021 in July 2013
Times of India

This contentious plan for Goa's land use for the future has been the subject of much agitation, debate and controversy in the state. The earlier Congress government was forced to scrap an earlier version of the regional plan after public fury that the…

Goa fast tracks wooing tourists in non-peak season
The New Indian Express

Monsoon season in a bid to promote the state as around-the-year holiday destination. "Tourists tend to avoid…

News Clips from India

The Idea of India
June 16, 2013 | Story By: B R Singh

Defying conventional notions of nationhood, India has been a productive field for speculation on its identity, in particular national identity. Who is an Indian? It is a difficult question to answer. Most nations comprise a set of people with particular attributes; language, religion, culture and genes, that last quality emerging only in the last few years as DNA analysis begins to display genetic patterns, though not with any great clarity as yet.

Charles Correa - India's Greatest Architect – Exhibition at RIBA UK
14 May - 4 September 2013

The RIBA presents a new landmark exhibition accompanied by the 'Out of India' season of talks and events. Celebrating the work of Correa it explores stories and influences from modern urban India. Look out for a new book to accompany the exhibition – available at RIBA Bookshops.


Catholic-Christian Secular Forum irked by misuse of rosary
Published: 5:04 pm, June 14, 2013 Story By: mattersindia.com

Mumbai: The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum has taken strong objection to the photo alongside actress Kavitta Verma that mentions her hot ‘item’ song for the Hindi film Policegiri scheduled to released on July 5.

Actress Kavitta Verma is scantily clad in a seductive pose wearing the Rosary (religious beads used for praying) around her neck with the cross positioned on her belly.


India’s Senior Party Member to Lead Poll Campaign
by Anjana Pasricha | June 10, 2013

India’s main opposition party has chosen one of the country’s most controversial politicians, Narendra Modi, to lead it in national elections next year. This boosts his chances of becoming prime minister, if the party wins. But the choice of the Hindu nationalist leader has exposed deep rifts within his party.


India May car sales slide by 12%, layoffs feared
by AFP | June 11, 2013 , 5 : 06 pm

A worker walks past parked Renault cars at its stockyard on the outskirts of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad June 11, 2013. Car sales in India fell an annual 12.3 percent in May, an industry body said on Tuesday, dropping for the seventh straight month, as weak consumer sentiment in a slowing economy continued to weigh on demand. Photo - REUTERS/Amit Dave



+ Rev.Fr. Mario Pires
Thu Jul 04 10:02:20

4 Jul: Calangute. Rev. Fr.MARIO CRISTO FRANCISCO ROSARIO SARTO PIRES. Aged 87. (Ex. Asst. Parish Priest of Cortalim, Parra, Curtorim, Chaplain of Molcornem, Vaxem de Loutolim, Vice Principal of Holy Cross H. School, Kurla Bombay, Chaplain of St. John Baptist & Our Lady of Candelaria Chapels - Calangute). Son of late Prof. Antonio Jose Pires/late Ermelinda Proenca. Brother/brother-in-law of ....  Read more


+ Stella Ellen de Wit
Tue Jun 25 12:00:00

Stella Ellen de Wit passed away peacefully on the morning of June 23. She is lovingly remembered by her husband Tony de Wit; sons Sean and Darren Cordeiro; daughter Sabrina Cordeiro; stepsons David/Shannon and Michael/Natalie de Wit; grandchildren Olivia, Aiden, Grayson and Kinley de Wit; siblings Doreen, Alex/Chris, Evelyn/Cris and son, Warren, Brian (deceased)/Fat....  Read more


Fri Jun 21 12:00:00

victor.h.gomes@hotmail.com | Posted on Goanet Reader (goanetreader@gmail.com)
By Victor Hugo Gomes

On a rainy June morning a call came throug....  Read more


Aura deSousa Rodrigues
Fri Jun 21 12:00:00

Aura deSousa Rodrigues, daughter of the late Dr. A.C.L deSousa and the late Dr. Mary deSousa, wife of the late Arnold Rodrigues, mother of Dr. Alan Rodrigues (Principal of The Vidya Vikas Academy), Adrian, Ashley/Kim, Arthur/Andrea and Andrea, grandmother of Nikita, Julian and Jonathan expired peacefully on June 17, 2013. 

M....  Read more



World Goa Day

Click image to access  Facebook Page


9th East African Goan Convention

Click Image To View Flyer


Save November 9, 2013 for a special event:

Tribute to Our Clergy
Celebrate clergy of Goan, Mangalorean, East Indian and Anglo Indian descent

Join us for a special Eucharistic celebration by His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins and Priests from our community,

Saturday November 9 2013 at 10:00 am.
St. Joseph's Church, 5440 Durie Rd., Mississauga

Click image to view flyer


Events for 2013





July 20, 2013 
Goan Overseas Association GOA Summer Games Click for Flyer
July 28, 2013
Parra Association -Toronto 40th Celebration of
Feast of St. Anne
Click for Flyer
August 25, 2013

Martyrs Shrine
Midland, Ont.

Annual Goan

Click for Flyer
November 9, 2013
at 10.00 a.m.
Canadian Goan Catholic Group A Tribute to Our Clergy
Holy Mass

followed by reception
St. Joseph’s
5440 Durie Rd
Click for Flyer

Health & Wellness

Heart and Stroke Foundation report emphasizes there is life after stroke

Recovery can continue for years, with survivor family and friends playing essential role
Ottawa, June 10, 2013 /CNW/ - More Canadians are surviving strokes due to advances in awareness and medical services but a new report by the Heart and Stroke Foundation reveals that more than one-third of Canadians mistakenly believe that the recovery period is limited to a few months.


Canada taking action to address elder abuse

New York, June 14, 2013 /CNW/ - The Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors), was a keynote speaker today at a special event held at the United Nations headquarters to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which is on June 15. Minister of State Wong spoke about the measures that Canada has taken to combat elder abuse, as well as the importance of raising awareness about the issue.


Senator addresses South Asian seniors elder abuse awareness

MARKHAM, ON, June 14, 2013 /CNW/ - The Honourable Don Meredith, Senator, on behalf of the Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors), today attended a Social Services Network event celebrating South Asian seniors in Markham, where he highlighted government action to address elder abuse.


Health awareness walk for South Asians in Canada
IANS | Toronto June 13, 2013

With research showing South Asians being among the people most susceptible to heart diseases in Canada, a walk is being organised in the city of Edmonton to create awareness about the issue.
South Asians in Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta, will participate in the DIL Walk coming Saturday which will feature a free lunch, doctors on hand to check blood pressure, and advice from dieticians.


How Small Businesses Become Big Job Creators

Word of Mouth More Important Than Online Tools For Hiring Decisions

MISSISSAUGA, ON, June 11, 2013 /CNW/ - It seems that no amount of new technology will ever replace the most influential component of the hiring process - a personal recommendation.


Let international students compete, says Civil Liberties Association

Ottawa, June 10, 2013 /CNW/ - The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) is urging the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) to drop a discriminatory practice that limits the participation of international student athletes in varsity sports.

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