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Newly Arrived Shipment of Spices & Pickles Directly from Goa

We have just received a fresh shipment from Goa - limited quantities - of :
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Newsline Canada

Message from the Governor General of Canada on the Occasion of Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Ottawa, June 27, 2015 /CNW/ - Canada has been called an experiment in diversity and multiculturalism. Our country stands as an undeniable proof that people from around the world can live together in harmony. This, I believe, is one of our country's greatest gifts to the world and a powerful example of what can be accomplished when we remain committed to the values of democracy, equality and mutual respect.


Air India bombing probe ‘active’, says RCMP
June 25, 2015 • 

Ottawa: It may come as a bit of a surprise to some readers, but the news of the day is that the Air India bombing probe has not yet concluded. It remains “active and ongoing.” June 23, 1985 is etched into the memory of many Canadians when an explosion ripped apart Air India Flight 182 en route to New Delhi, killing all 329 people aboard.

Sikh extremists fighting for an independent homeland sabotaged the Boeing 747, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland. A federal commission of inquiry would conclude that a “cascading series of errors” by police, intelligence officers and air safety regulators allowed the attack to take place.

Obama uses N-word to make his case about racism
By: Nedra Pickler The Associated Press, Published on Mon Jun 22 2015

Being polite by not saying N-word in public isn’t enough, and slavery still casts long shadow says U.S. President in aftermath of Charleston shootings

Comedian Marc Maron posted an episode of his popular podcast Monday
that features an interview with U.S. president Barack Obama.

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama says the United States has not overcome its history of racism and is using the N-word to make his case.


Carabram returns for 33rd year with new look
Saturday, June, 27, 2015 | By Nouman Khalil |

BRAMPTON – Carabram, Brampton’s biggest multicultural festival that provides an opportunity for visitors to travel the world without leaving the city, comes back for the 33rd year on July 10, 11 and 12. Celebrating Brampton’s diverse culture through music, dance, food and art, the festival will return with a new look and more compact style.


The statements, opinions, or views in the articles may not necessarily reflect that of the Goan Voice Canada.


Making poverty a priority
Published on Sat Jun 27 2015 | By: Rudy Fernandes, Mississauga
Re: Rich city, poor people, Editorial June 24

While the new report on poverty focuses on the disturbing picture of dismal poverty affecting Toronto’s children, visible minorities, female lone parents and the disabled, the long list of 24 recommendations for eradicating poverty mainly includes handouts — which can end up in providing limited value.


The Kicks Of History

Teotonio R. de Souza “What Pope Francis is calling for in his “ green” encyclical is a change from market oriented thinking to thinking hearts”

Blaise Pascal is often quoted to remind us that “ the heart has its reasons which the reason cannot understand”. This famous French philosopher- mathematician of the 17th century defended Jansenism of the Augustinian inspiration and the Calvinist economy of faith, he wrote harshly against the casuistry of the Jesuit defence of the free- will. Pascal was contemporary of Espinosa, who saw no need to postulate God and his pantheism distinguished between “ natura naturans” and “ natura naturata” . The former represented the nature that was not yet dominated by humans through science, and lesser humans sought explanations in God and supernatural forces. This is the western modern concept of nature without God which this Pope is trying to undo.


All About Yoga and the Civilization Debate
By Anirban Ganguly | Published: 20th June 2015

Historian H G Rawlinson made a crucial observation in his study on Indian historical studies (1931) which not only continues to remain relevant in the current academic and civilisational discourse in India, but also seeks redress. “Under the system in vogue in most Indian universities,” observed Rawlinson, “the student knows more about Julius Caesar or the Battle of Marathon than of Chandragupta or the teaching of Gautama. We employ lecturers to instruct our pupils in western ethics but we forget to encourage them to study the admirable sermons in stone of their own emperor Asoka, written as they were for the edification of the people at large. No student should be allowed to waste his time over Greek and Roman history, while remaining ignorant of what the Greek historians and the Chinese travellers have to tell him of his own country and her past.”

People Places and Things

Aaron Joshua Pinto, with 57 other exceptional young people, were honoured by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

Canadian values outlast political regimes: Goar – Toronto Star

Profile of three exceptional young Canadians who will help shape the nation’s future



Click images to enlarge

The best assurance we have, as we celebrate the country’s 148th birthday, is our consistent record of rising above our political leaders. When Ottawa and the provinces lock horns, bureaucrats balk and public officials tell us the nation’s problems are too big or complex to solve, we get to work, building from the ground up. When politicians sow division and animosity, we reassert the values that have kept Canada on track for almost a century and a half.


Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Value Engineering Team Wins Amethyst Award

Excerpt from message posted on and further research by Goan Voice Canada

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Value Engineering Team was awarded the prestigious Amethyst Award for achieving over $1 billion in cost savings and avoidance since 1998 by using Value Engineering methodology.

Lola Vaz-Rafearo a member of the Value Engineering Coordinator Committee (VECC) received the award on behalf of her team.

The Amethyst Awards ceremony was on May 28, 2015 with opening remarks by the Premier of Ontario, the Honourable Kathleen Wynne and award presentations by Secretary of Cabinet, Head of the Ontario Public Service and Clerk of the Executive Council Steve Orsini as well as Deputy Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade and Deputy Minister responsible for Women's Issues and Seniors Affairs Helen Angus.


Coming soon: Waiting for the Sunrise. Goan Jazz Musicians in Dar es Salaam
Commentary from Peter Nazareth - From GoaNet Posting
Waiting For The Sunrise
Goan Jazz Musicians in Dar es Salaam
By Judy Luis-Watson

When I grew up in East Africa under British rule, Goans did not have a history, or so we were led to believe. But we had music. Judy Luis tells the story of the music in her family. Her father Jerry was in a band in Dar es Salaam that I heard of in Uganda. She tells the story of her father and the band of Goan musicians, who became famous through the music and now through the book. She was surrounded by music in Dar es Salaam; moving to the West, love of music led to the discovery of the blues. It was not alien. It was the roots. Of jazz, which had been taken by African American musicians to India and into the ears and styles of Goan musicians. Of rock ‘n’ roll. Of... she became a fully fledged singer, composer, and musician.


Jesuit General Nicolas plans to resign next year
June 25 2015, Father Adolf Nicholas

Many have marked the similarities between Nicolás and former Superior General Pedro Arrupe.

Superior General of the Jesuits Father Adolf Nicholas will offer his resignation when the General Congregation of the society begins meeting in Rome October next year, Jesuit media reported.

Father Nicolás, now 78, was elected as the Order’s thirtieth Superior General on 19 January 2008, succeeding the Dutch Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach.

He will be the third General in the history to resign. The previous General, Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, did that at the 35th General Congregation in 2008.

Americans, Canadians and British Happiest with Amount of Leisure Time

Nuremberg, Germany, June 30, 2015 /CNW/ -
  • Internationally, only 16 percent of people are completely satisfied with the amount of leisure time they have.
  • America, Canada and UK have highest percentage of people who are satisfied; Russia and Japan have highest percentage dissatisfied.

The busy pace of life is a popular complaint for many people. But findings released by GfK show that the majority of people internationally - 58 percent - say they are completely or fairly satisfied with the amount of leisure time that they have.


US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Promote Access to Electricity in Africa
By Mariama Diallo | June 23, 2015


Four U.S. lawmakers have introduced bipartisan legislation to promote access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. The bill establishes a U.S. strategy to support affordable and reliable electricity, which they say is a must in order to improve economic growth, health and education in Africa.


Aussie 1st "electric highway" opens public charging stations for electric cars 2015-06-23

Melbourne, June 23 (Xinhua) -- Australia's first "electric highway" has opened in Western Australia, allowing electric vehicle (EV) owners to take their vehicles hundreds of kilometers without an overnight charge.


News Clips from Goa

Goan Identity Higher Than National Identity: Prabhu
By IANS | Published: 27th June 2015 07:01 PM
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. | File PTI

Panaji: Goa may be one of the smallest states in the Indian Union, but its unique identity is higher in many ways than India's national identity, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said on Saturday.

Prabhu was in Goa to launch a series of projects undertaken by the railway ministry.

"Goa is the smallest state in our Union of India, but (is also) one of the most important states which has a unique identity," Prabhu said, adding that when he went to Portugal with Goa's Deputy Chief Minister Francis D'Souza, he was identified as a Goan rather than an Indian.


Insecurity plaguing minorities: Goa Archbishop
Saturday, June 27, 2015

Panaji: Goa Archbishop Filile Neri Ferrao on Saturday said "clouds of fear and insecurity" were looming large over the minorities in the country while expressing solidarity with a 48-year-old Catholic nun from Raipur who was gang raped on June 19.


At Goa convention, Hindu organisations demand ban on convent schools
Jun 17, 2015

Panaji: 'All India Hindu Convention', organised by the right-wing organisation Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, on Wednesday demanded a ban on convent schools, claiming that these schools do not allow Hindu students to follow religious traditions.

The convention also demanded a ban on cow slaughter in the entire country.

"Hindu students studying in convent schools are barred from following their customs like putting mehndi, wearing flowers, dupatta, bindi or kumkum. It needs to be stopped. There is a total discrimination," a resolution passed at the convention said.


Goa celebrates feast of Sao Joao
IANS | Panaji, | 24 June, 2015

As torrential rains lash the countryside, the Carnival is already a memory washed away by the monsoon. But in the true spirit of Goa, the revelry doesn't really end.

If one doesn't mind being soaked to the bone, June 24 is the day to be in Goa, where amid the din of drums and rhythmic, ear-splitting thump of the thick, fibrous coconut leaf stems slapped hard against the ground, the state celebrates the monsoon feast of Sao Joao.


Health care centre opens at Parra
By Team Herald | 29 Jun, 2015, 11:56PM IST

Calangute: The Deputy Chief Minister, Adv Francis D’Souza inaugurated the newly-constructed health care centre at Parra. Calangute MLA Michael Lobo, Sarpanch of Parra Delilah Lobo, Parish Priest Fr Alex D’Souza, Dr Rufino Monteiro, in-charge of the centre, Maria Georgina Souza e Costa, Panchayat members of Parra and others were present. The Health Care Centre has been named as Graca Costa Poly Clinic.

Addressing the gathering Adv D’Souza said, “The landlady Maria Georgina Souza e Costa and the MLA of Calangute Michael Lobo deserves credit for the health care centre as Souza e Costa donated the land while Lobo took the initiative to bring up the centre. It is a good initiative of the MLA of Calangute who chose to secure health of the Parra villagers and others. It is now for the people to avail the facilities and not to misuse it. As far as developments are concerned, Lobo has no patience to wait for government funds and carry out the development but he would rather prefer to do the same with the support and co-operation of the villagers. We need MLAs of Michael Lobo’s calibre for all-round development of Goa,” he said.


Goa’s local heroes
By: Mini Ribeiro | June 27, 2015

The state’s locally-grown fruits and vegetables are stirring up a storm in gourmet kitchens, opening up a world of undiscovered tastes

Goan Cuisine is undisputedly one of the world’s most flavoursome and palate-tingling ones. But have we ever stopped to wonder why? What is it that makes the cuisine so delectable? The answer is, quite simply, its ingredients. In fact, the majority of these ingredients—cashew, kokum, bimbli, jackfruit, triphala, among others—are home-grown, a fact not many susegado (laidback) Goans have taken seriously or flaunted to the world. Until now.


Goa to Ban Plastic Items From Government Offices
By IANS | Published: 24th June 2015 09:29 AM

Panaji: Plastic cups and other plastic cutlery will soon be banned from Goa government offices and functions conducted by the state government.

A circular to the effect will be issued later this week, a senior government official said, adding that chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar had given his consent to the move at a meeting of the Goa State Environment Protection Council called on Monday at the Raj Bhavan

News Clips from India

INCGoa Shipyard bags ₹32,000-crore Defence order for 12 minesweepers

Rear Admiral (Retd) Shekhar Mital
Panaji, June 25:  

Rs 32, 000 crore approx   US  $   6,861,803,520

Each Vessel    US $     571,816,960

Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) has bagged a large order for building 12 minesweepers valued at ₹32,000 crore. The project will be implemented from 2018-2025, said Rear Admiral (Retd) Shekhar Mital, Chairman and Managing Director of GSL, today on the sidelines of a two-day “South Korean delegation meet on ‘Make in Goa’ for Defence and marine ancillary industries.”

Tanzania seeking India funding for urban metro project

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzania is seeking funding from India to build a metro rail network in its commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, the president's office said in a statement on Saturday.

Dar es Salaam, with a population of over 4 million, is one of the fastest-growing cities in sub-Saharan Africa, but like many other African cities it faces a crippling traffic congestion problem.

President Jakaya Kikwete said in the statement that India's Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd (IL&FS) had expressed interest to invest in the metro rail. He did not say how much the metro project would cost.


Govt schools to be used for 'active aging' exercises: Khadar

Mangaluru, Jun 24: Dr Prabha Adhikari, head geriatrics, KMC and Jerardin D'souza, founder director, Mangalore Alzheimer's Association (MAA), met health minister U T Khader with a proposal to use the government schools on holidays and after school hours for physical mobility exercises, yoga, mental exercises like memory tests and memory exercises.


Taking a break from technology

SANCHIT KHANNA/HTUday Foundation’s Centre for tech de-addiction in New Delhi uses group activities to wean youngsters off their gadgets.

Delhi college student Anjali Singhal, 22, would wake up every time her smartphone beeped at night. Her studies began to suffer, as did her relationship with her parents. She now switches off her phone from 11 pm to 9 am every day and spends more time studying and with her family.


Sister Nirmala is no more
Written by Subrata Nagchoudhury | Kolkata | Updated: June 24, 2015

Headed Missionaries of Charity for 12 years, was not keeping well.

Click here to read more

Sister Nirmala was one of the first nuns to be sent on a foreign mission by Mother Teresa when she visited Panama in connection with the Missionaries of Charity work.

Sister Nirmala – who had succeeded Mother Teresa as the Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity in 1997 and served for 12 years in that post – passed away around mid night last night.


Indian Prime Minister pays tribute to nun who succeeded Mother Teresa
24 June 2015 10:23 by CNS

Sr Nirmala Joshi, who succeeded Blessed Teresa of Kolkata as superior general of the Missionaries of Charity and led the order for 12 years until retiring in 2009, died early on Tuesday in Kolkota aged 81.

Church and political leaders paid tribute to Sr Nirmala for her devotion to serving poor, sick and hungry people. "She indeed carried forward the legacy of Mother Teresa, a legacy of love and service to the poorest of the poor through her nuns all around the world," said Archbishop Thomas D'Souza of Kolkata, where the order's global headquarters is based.

+Albert Fernandes
Sun Jul 05 08:44:46

It is with a heavy heart we inform you that Albert Fernandes passed away on July 3rd, 2015 at Toronto General Hospital. His lengthy battle with cancer was ended by succumbing to a respiratory illness. Albert is survived by his loving wife of 34 years, Nina, and devoted son, Vince. Predeceased by his sisters May (Pascoal) and Mary (George). Surviv....  Read more



Don Bosco Mission - Proposal for social responsibility program‏
Donbosco Missions (

Dear Sir, madam,

Don Bosco Missions Nairobi is delighted to establish this first contact with you on behalf of marginalized Kenyan children and youth. In the year 2015 we celebrate 200 years of birth of great Saint Don Bosco, whose example we try to follow all over the world by taking care of those who are most abandoned in society. We are looking for partners, individuals or companies with interest and awareness of responsibility to help the needy ones, companies who would help us to do even more for the poor youth of Kenya. If all of us contribute just a little, there would be no poor in this country.

Our Lady of Grace Rosary Path at Marylake

Click image

A campaign is underway for sponsoring a Rosary Bead - the Hail Mary - with a bronze plaque in the name the GOAN COMMUNITY, .

The project is in King City called Marylake. The Rosary Path is to be spread out over 20 acres of land. Sponsorship for a Hail Mary Bead is $3000.00. With donations already received and pledges, we are 3/4 into acquiring a bead for the GOAN COMMUNITY. If you are interested in being part of this first and only GOAN COMMUNITY venture let me know and we will send you the material to read more about the wonderful project. Toronto /Ontario will have its own Marian Shrine. The vision is to model it like that of Fatima and Lourdes. How wonderful is that!

The goal is to have the BEAD paid for by mid July 2015.

Juliet Rebello

Sponsorship Coordinator

Goan Overseas Association Toronto – Viva Goa

Click image to view event details

Konkan Summer Track and Field‏

Click image to view enlarge

Click here to read Chairman’s Message
Click here to download registration form
Click here to download mandatory Waiver form


Events for 2015





Saturday, July 25, 2015 Parra Association The Parra Social 2015 Click for Flyer
Saturday, August 22, 2015 CLR Association CLR Picnic
Centennial Park, Etobicoke
Click for Flyer
Saturday, August 29, 2015

Martyrs’ Shrine. Midland ON.

6th  Annual Goan Pilgrimage..

Click for Flyer

September, 10 - 13, 2015

Dr. Ribeiro Goan School Ex-Students

Toronto Memorial Mass & Reunion

Click for Flyer
Saturday, September 26, 2015 CLR Association CLR Social
Flyer to follow

Health & Wellness

Millions of the world's poorest children left behind despite global progress, new UNICEF report says

'Progress for Children' report highlights lessons from the Millennium Development Goals & how to course correct with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs )

NEW ORK, June 23, 2015 /CNW/ - The global community will fail millions of children if it does not focus on the most disadvantaged in its new 15-year development roadmap, UNICEF warned today. Progress for Children: Beyond Averages, UNICEF's final report on the child-related Millennium Development Goals that expire in September, says that, despite significant achievements, unequal opportunities have left millions of children living in poverty, dying before they turn five, without schooling and suffering chronic malnutrition.


New Canadian report warns cellphones, Wi-Fi a serious health issue
Added by Kaymar Jordan on June 20, 2015.
Saved under Canada, World

A parliamentary committee has waded into the murky scientific debate over cellphones, warning that the ubiquitous devices may cause cancer, infertility, or learning disabilities and urging parents to shield their children from unnecessary exposure.


Asia's teen dropouts head for future of unstable jobs, poverty: Experts
Nearly 3 million children working hazardous jobs | By Alisa Tang

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — Millions of teenagers in East and Southeast Asia are dropping out of school to do dangerous, low-skilled jobs, condemning them to a future of poverty even as economic growth in the region outstrips the rest of the world, experts said.


Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) Top 10: Vacation Tips for Protecting Your Home and Car

EDMONTON, June 24, 2015 /CNW/ - With the start of the summer season, many people will celebrate the warmer weather by heading to the cottage or out of town on vacation. Before leaving the house to kick back and relax, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is reminding Western Canadians to protect their homes and cars while they are away.


Feeling anxious? Eat pickle

London, Jun 20 (ANI): A team of researchers has found that young adults who eat more fermented foods have fewer social anxiety symptoms.

University of Maryland study found a link between pickled foods and social anxiety, noting that those that regularly ate pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut and more were found to have reduced "neuroticism," the Independent reported.


Why New York banned polystyrene foam
1 July 2015

New York City is joining a growing group of cities in banning Expandable Polystyrene Foam (EPS). Adam Harris explains what makes this material so worrisome to environmentalists - and appealing to businesses.

Starting today, single-use EPS products including cups, bowls, plates, takeout containers and trays and packing peanuts are not allowed to be possessed, sold, or offered in New York City. Companies have six months to comply or face a fine.

"These products cause real environmental harm and have no place in New York City. We have better options," said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in a release about the ban.

So why has EPS come under fire? And what is it, exactly? Here's a quick guide to this long-lasting material.

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