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Newly Arrived Shipment of Spices & Pickles Directly from Goa

We have just received a fresh shipment from Goa - limited quantities - of :
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Newsline Canada

CAN+ program to facilitate trade and travel with India

July 7, 2014 — New Delhi — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced the launch of the CAN+ program in India, which will result in more efficient processing for Indian visitors coming to Canada.


Canada’s unemployment rate rises to 7.1 per cent, Ont. hit by significant job losses
Julian Beltrame, The Canadian Press | Published Friday, July 11, 2014 9:07AM EDT

Ottawa -- The economy's capacity to generate meaningful job growth continued to fall short of expectations last month -- particularly in Ontario -- as employment fell by 9,400 nationally and by 33,900 in the country's most populous province.


Cash-rich Canadians hanging on to mortgages
By Gail Johnson

Mortgages are typically something people can’t wait to get rid of, the kind of burden that keeps lottery-ticket sales going strong. But for some, it seems that taking on a mortgage is a good thing.
High net-worth Canadians — those with investable assets of $500,000 or more — are using mortgages as a deliberate investment strategy, according to a new Investors Group survey.


Minister Wong meets with National Seniors Council and holds roundtable on social isolation of seniors

GATINEAU, QC, July 16, 2014 /CNW/ - The Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors), and members of the National Seniors Council (NSC) met today in Gatineau with seniors' organizations, service and health providers, researchers and practitioners to discuss how social isolation affects seniors and explore ways to prevent and/or reduce its occurrence.


The statements, opinions, or views in the articles may not necessarily reflect that of the Goan Voice Canada.


Goa Su-Raj Party-(GSRP) comments on Budget
floriano.lobo at floriano.lobo at
Thu Jul 10 03:54:26 PDT 2014

GSRP: 'A Pragmatic & Non-Populist' Budget

Terming the budget a 'pragmatic & non-populist', Goa Su-Raj Party (GSRP) opined that it was about time that governments move away from populist schemes and formulate budgets aimed at an economic growth and not economic drain. Over the years the Congress-led government has made this nation a country of 'doles & subsidies' rather than entrepreneurship totally devoid of belt-tightening exercises at the governmental end promoting profligate life-styles of netas.


India: No country for young women
Posted on July 3, 2014, 10:55 AM
Recent media attention on rape has exposed what has been the norm in India for centuries.
By Fr Myron Pereria-Mumbai

Patriarchy and caste make gender equality almost impossible.

For a woman to live in India is to be under constant threat – of verbal or physical assault, of physical violence at home or on the streets, of rape and murder.

People Places and Thingss

Hands On With Rotimatic: the World’s First Robot Roti Maker

The Rotimatic can make a one roti flat bread per minute.
Image: Mashable, Lance Ulanoff |
By Lance Ulanoff3 days ago

Making roti, a traditional staple food for millions of people worldwide, is equal parts art and science. To achieve the unleavened Indian bread’s signature look, feel and taste, you need the right mix of ingredients (flour, water and oil), the perfect kneading and flattening method, and on-point heat and cook times.


Increase in Chinese Travellers: Connected To Technology

- More travel, higher spending in Canada and beyond, fuelled by online and mobile, according to report

Toronto, July 15, 2014 /CNW/ - The latest™ Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM), published today, reveals just how much technology has become a powerful element in the decision-making mix of this sector, following another record year for travel and spending.


Racism in Paradise: India banned the caste system 60 years ago, but it lives on in Metro Vancouver
Cheryl Chan the Province

For most of her life, Kamlesh Ahir has been trying to escape the caste system that’s defined her from birth.  She went to university, abandoned her religion, and, in 1994, left India for Canada, a new land offering a fresh start.

Or so she thought.

To an outsider, Ahir is no different than the more than 200,000 people of South Asian heritage who call Metro Vancouver home. Yet among her own people, her last name brands her as a dalit, the people formerly called Untouchables.


Mama Pig's lessons for Ugandan farmers

The Ugandan government is encouraging its urban population to take up small-scale farming in order to reduce poverty levels. A lady who has come to be known as Mama Pig shows how it can be done.  Emma Naluyima is a successful farmer in Uganda who has become well known countrywide for her skills in making the most of just a small piece of land. Her farming techniques include planting a type of grass for her animals that grows in just six days.

When Naluyima resigned from a well paid job to try her hand at farming, some of her relatives thought she had gone out of her mind. But to their surprise the venture paid off and Naluyima has become a model farmer who is today consulted by both experts and individuals. She runs a variety of projects on the one acre (0.4 hectares) plot of land which she purchased herself. She has a piggery, fish ponds, a banana platation and vegetable gardens. She also rears poultry, produces biogas and runs a vetinerary clinic.

Book Reviews

The Uses and Abuses of History [Paperback]
Professor Margaret MacMillan (Author)

Review By | Junius (London, Middlesex United Kingdom)
This review is from: The Uses and Abuses of History (Paperback)

This is a useful book to be read by the general public or by those beginning to study history at university/A Level. It shows how 'history' can be used to justify policies pursued by governments and pressure groups, as a prop to their arguments. Examples are taken chiefly from the 20th and 21st centuries. So we have Hitler appealing to the myth of the Germany army being betrayed by Communists and Jews in WWI, Bush junior referring back to appeasement in the 1930s, etc.

However, although briefly referred to, the author neglects popular culture. Most people will 'soak up' 'history' from films, TV dramas, novels and so forth. These products aim to entertain, not to educate, so we have such films as Titanic and Braveheart in recent times, to the Errol Flynn films of the 1930s and 1940s. As entertaining as all these are, they shouldn't be taken too seriously, but these misleading stories are equally an abuse of history as a politician's manipulation of it. Some chapters on this aspect of abuse would have been welcome.

A new Bombay book is about a bygone era
Source: Goanet News | Today at 5:55 AM | Goan connection
To Goa's premiere mailing list, estb. 1994!

“Look at what’s become of Bombay today — it’s a wonder we even survive!” exclaimed Reena Martins, looking up from her laptop which was buzzing every other minute with a new email. In a conversation with Time Out Mumbai, Martins, the author of the self-published Bomoicar, reminisced about a Bombay “in which people had time for each other. People could come over and you would cook for them; no one said, ‘I don’t have the time’.” Martins, in a slim volume of stories, gives us a peek into Bombay during the twentieth century, with stories spanning from 1920 to 1980. Bomoicar is the Konkani word for Goans from Bombay, and the 31 short stories in the 154-page book take us back to the Bombay that used to be, through the eyes of Goan immigrants.
Martins, a journalist by profession, started working on the book nearly a decade ago, in 2004. She was part of a mailing list called Goanet whose members comprised of Goans living in different parts of the world. Using it as her only source, she crowd-sourced from members and got an overwhelming response. “The idea was to talk about the everyday Goan — not the rich upper crust,” said Martins. The book, which was released in May this year, gives us stories about a city that existed a century ago. The tales take you back to the days of the Prohibition when the Goan Aunty thrived, “big fat” pomfrets cost eight annas each, ladies knitted and chatted on the local to Thane, and Goans needed a visa to come to Bombay.

Stanislaus Cool
By: Tony Noronha
This is an extract from the book 'Bomoicar' (edited and compiled by Reena Martins) goa1556 at

St. Stanislaus is one of the prominent Mumbai-based institution which shaped generations of Goan students in that city. Check out the St Stanislaus Ex-Students' Association at or email mc at

Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto: review
Toronto Star-Jul 4, 2014

Illustration by Raffi Anderian/Toronto Star ... Jerry Pinto's debut novel, Em and the Big Hoom, is one of those rare books that ... They are the parents of this mesmerizing novel's young unnamed narrator, who bears a striking closeness to the author. ... He is a frequent contributor to the Star's book pages.

By: Dimitri Nasrallah Published on Fri Jul 04 2014

Jerry Pinto’s debut novel, Em and the Big Hoom, is one of those rare books that reads as though the author had no choice but to write it. A coming-of-age story set in a contemporary India, it tells the simultaneously harrowing and uplifting story of growing up in a family anchored down by a suicidal, bipolar mother. Originally published in India in 2012, it collected a few national literary prizes and was shortlisted for the short-lived Commonwealth Book Prize.

Where the Air is Sweet by Tasneem Jamal: review
Tasneem Jamal | By: Christine Sismondo Published on Thu Jul 10 2014

A perfect summer read that could tempt even the most stalwart non-fiction devotee back into novel territory.
The Story

In 1972, dictator Idi Amin expelled 80,000 South Asians from Uganda. Though many had lived in East Africa for generations, they were forced to flee in 90 days as their country descended into a surreal vortex of chaos and murder.

In the ongoing debate as to whether or not literary fiction is dead, its champions argue that indulging in fiction is a precious chance to simultaneously immerse ourselves in an alternate reality, engage with another mind, heighten our capacity for empathy and exercise our imagination. All while soaking up the rays on the patio.

News Clips from Goa

Goa Exposition 2014 site‏
Sent by Frederick Goa 25/06/2014 Groups, Newsletters

Click image for link

It's raining in the City – Goa Monsoon Video and Pics
To | Jul 12 at 7:18 AM

Crow carrying a bulb in its beak (Video Clip 2min)
Click image to view video


Pope's ambassador to attend St Francis' exposition in Goa
Business Standard

The inaugural mass would be held in Konkani language by Archbishop Gracias, who hails from Goa and has a command over the local language, Vaz ...

Queries on semi high speed train
Times of India

Panaji: The Congress in Goa has demanded to know if a feasibility study was carried out for a semi-high speed train on the Mumbai-Goa route ...

Margaret Alva sworn-in as Goa Governor
Margaret Alva was on Saturday sworn-in as the Governor of Goa at a function at Raj Bhavan. Alva, as the governor, is now holding charge in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Goa. ...

More parents want Goa school to kick out 'HIV positive' kids
Times of India

Panaji: Impasse over continuation of 13-odd "HIV positive" students in a South Goa school has deepened with more parents now resolving to withdraw their wards from the school in protest against management's decision to not cancel admission of these ...

Centre promises IIT, Goa scours for land
Times of India
Panaji: Even as the Union government announced setting up an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for Goa, the state government has already begun planning a location for the institute and is mulling over the idea of the IIT being set up within the ...

Goa: NIO's Research Ship Dedicated to the Country
The New Indian Express

Research vessel 'Sindhu Sadhana', acquired recently by the Goa-based National Institute of Oceanography, was dedicated to the country today at Vasco....


Goa records highest growth in tourist charter arrivals
T3 News Network, Jul 02, 2014

Goa Tourism received 1128 charter flights, between October 2013 and May 2014, carrying a record number of 2.61 lakh passengers. The corresponding figure for the previous year was 996 charter flights carrying 2.15 lakh passengers. This amounts to a 13.25 per cent increase in the arrival of charter flights on a year on year basis.

3 Old Goa churches to get facelift
Paul Fernandes,TNN | Jul 9, 2014, 12.26 AM IST


Old Goa: A three churches in the world heritage complex in the old capital will wear a new look after Archaeological survey of India (ASI) completes a conservation exercise of the centuries-old monuments shortly.


Goan priest appointed auxiliary bishop of Ranchi
TNN | Jul 10, 2014, 02.46 AM IST

Panaji: Pope Francis has appointed Goan priest Fr Theodore Mascarenhas, belonging to the Missionary Society of St Francis Xavier (Society of Pilar), as the Auxiliary Bishop of Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Titular Bishop of Lisinia (Turkey). The announcement was made public on Wednesday at the Vatican (Rome) and Ranchi simultaneously, Society of Pilar said in a statement. Hailing from Camurlim in Salcete, the 54-year-old was ordained priest on April 24, 1988. The date of his consecration as auxiliary bishop is to be finalized shortly.

News Clips from India

Delhi Becomes World's Second Most Populous City

United Nations: Delhi has become the world's second most populous city in 2014 after Tokyo, more than doubling its population since 1990 to 25 million, according to a UN report.


India's Food Industry Continues to Boom

As consumer demand in India changes direction, the food industry continues to grow, in one of the world's most successful economies

Mumbai, India, July 10, 2014 /CNW/ - India has the second largest population in the world and the tenth largest economy. It also has the eleventh largest consumer market in the world. It is no wonder that India has become an essential player in the global food ingredients market. AC Nielsen previously named India as a hotspot for food manufacturers, food producers and food ingredient professionals and the country has become an integral part of the global food ingredient network. India has also become one of the most important destinations for food investment, with its food industry growing at an annual rate of 17%. The bridge linking India to the rest of the world is becoming stronger and Food ingredients (Fi) India is at the forefront of the action. It provides a global portfolio extending from the iconic tradeshow, to online platforms with the world's leading suppliers and buyers, to the high-level industry specific conferences.


India Raises Defense foreign direct investment( FDI) to 49%, to Speed Up Procurement
Source : Our Bureau ~ Dated : Thursday, July 10, 2014 @ 11:53 AM

Arun Jaitley to present the General Budget 2014-15

India will increase foreign direct investment (FDI) in defense from 26% to 49% to attract international companies to set up manufacturing units in India.

However, the move disappointed many industry analysts who were expecting up to 74% FDI. The 49% cap with full Indian control will not be incentive enough to attract investment, they apprehended.

India’s Finance and Defense Minister, Arun Jaitley made this announcement while placing the budget for 2014-15 in the Indian parliament.


Foreign travel advice India- Safety and security

[Goanet] Travel advice to UK nationals travelling to Goa and other parts of the world
Melvyn Fernandes melvyn at
Sun Jul 6 02:46:10 PDT 2014

Hi readers

To remind everyone, the UK government has a website to offer advice to their nationals before they leave the UK and travel to different parts of the world. One item they advise on is "Safety and Security" and the link for India is:



Thu Jul 31 08:46:39

It is with profound sadness and deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Bernardine Fernandes, on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, peacefully at her home in Nobleton, surrounded by her loving family.

 Bernardine was loved by her daughters Esperanza (late Edwin), Francisca (Roque); loving grandchildren, Audrey (late Pauly), Deborah (Anthony), Elvis (Glynis); adoring great-grandchildren ....  Read more


Mon Jul 28 02:33:38

24 Jul: London.

GREGORY De SOUZA, aged 89 (ex-Customs Mombasa, Kenya and ex-Bandra, Mumbai). Passed away at home.

Beloved Husband of the late Sybil.

Loving Father of Joan (Kenneth Robertson) Elaine (Derrick Pereira) and Trevor (Caroline).

Proud and cherished G....  Read more


+ Schreiber Pereira November 10, 1984 - July 22, 2014
Fri Jul 25 09:30:49

The family wish to announce the sudden passing of Schreiber. Dear son of Maria and Romel and loving brother to Shazia (Steven) and Schneida. Friends may call at the Turner & Porter "Peel" Chapel 2180 Hurontario St. Mississauga (Hwy. 10 N of QEW) on Saturday and Sunday from 5 - 8 p.m. Funera....  Read more


+ Casimiro Noronha
Wed Jul 23 08:37:16

NORONHA, Casimiro - Passed away peacefully on Monday, July 21, 2014 at Humber River Regional Hospital with his family at his side. Beloved Husband of Molly. Loving Father of Diana Walker (Robert). Darryl (Agnes), Denzil (Debra) and Desmond (Patricia). Proud and Cherished Grandfather/Papa of Brian, Meagan, Melissa, Aaron, Robin, Brendan, Calen and Steven. Much loved brother of Irenius, Bonnie an....  Read more


+Remy Noronha
Sun Jul 20 12:00:00

Remy Noronha, son of Mr and Mrs C.J.A. Noronha passed away on Friday, July 18, 2014 at his home in Chelmsford, Essex, England.   Beloved husband to Flora, loving father to Evelyn Mitcham, Brian Noronha and Trevor Noronha (who preceded him in death) and grandfather to Lewis and Amber.  Dear brother to the late Cajetan and Nazar Noronha, Ida Desouza, Esther Lobo, Belinda Ransley and fav....  Read more



7th Know Goa Programme 2014

The Government of Goa, Department of NRI Affairs presents compliments and seeks support and assistance of the Indian Missions and the Goan Overseas Associations to promote the “Know Goa Programme (KGP)” formulated for the benefit of Goan Diaspora Youth who are not Indian Nationals but whose parents and/or grandparents are of Indian origin, and have had no opportunity to discover their roots in India in general and Goa in particular.

The 7th Know Goa Programme 2014 is scheduled to be held from November 30 to December 14, 2014. It is intended for students and young professionals in the age group of 18 to 28 years who have distinguished themselves in various fields and who have shown an abiding interest in Goa and in India. The participants will get an opportunity to visit premier educational, cultural, historical and industrial places of interest, besides interacting with local youth and elected representatives at the grass root level, and meet State and Central Government dignitaries.

Click here to view letter and Application Form.


Click here to view flier

Click here to view flier

Click Image to view flier and trip details


Goa Retirees - Keep the Dates Free‏
  • August 10, 2014: Speakers Corner
  • September 21, 2014: Casino Night
  • October 5, 2014: Urban Turban Lunch Extravaganza
  • December 12, 2014: Retirees Christmas Fest

Events for 2014





July 18-26, 2014 BMX Alumni Association 2014 Reunion – 10th Anniversary Celebrations Click for Flyer
July 19, 2014
CLR Association

CLR Picnic
Venue: Erindale Park, Mississauga.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014 Martyrs Shrine, Midland Goan Pilgrimage Click for Flyer

 Saturday, September 27, 2014

CLR Association

CLR Social
Venue: Payal Banquet Hall. Mississauga

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Sunday, October 26, 2014 Dr. Ribeiro Goan School Alumni (UK) Alumni Memorial Mass & Reunion
Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon, Surrey.
Click for Details
November 22, 2014
Navelim Union - Toronto 39th Navelim Feast
Venue: Payal Banquet Hall
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Health & Wellness

Foreign-Trained physicians frustrated at lack of residency positions
June 28, 2014 | St. Michael’s Hospital

Study also finds ‘brain waste’ common

Foreign-trained physicians feel there are not enough residency positions for them in countries such as Canada and the United States and this information was not communicated to them before they emigrated, a new study has found.


No lying still in Upright Open MRI machine at Vancouver hospital
By Camille Bains, The Canadian PressJuly 2, 2014

An Upright Open MRI machine is shown in this undated handout image. Lying still won't do it in this MRI machine, which allows people to sit, stand and squat so researchers can see their joints in action to possibly prevent hip osteoarthritis decades later. Biomedical engineer and University of British Columbia orthopedics professor David Wilson said there are about a dozen such Italian-made machines in the world but the one at Vancouver General Hospital is solely being used for research purposes. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO - Centre For Hip Health and Mobility

VANCOUVER - Lying still won't do it in this MRI machine, which allows people to sit, stand and squat so researchers can see their joints in action to possibly prevent hip osteoarthritis decades later.


Financial literacy leader focuses on seniors
By: Ellen Roseman On Your Side, Published on Sun Jul 06 2014

Canada's new financial literacy leader, Jane Rooney, wants to build seniors' money skills in the first phase of developing a national strategy.

The paperless movement keeps growing.

Many large companies — such as banks and telecom providers — now charge $1 to $2 monthly fees to send your invoices in the mail.


Lack of these six skills can harm your career
30 Jun, 2014, 08.00AM IST | By Devashish Chakravarty

The colleague who keeps to himself may never reach his full potential as a professional because he did not put enough value on these critical life lessons.


Not all important skills are taught in classrooms. Yet these critical life skills may actually be the very foundation on which you build your career. If you lack any of these, you may have to compromise with your professional growth.

Taking decisions

Every moment is a moment of decision. And, poor decision-making will take your career downhill. But do you know how to take a good decision? It is important because as you grow your decisions get bigger and have a huge impact on the organisation and careers of people.


The Fraser Institute: Health Care in Canada Costs Typical Canadian Family More Than $11,000

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Marketwired - July 3, 2014) - A typical Canadian family with two parents and two children will pay up to $11,786 for public health care in 2014, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.


New Reports From The Alzheimer's Association International Conference® 2014 Show Progress In Early Detection, Identifying Risk Factors, And Treatment Trial Updates

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, July 16, 2014 /CNW/ -- New studies reported at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2014 (AAIC® 2014) in Copenhagen cover the spectrum of Alzheimer's disease and dementia research. Data includes advances in early detection and diagnosis, identifying risk factors and possible risk reduction strategies, and the first-ever long-term clinical trial of a multifaceted lifestyle change in older adults.

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